An Overview of Point Park University Online

Point Park University is an urban oasis for Pittsburgh students living and congregating downtown. Pittsburgh itself is one of the most vibrant cities in all of the United States, and students who attend Point Park are able to see the town in all its glory.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to rethink the ways in which we deliver and receive educational materials. Point Park is no different and has ramped up existing online degree programs and the support teams available to help students get the educational achievement that they crave from one of Pennsylvania’s best colleges.

Online programs have skyrocketed in popularity in the modern age of digital transmission and hybrid centers of learning. Point Park University is a favored partner of many seeking their degree in undergraduate or graduate programs. Whether you’re a first-time college student or returning for a further educational opportunity that will benefit your career trajectory, Point Park University is a fantastic partner in your ongoing learning.

In addition to the fantastic levels of attainment that Point Park students tout during their time working with staff, there are a number of additional benefits that must be spoken about. Continue reading in order to find all the information you need about the online degrees and support services offered here.

A flourishing student community is just the beginning


One of the major draws that bring in new students to these online programs is the community of students already studying at Point Park. Whether you’re thinking of tackling an MBA or want to study something new at the undergrad level, the students you’ll meet while engaged in your online learning will stay with you as colleagues and friends for life.

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Online learning is attracting some of the brightest young minds in the country, and the people you’ll study with and debate while pursuing classroom activities will come to form a huge network of professionals that you can draw on long into the future.

Real-world experience sets Point Park apart

The professors who teach at Point Park are some of the most well-rounded instructors you’ll find anywhere in academia. These professors draw on years—and even decades—of real-world experiences in order to provide their students with the background knowledge they need to succeed. Building off of their teachers’ successes and failures is a great way for students to forge their own path ahead while avoiding some of the most common pitfalls that have affected those who came before them in these career paths.

The teaching staff here is among the best in the entire nation, and it’s one huge reason for the successes that this Pittsburgh-based higher education facility is thriving now and into the future.

Intimate settings make for greater learning


In addition to excellent learning opportunities and a community of students with a singular focus on education and personal achievement, the setting of classes at Point Park University provides a great benefit to those looking for peer relationships with their cohort and teachers.

The small class sizes, convenient scheduling, and flexible learning environments provide students with all the tools they need in order to succeed while also forging long-lasting relationships with the people they are working beside.

Online learning facilitates these needs in a powerful way, but Point Park advances the ball even further. Small class sizes are perfect for getting to know your peers in unique and powerful ways. Building these relationships through digital classwork is the perfect way to advance your career and network while learning to leverage cutting-edge educational frameworks and technical analysis in your daily life.

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The university is a hub of activity, and its online campus is providing students with a world-class education at an affordable price and unbeatable delivery method.

Why Point Park Online?

Choosing to pursue your degree at Point Park means choosing a program designed with you in mind and finding a community that is dedicated to your success. Below are just a few of the ways Point Park is special.

  • Community Involvement: As a long-standing member of Pittsburgh’s downtown community, and committed to the city’s growth and expansion, Point Park has extensive experience in understanding today’s economy and where it’s going. This especially extends to our public administration programs, which have been developed with input from public servants, including Pittsburgh’s chief of police.
  • Flexibility: Juggling the demands of work, family and your course assignments may sound challenging, but online education can help because it allows you to complete classwork when you have time.
  • Accessibility: You can view course assignments and materials anywhere and anytime you have Internet access. We do all of this while maintaining a learning environment that mirrors our on-campus experience.
  • Career Advancement: At Point Park University Online, we have developed our curriculum to help students prepare for life after graduation. Our courses give real skills that can apply to the career of your choice, taught by experienced professors. Whether you want to advance in your current job or start a new career, our programs are a great option.

Getting Started

Our online programs will save you time and money while preparing you for future success. Visit our program pages to understand the unique characteristics of each degree or certificate. Our admission staff is also ready to answer any questions you have about our programs, the admission process and what happens once you’re in classes. Contact us today to get started.

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