The Best Live-Action Remakes of Animated Movies You Need To Watch

When you watch the animated movies you watched as a child years later, it gives you a happy and nostalgic feeling, doesn’t it? Moreover, animated movies have their own charm to them that you just can’t replace with anything else. But what if you were to see these movies again, except they’re not animated anymore? You can finally put a real face to all these animated characters!

Well, isn’t that what a live-action remake is all about? Not only this but some movies extend on or add to the story of a particular animated character, giving you a little more understanding of that character.

In today’s article, we will be talking about some of the best live-action remakes that you need to stream right away! Where can you stream them? That’s a simple question with an even simpler answer. TV, of course! If you already have a TV plan, that makes things easier since you will have an idea of the channel line-up. But if you don’t have a good Spectrum TV plan or are looking to switch, we suggest you check out the Spectrum deals and see what you can find.

Maleficent (2014)


Maleficent is the villain in Sleeping Beauty, the sorceress who curses the young princess. However, if you remember, at the beginning of the movie, when she first appears, Maleficent says something along the lines of not being invited to celebrate the birth of the young princess. This is the reason she curses the child and leaves the party. So, what if she was just misunderstood?

What if King Stefan and Queen Leah were actually the evil ones? There could be many possibilities, and that’s exactly the point of this live-action remake about Maleficent’s side of the story.

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In this movie, Angelina Jolie plays Maleficent and she is shown to be a powerful woman of pure heart, who has been backstabbed by her love Stefan. This is what causes her to turn cold and now, she will do anything to save the forest and all the magical creatures within it and keep the humans away.

Out of spite, she even curses Aurora, the daughter of King Stefan. As time goes on, it seems Aurora and Maleficent form an unbreakable bond and things don’t exactly play out as planned.

Cruella (2021)


How many of us wanted a Dalmatian dog after watching 101 Dalmatians? Or maybe 99 puppies? The idea sounds amazing, however, unfortunately, this is something only Anita and Roger will know. But how many of us were hung up on Cruella more than the Dalmatians?

Sure, she was a psychopath, but she was the reason the movie gave us so many laughs as a kid. Well, interestingly enough, she has a story of her own and we get to see the reason why she is the way that she is.

In the live-action remake, we see her story from beginning to end, and also how she meets Jasper and Horace and goes on to become friends with them. If that seems peculiar to you, just imagine how many more twists and turns to the story there are.

Two things are for sure: One, Cruella’s story is bound to surprise you, and two, the fashion in this story is on a whole other level! Whether you plan on watching the movie or not, be sure to check out the fashionable outfits that Cruella makes!

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Beauty and the Beast (2017)


Everyone knows the story of Belle falling in love with the Beast. And what if we told you Belle is played by none other than everyone’s favorite, Emma Watson (Hermione Granger from Harry Potter)? Well, you can already tell that the movie director was on the right track with this remake. Aside from wonderfully accurate casting, the storyline was pretty much the same and yet, it was different at certain times too.

Even the parts of the story that were altered or added were all incorporated into the story in such a creative and genius way that the viewers were drawn into the story and things made sense! While the animated Disney movie left some questions unanswered (despite which, the movie was a masterpiece!), this live-action movie makes up for that and your questions are finally answered!

Aladdin (2019)


We all remember and love the animated Disney film Aladdin and it made up a major part of our childhood too. And this just means that it is going to be that much more difficult to recreate it and spark the same level of emotion in the viewers. Yet, the directors, writers, and cast outdid themselves with this re-make.

While the story was not a 100% copy of its animated counterpart, and there were clear changes to the script, dialogue, and even the story to some extent, it was all put together so well that it still left the viewers energized and asking for more!

Moreover, we think you will love the changes made to this story since they were expertly incorporated into the characters’ personalities, lives, and then fit into the story. But don’t worry, the genie is the same witty character and best friend to Aladdin. Aladdin is pretty much the same “street rat” that is infatuated with Princess Jasmine, and Jasmine is the same headstrong girl she always was. If you’re wondering whether Jasmine still owns Raja, her pet tiger, then yes, of course, she does!

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To Wrap It All Up

That’s a wrap! Even though we mentioned and talked about 4 live-action remakes only, there are plenty more you can find practically anywhere you look on the internet. However, not all these live-action remakes turn out very good, do they? It’s hard to come across a good remake, but once you do, it is so perfectly pieced together that it makes you want to watch more!

That’s why we suggest that you do not skip out on these and other remakes since you might be missing something good without knowing. It’ll require a bit of patience and stamina, but hang in there!