How Drivers Education Has Changed After Covid-19

Gone are the days when most teenagers would take driver’s ed lessons in-person at a driving school. Since the beginning of Covid-19, a trend has emerged where most young drivers prefer to take driver’s ed online to avoid physical contact and the hassles that come with taking lessons in a classroom.

Shortage of driving instructors and cancellation of many in-person driver’s education programs, along with the convenience of taking drivers’ ed online at their own pace, have been among the reasons behind the emergence of this trend.

Let’s look at the trend in detail and the main reasons behind it.

1. Online Drivers Ed Programs have been the preferred choice as they provide convenience


When you take Drivers Ed online, you don’t have to worry about a lot of things. Driving to and forth to the driving school, finding parking, fuel expenses, etc., are hassles that come along when you take drivers ed in-person.

Since the pandemic began, online driver’s ed programs have attracted young drivers as they help them avoid the above hassles and provide the convenience of taking lessons at home. Parents don’t have to drop off or pick up their teens, and no time is wasted stuck in traffic jams. With gas prices skyrocketing recently, anything that leads to less driving has to be in trend.

2. Affordability

Most Online driver’s ed classes cost an average of $50, whereas in-person courses can cost up to a whopping $180. Classroom education is much more expensive when compared to online lessons. Most families have been hit financially during the pandemic, and any kind of cost-saving has always found a preference.

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Therefore cost-saving has also been one of the factors behind the gaining popularity of Online Drivers Ed. The drivers ed for almost every state cost $50 or less.
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3. Online Drivers Ed Programs let teens complete lessons at their own pace


With an online drivers ed program, you have the option of going back to any lesson, any time. This is not possible when taking classroom-based lessons. Videos and lessons can be completed at a preferred pace and paused when needed. This is one of the main reasons for most youngsters preferring online drivers ed classes.

4. Online Drivers Ed programs promote safety

With the COVID-19 pandemic picking up pace and detection of newer variants every few months, online drivers ed has been a safer option since the beginning as it promotes social distancing and safety. It’s a clear choice when it comes to keeping your family safe during the pandemic.

According to a recent report released as a part of the National Teen Driver Safety Week, more than 78% of parents are now teaching their kids how to drive. This figure was much less before the pandemic. This is because more families want to keep themselves safe by limiting social interaction where possible. This is why online drivers ed accompanied by parents giving physical lessons has been the trend for the last year.

5. Anytime, Anywhere, and Any Device


Amongst all reasons, the easiness and convenience of taking lessons at a time you prefer – 24×7, on literally any kind of device and no matter where you are, has been a deciding factor in youngsters opting for online lessons.

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Convenience has played a significant role in the pickup in popularity of online driver’s education programs. Whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet (or an iPad), a computer, or even a smart tv, you can run driver’s ed lessons on any device as long as you have an internet connection.

6. Online Drivers Ed is Interactive

Online driver’s ed lessons are packed with interactive videos and quizzes which keep youngsters glued to the screen. This helps them learn things quickly as compared to dozing off in a classroom. Remember the saying – ‘Videos are good teachers?’ Several studies have proven that we tend to grasp and remember things more quickly if we learn them using short videos. This is precisely what online driver’s ed lessons help accomplish.

7. Quality of Programs


Most online driver’s ed programs have been designed by instructors who teach the same course in classrooms. So, the quality of content you get in Online drivers ed courses is no less than the ones you get at in-person classes. Who would say a’ No’ to it if you get the same content but at a lower cost and it comes with added convenience and benefits? Before you enroll, ensure that you’ve checked if your state DMV authority has approved the online course you are about to take.

The Future for Online and Classroom Drivers Ed

It seems the future is bright for online programs because of the many benefits they offer. Even if the driving schools somehow dropped their prices to compete with online portals and the cost factor was neutralized in the near future, they still won’t be able to beat them on the convenience factor.

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Having the ease to do things at the time and pace you prefer is just priceless. So, if you are looking to get your teen started with Drivers Ed, going for an online course is a no-brainer. Once the course is completed, you can get the certificate of completion either mailed to you or downloaded digitally.

Did you know?

You can use the driver’s ed certificate to claim discounts of 5%-10% (depends upon the insurance provider) on your insurance while adding your teen to your car insurance plan. Drivers Ed courses teach safe driving habits and boost the confidence of young drivers. They have proven to lower the risk of accidents, and this is one of the ways insurance companies award safe driving habits.

Before you enroll, remember to make sure that the driver’s ed course is approved by your state authority.
What do you think of the above reasons for the popularity of Online driver’s ed programs? Let us know in the comments sections below.