Roof Replacement: Basic Procedures & Materials

It is different from learning how to install a new countertop on your own to learn how to do Roofing Replacement. It is not advised to perform DIY roofing projects. It requires a lot of skill and knowledge, and the price of getting it put incorrectly will be far higher than the initial cost. For a simple asphalt shingle roof, for instance, you need to be precise not just with the placement of your nail but also with the amount of pressure you apply to it. If you use too much or too little force, the nail will pierce the material and rip a hole in the shingle above it. Although some types of roofs should always be left to professionals, it is possible to learn how to replace a roof on your own.

Basic Steps & Materials for Replacing a Roof

Preparing for the replacement of your roof


You’ll need a garbage can nearby if your roof is disposable, whether it’s asphalt or another material. You will need a location to store the removed metal roofing until you can sell it as scrap or put it to another use.

Set up the trash can as close to your house as you can, and place drop cloths at the base of the roof to catch any unintentional drips you may make. Now set up a number of roof jacks holding 2×10 boards at the base of the roof to catch falling shingles and people. To prevent falling off when replacing the roof, get a safety harness and fasten it to the peak of the roof.

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Remove the existing roofing structure

On all slopes, workers start at the bottom of the roof and work their way upwards to remove the existing roofing system. Utilizing flat tools, shingles are separated from the roof decking. Removed is any felt paper or underlayment. Roof decking is secured with roofing nails or staples, which are then removed. Depending on your home, you may need to remove solar panels and satellite dishes as well as exhaust vents to ensure their safety and correct reassembly.

Select the Best Contractor

You must pick the correct contractor before you can start the Roofing Replacement process. This is the first stage in this step-by-step approach to replacing a roof, and it’s not something you should skimp on. You may get a better roof if your contractor has the right experience and expertise. You might be able to have a sturdy roof that can withstand Indianapolis’ tough climate if you hire the appropriate contractor.

Assessment of the Roof and Cleanup


You should locate and remove every piece of debris from the roof, driveway, and yard of your property using powerful professional magnets. The installation and materials will be carefully inspected by the project manager. To complete the job and collect full payment for the services and materials, meet with the customer.

Verification of the Roof Deck

The roof deck inspection will now be performed. The decking will need to be rebuilt if your contractor discovers that it is decaying, covered in black mold, or exhibits significant water damage. However, decking is typically only partially replaced; only areas that exhibit damage will require replacement. The roof deck will probably require some re-nailing work if there are any missing nails or if it bounces rather than sitting flat.

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Putting in Roof Flashing

The roofer will then use drip edge flashing and/or ice and water sheathing to protect the roof valleys and eaves. Additionally, flashing will be required for hip roofs, certain vents, and the pipes of wood stoves. Roofing cement will also be required to seal the flashing and several other roof leak-prone areas.

Putting protection in place for your home


The preparation of your house for the roof tear-off is the next stage of your roof replacement. They may begin tarping the ground in the dump zone and erect tarps to protect your shrubs and landscaping, for example. Here, your Roofing Replacement contractor will take all essential precautions to safeguard your property. You should also consider protecting the items inside.

Take off the second layer

It used to be typical to, at least once, and occasionally twice, place a fresh layer of shingle roof over the old one. In some areas, total tear-off of the prior roofing is now necessary, hence this roofing practice is no longer permitted. Even when layering is permitted, it is important to properly put a new layer of shingles over the previous one.

The installation of the new roof

Your contractor will place starter shingles down prior to installing the real shingles. These are made to seal shingle joints at the eaves in order to assist keep your roof wet. By sealing finished shingles at eaves and rakes, they are often fitted along the margins of the roof to significantly increase wind resistance. Your roofer will then install the new shingles in an overlapping arrangement, working from the roof’s bottom edges up to ensure adequate water-shedding. Following the installation of the shingles, they will put ridge cap shingles on the roof’s ridges. All the vents required for the ventilation system on your roof will be one of the very last items your contractor installs.

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Cleaning up and the last check

After putting in the roofing materials, the crew will clean up any residual construction waste to leave the house clean for the homeowner. A thorough inspection will follow by the roofing contractor to ensure that no errors were made and that the roofing material is flawless. The job is only deemed finished if the contractor is confident that the new roof fulfills their standards of quality. Knowing that they have a roof over their heads that will give them all the protection they need for a very long time gives the homeowner peace of mind.

Protection Plan

The maker of your roofing materials needs to offer a warranty. Roofers who install your roof offer a warranty on their workmanship.


You might be wondering how long the entire procedure will take now that you are aware of the steps your contractor will follow to guarantee a successful roof replacement. Contact Houseace Services right away for a free estimate on new roofing or to learn more about the entire Roofing Replacement process.