5 Things to Know Before Buying a Toyota Tacoma (Used or New)

When it is time to get a new vehicle people cannot help but feel excited. Rarely does a material thing bring so much joy to the life of a person as much as a new car. No matter if it is your first one or not, buying it and the overall process that comes before it when you know what is about to happen is special. The feeling is that much more enhanced when you are finally getting the exact model that you have always wanted. Again, it matters little whether or not you already have a vehicle or if you have had one before. It is time to get a new one and what you should focus on is this moment.

New and Used Both Work

Of course, when we say new, we mean new to you since the car does not have to come straight out of a salon with you being the first owner. On the contrary, incomparably more people buy used vehicles because it makes more sense. Cars lose a lot of value in the first year, money that can be much better spent elsewhere. Therefore, buying both used and new is great, especially when you are eyeing a popular and reliable brand and model of a truck. Trucks are versatile vehicles that are no longer just used for heavy tows and loads. They are luxury sports vehicles too with great performance and speed. As such, customers have begun treating them as any other modern vehicle, similar to SUVs and coupes.

1.The Truck Everyone Knows

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In this article we talk about one of the most popular brands that deals with trucks, the Japanese giant Toyota. In their amazing vehicle selection there are some neat trucks worth mentioning, but none of them come close to the Tacoma. Toyota Tacoma is arguably the most popular and well-known truck by the famous car brand, and for a good reason. Affordable, reliable, sturdy, and quick, it is exactly what you should get if you need a truck that can also serve as a family car. In this article we talk about things you should know before buying one, whether it is a used or a new model. Car purchases are a fun problem and dilemma to have, but they do not need to last long. When you find the right vehicle for you and your loved ones, all it takes is actually making the deal. And with a Tacoma waiting for you on the other side the decision has never looked easier.

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2. Taking Care of It

Taking care of every car is important, but the Tacoma is particularly dependent on proper care, that is if you want to get at least 200,000 miles out of it without any major issues. If you take proper care, you can expect to cross even the 400,000-mile mark. In order to do so, there are things you have to remember at certain milestones. After the first 5,000 miles, tire rotation, brake inspection, windshield wiper blade, and fluid levels should be tested, inspected, and checked. At 10,000, do the same things but ad in a cabin air filter inspection and an oil filter change. At 15,000, more serious work awaits. The propeller shaft bolt needs retorquing, there should be a tire rotation, and the inspection of engine coolant. Also, inspect the exhaust pipes and check the fluid levels again. At 30K, perform transmission inspection, propeller shaft lubrication, and front differential oil change. You should also check the radiator, condenser, and ball joints. At 50K, do the 5,000-mile maintenance again, change the oil, the oil filter, and the cabin air filter. Do this type of maintenance at each of these milestones and your Tacoma will serve you for years without breaking.

3. The Lug Pattern

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We already mentioned that an average Tacoma is quite a trustworthy vehicle to drive daily. Both for pleasure and for heavy duty work, it is a great choice. However, things can always be better, and one of the things that can be upgraded is the lug pattern of your Toyota Tacoma. Wheel bolt patterns for trucks that appeared between 2000 and 2024 that have 2wd is 5 lug 4.5 inches, or 114.3 mm. With 4wd vehicles, it is 5.5 inch or 139.7 mm. These measurements are important when you want to adjust, improve, or modify the tires of your car. There are many patterns of the wheel bolts to consider here and knowing about it can be the real difference maker. To find out more about your Toyota Tacoma and the lug pattern, check out https://highcountryoffroad.com/toyota-tacoma-lug-pattern/.

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4. Old Models Were Not Great

Knowing the history of the vehicle you plan to buy cannot hurt. It actually helps. With the Tacoma, you there are a few things worth mentioning. Officially, the Tacoma first appeared in 1995 when it replaced the Toyota Truck. Since then, it has enjoyed mostly successful time in the industry, albeit with a few exceptions. While the first few models and the latest few are amazing across the board, there was a period where every few years there seemed to be a faulty release. For example, the 2005 model is the worst one ever. On the list of the worst trucks in history, there were spots also reserved for the 2009, 2016, and the 2017 models. Since then the brand has picked up the pace and the 2024 and the 2024 are simply incredible. The dreaded 2005 Tacoma had transmission, electrical, engine, and body/paint problems.

5. Six Trims to Choose From

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Last but not least, you have to know about the different trims of the Tacoma. There is the base model called the SR, the more powerful SR5, and the sport trim called TRD Sport. If you want the full off-road version that will have no problem traversing anything you throw against it, you should pick the TRD Off-Road. The Limited trim comes equipped with extra spicy gadgets and features like JBL audio, a panoramic monitor with cameras, and 18-inch polished allow wheels. Finally, the best of the best is the TRD Pro with a heritage Toyota front grille, pro black alloy wheels, and a sleeker and more rugged body that looks like it can take on anything. Used or new, knowing which one is the right choice for you makes all the difference in the end.

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