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Development issue/problem:

I decided to use Android Studio after years of using Eclipse. But I did find a bad thing about Android Studio for me. In fact, it seems that the auto-build function is not possible as in Eclipse. When files are being edited and saved, I don’t see if my project contains errors, warnings, etc.

So there’s a way to do that?

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

IntelliJ (Android Studio) has a completely different building system than Eclipse. He has a progressive compilation, which is different.

IntelliJ will let you know if an opened CURRENT file contains an error/warning.

So the answer is short: No, you can’t. Errors are displayed when opening files. You can select from a menu that the project should be rebuilt and these errors will be displayed. You can also enable auto-import for Gradle, which can help you.

You don’t want to do a restoration project all the time. So I suggest you get used to it.

In addition, when compiling, you should not rely on compilation time errors, you should refactor safely and it should come as a surprise when something triggers a compile warning and you need to fix it.

You must read the IntelliJ FAQ

Q : What happened to incremental compilation? How do I prepare my
A : It’s there, but it works a little differently. By default,
IntelliJ compiles IntelliJ IDEA files only when needed (when running a
application or explicitly triggering a Make action), storing
system resources for other tasks that may be more important at that time.
The compilation is incremental: IntelliJ IDEA follows
dependencies between source files and recompiled files only if the file has
Files with compilation errors are highlighted, along with the
folders they contain, so you can easily analyze them from the project overview. To view a list of all files with compilation errors, select Range |Problems from the Show drop-down list as in the project view. After every
compilation IntelliJ IDEA continuously performs a background scan of
code for files with errors and automatically removes the red mark from
when corrected.
To enable the compilation of files with each backup, you can use the EclipseMode
plugin : (third party development
, not included).
To execute code with errors, you can select the Eclipse
compiler in the Preferences, Compiler, Java Compiler dialog and add the
-proceedOnError option to the additional compiler command line parameters.

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Solution 2:

To activate the Auto-Build, proceed as follows: Click on Android Studio/Settings/Compiler and enable the option Create a project automatically.
Describe image
This works for all projects imported into Android Studio.

If you only want this option in certain projects: Go to Run/edit configurations and add the Do before option to the list of tasks. enter the image description here

Solution 3:

Android Studio, does not have the auto-build feature that is present in Eclipse.

One thing, if we change public fields, class names, methods, variables that refer to another class, the eclipse shows that the changed field
refers to another class by automatically creating the project. So we need to mimic the project in the android studio.

Errors are displayed if the modified fields belong to a different class.
This is a way of checking whether fields or methods that are class names are referred to by another class.

Good luck!

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