Body Positivity In Media - How Film And TV Are Changing The Narrative

Body Positivity In Media: How Film And TV Are Changing The Narrative

The film and TV industries play a crucial role in promoting body positivity. It is a significant step towards encouraging people towards the same. You might find many TV shows and movies based on it. In this article, we will discuss the role of film and TV in changing the narrative surrounding body image.

Body image issues are real, and it is high time that everyone should acknowledge them and find solutions. The primary reason to promote body positivity is that people can gain confidence, regardless of their body type. All this might help decrease mental illnesses and self-esteem issues among people.

Everyone has a different body structure, shape, and size. It is challenging to match your body type with someone else. But it is not impossible. Still, you don’t have to change your appearance to fulfil society’s expectations. Your body is perfect the way it is. And you are the only one to make decisions regarding the same. So do what is best for you.

Nowadays, even the adult industry is also promoting body positivity. There are no restrictions to become an adult content creator regarding body type. RabbitsCams is the best platform that supports body positivity. You can check it out to learn more about it.

Let’s understand more about how the film and TV industries are changing the entire narrative of having a perfect body.

How Media Is Promoting Body Positivity?

How Media Is Promoting Body Positivity


Media is encouraging people to love themselves, regardless of their weight and size. They often use these methods for the same.

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No Restrictions in Casting

Casting actors and actresses have become more open because there are no restrictions regarding body size. The reason appearance doesn’t matter when it comes to casting. Films and TV shows now showcase talented cast members regardless of size and shape. In short, talent matters to them the most. The more talented you are, the better your chances of getting a role in these movies and shows.
As there are no restrictions in casting, the media is also presenting the real world to the audience. And the real world includes all types of body sizes. More and more TV shows and movies are taking steps to make society better for everyone by casting different people. So others can live freely and not get into trouble because of their looks.

Plot Based on Body Positivity


As mentioned earlier, numerous TV shows and films have plots based on body positivity. It is another method the media uses to improve people’s thinking in society.
All these shows and movies have a perfect plot surrounding characters of different body types and traits. The audience love watching them because they can relate so much to the plot. Apart from that, these also help change the narrative in society.

Realistic Stories

The media industry creates masterpieces on body positivity by showing realistic stories. These stories are so powerful that they impact a person’s mind in many ways. For instance, some shows have a lead character struggling with body image issues that exist in real life. This way, people recognize the deep-rooted issues that society needs to respond to.
Body positivity is not an easy thing to achieve in society.

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It is because everybody has a different point of view regarding the same. But now, the media is creating a significant impact by making the content relatable. So people can empathize with the character and take the necessary steps to change their mindset. Targeting the people’s mindset is this industry’s primary focus, and it is going well these days. We can expect much more in the future.

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment - targets of body shaming


Both men and women are targets of body shaming. However, the percentage of women is high and alarming. That is why the film and TV industries are making content that helps encourage women’s empowerment. They are presenting females as lead characters in their creations.

These lead characters are also going through various challenges in their life due to body shaming, patriarchy, and other issues. All these things combined in a show or movie help people understand the role of women in society and why there is a need to resolve all these problems.

Health and Weight Are Not Connected

A person is not considered “healthy” because of their high or low “weight.” But in reality, there is not any connection between the two. As more people realize this, the message of body positivity is spreading slowly but surely.

The media has become the most significant contributor to changing people’s perspectives. However, there is a lot to do regarding body positivity. Still, it is doing well by making shows and movies that reflect there is no connection between being “healthy” and “fat” or “thin.” Society has made up all this and created problems for those with a different body shape or type.

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Studies also show that anyone can become healthy regardless of weight or appearance. Having a healthy lifestyle is all that is required to achieve that goal.

Fashion Is for Everyone

Many shows and movies show that anyone can wear anything they like, no matter their body type. The styling is done in such an excellent way in them. So people can easily recognize the message they want to share with the audience.

There is a massive problem in society regarding fashion and styling. Well, some popular brands are also the culprits. They continually cast models according to their body type. They also specifically show that they can wear anything and everything will look great.

But what about other body types? Not all women and men have toned bodies, which is not their fault. These brands should stop making people feel bad about their bodies. Fashion is for everyone, and that should be their primary motive.

Final Thoughts

Body shaming issues have gone too far now. And it is high time to recognize them and take necessary action. The media industry is doing an excellent job and will continue it in the future.