5 Best Crypto and Digital Asset Platforms for Institutions in 2024

Crypto and digital asset management is the practice of managing digital assets for the purpose of providing seamless service through the use of a networked distributed electronic ledger. Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other similar technologies are included in this category.

The demand for reliable coin management tools has risen dramatically as the cryptocurrency sector receives more traction and advances. Furthermore, the rush of new cryptocurrencies and tokens has fueled the growth of crypto management systems. We’ve compiled a list of the five best crypto and digital asset management platforms you can trust in this article.

1. Fireblocks

Source: cryptoninjas.net

Our top choice for this list is Fireblocks. Create, manage, and scale a lucrative digital asset company. Fireblocks is a one-stop-shop for storing, transferring, and issuing digital assets throughout your whole ecosystem.

You can now securely access the full range of Defi protocols for techniques, including decentralized exchange (DEX) trading, lending/borrowing, staking, and yield farming, thanks to the Fireblocks Defi API and Browser Extension.

Using a multi-layer technique that combines the latest developments in MPC cryptography with hardware isolation protects consumer and investor funds from cyber attacks, internal collaboration, and human mistakes.

Using the first and only institutional asset transfer network, move and settle assets 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Increase the value of your balance sheet, decrease counterparty risk, and generate new revenue streams. The only insurance coverage entailing assets in storage, transfer, and E&O will give you peace of mind. The platform also supports regular pen testing from ComSec and NCC Group, and SOC 2 Type II.

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2. Gemini

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Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange and custodian that allows users to buy, sell, and store more than 40 different coins and tokens. Gemini was founded in the United States and has since spread throughout the world, particularly in Europe and Asia. Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as lesser altcoins like 0x and Orchid, are among the coins. Gemini is a popular cryptocurrency management tool that offers customers a variety of alternatives based on their ability level.

Beginners will like the user-friendly interface of Gemini’s mobile and online apps, while advanced investors can benefit from the ActiveTrader product. In addition to a variety of platform options, Gemini also offers insured hot wallets for keeping tokens while avoiding digital theft. Overall, Gemini is a good choice for beginning investors searching for a simple mobile and online interface that allows them to purchase, sell, and store crypto assets all in one place.

3. MediaValet

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You’re probably working with some fairly spectacular media assets if you’re in the major leagues of sales and marketing. With the size of the data you’re creating, sharing, and distributing, digital asset management becomes even more critical.

This digital asset management software works effectively regardless of the number of assets or users you add, allowing you to upload large libraries in a single step, even if those file groups are terabytes in size.

You can search for assets fast and easily using MediaValet’s AI features, even if they aren’t categorized or labeled explicitly. Because the software can intelligently pick out elements in your images—such as color, gender, age, objects, or text—you may input a search word and be astounded by the accuracy of the results.

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Not only is Microsoft Azure the only digital asset management platform that allows you to view and edit your document and spreadsheet assets in Word and Excel right within the program, but it also keeps your assets secure and provides smart tag suggestions.

4. Canto

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Canto is a well-known DAM software in the business, with over 25 years of expertise. Marketers rely on Canto to keep track of their brand assets.

Canto’s asset organizing function allows you to classify digital assets using keywords, tags, and smart tags based on themes, products, campaigns, templates, and other criteria. Smart Albums organizes assets into six folders, including photographs, videos, audio, papers, presentations, and coins. Canto employs Amazon’s Rekognition (Facial Recognition) technology to locate pictures of a person in under 10 seconds.

In the tool, you may create workflows and assign tasks to users with due dates. Canto integrates with over 20 different programs and allows you to distribute assets directly to social media and file-sharing services. Canto is available for $30000 per year with a 14-day free trial. However, we recommend contacting the provider for a more personalized price.

5. Blox

Source: financemagnates.com

Blox is a cryptocurrency administration, accounting, and tracking application. It also aids in the auditing and filing of taxes. It’s a tool for managing cryptocurrency portfolios as well as other things. Blox is a tool that allows you to link your exchange accounts and blockchain wallets through one platform.

Users can use the website or the Android/iOS app to access their accounts. All leading blockchains and popular exchanges are supported through their API. While most other portfolio management apps allow you to connect the exchanges, it’s rare to find one that also allows you to sync your wallets.

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Multiple portfolios can be created using Blox for more efficient tracking and accounting. The user interface is uncluttered, straightforward, and simple to use. The app dashboard shows you all of your linked accounts and wallet transactions, and asset information.

It also shows basic but essential portfolio metrics, such as how the portfolio value has evolved over time and how each asset contributes to its overall value. You may also keep up with the price movement of your favorite coins by visiting the ‘Explore’ area, which includes live updates from the crypto markets. To work on shared portfolios, distributed teams can use the collaboration feature.


It’s a wrap! Now that we have introduced you to some of the best crypto and digital asset platforms, understand your requirements to make the final decision. Read the features carefully and do not forget to take price into consideration.