Do All Cryptocurrencies Use Blockchain?

Cryptocurrencies are digital and virtual currencies that have been rising in popularity for over a decade. They draw their security from cryptography; hence, there are no fears related to double-spending. Also, counterfeiting is not possible with the presence of cryptography.

The crypto world is immense, and most of them belong to decentralized networks. These networks are based on the rising blockchain technology. Such a technology acts as a ledger that owes its enforceability to a disparate networking plug of computers.

So, will it be safe to conclude that all cryptocurrencies use blockchain just like the first one is Bitcoin?

Probably not.

So, if you are trying to understand the meaning of a blockchain, scroll on!

Also, allow this article to help you know what cryptocurrencies use, if not blockchain technology.

Meaning Of A Blockchain


Various cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and dogecoin work on a technology called the blockchain. In layman’s terms, a blockchain can be referred to as a list of transactions that anyone can view and verify. For example, the bitcoin blockchain contains every bitcoin transaction being sent or received. The need for intermediaries like banks or credit card companies has been made possible by transferring value through cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The blockchain network secures almost every cryptocurrency like bitcoin, dodge, Ethereum, etc. This implies that a massive amount of computing power continuously verifies the accuracy.

The transactions list contained in a blockchain is the base for most cryptocurrencies as it implements secure payments made between strangers without going through a third-party verifier like a bank.

Payments through blockchain are considered more secure than any debit/credit card transaction due to the cryptographic nature of these networks. For example, you don’t need to provide sensitive information while making a bitcoin payment. Hence, the risk of your financial information being compromised or your identity being stolen is practically zero.

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This technology is fascinating as it is used beyond cryptocurrencies. Blockchains are being implemented to explore medical research, streamline supply chains, improve the accuracy of healthcare records, and a lot more.

Advantages Offered By Blockchain Technology


Blockchain technology renders the following benefits:

  • Global Access

Not to forget that digital currency traders and investors are not confined to one part of the world. The currencies are enormous, and so are its dealers. Hence, there is a need for something that helps global access to currency facilities. Blockchain technology allows cryptocurrencies can be sent around the world instantly and cheaply.

  • Increased Privacy

With the use of the internet platform followed by digital transactions and information on the trading portal, customers are looking for something that can make them feel protected. Blockchain technology helps the transactions to happen in a payment interface that does not require your personal or financial information, which protects you from hackers or identity fraud.

  • They’re An Open Source For Transactions

Since every transaction is posted on the cryptocurrency network in the form of the blockchain, it can be scrutinized by anyone. The core of these currencies is free and open-source software, i.e., anyone can review the code, which reduces the susceptibility to manipulation, changing the money supply, or adjusting the rules mid-game.

However, it is better to stay covered; hence, you should be aware of some challenges blockchain technology poses while trading in different cryptocurrency trading opportunities. Some of them are as follows:

  • It is a complex technology, and it cannot be expected that every investor will know everything about this technology and how it works.
  • The regulatory implications pose a significant challenge to this technology’s wide application and acceptance.
  • The implementation is another major issue, and many challenges revolve around it globally.
  • Many competing platforms are trying to compete with this technology’s supremacy and established monopoly. Also, it is giving rise to different cryptos, and investors can choose between their liking. Hence, the fact that competing platforms are rising cannot be ignored.


Apart from cryptos, there are other ways of investing and dealing. One of them is NFTs. If you want to explore this option, you can consider visiting

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Considering the discussion on the rise of different platforms, a new cryptocurrency has been built that is not based on blockchain technology. It has been built with the view to outperform bitcoin. However, it is facing its share of questions and controversies.

IOTA has emerged as one of the most intriguing examples, followed by being considered an obscure cryptocurrency available to global investors interested in trading in cryptocurrency.

But, not to deny that its total value jumped to more than $10 billion in 15 days. The initial value stood at $4 billion. IOTA Foundation is a Germany-based nonprofit organization that had announced that it was planning to team up with different technology firms to develop a decentralized data marketplace. However, blockchain technology does not have any connection with this one.

The key features of this technology are:

  • IOTA is based on the mathematical tangle. At least, its creators say to the interested global parties.
  • The main idea behind relating it is that it renders a fast result and offers better efficiency.
  • The market highlights that this currency’s system can help ensure data integrity, providing no wastage of information.

There are speculations regarding its advantages that are as follows:

  • It has helped pat the vulnerability, and the security measures worldwide could help prevent huge fund losses.
  • Also, the makers have contacted third-party firms working on continuous technological development to enable the use of sensors. They are low-power connected devices and, generally, not preferred.


So, bitcoin or similar others that use blockchain technology are not the only ones available on the hot streak. The types of cryptocurrencies are endless, and so are the ways to derive them. However, the most common process to extract cryptocurrency is blockchain technology. The blockchain technology continues to be a familiar source as this concept enhances globally. At the end, it’s about the one that you prefer. So, choose wisely.

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