Grand Blue Season 2 – Review, Cast, Release Date 2024

Life is not meant to be taken seriously, at least that is what the members of the diving club think. The first season was a huge hit as it succeeded in making everyone laugh their souls out.

No one knows what the second season holds for them. Even though the release date of the second season is a mystery everywhere on the internet, you will find the answer in this article along with the characters that are expected to reprise their roles and what the plot could be for the second season.

A Peek Into The Storyline

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This Japanese animated series for adults was aired in 2018 for nearly two months. In those two months, it gave us a crazy ride that was filled with a lot of laughter.

The series kicked off with Lori Kitahara moving to a new place to pursue his higher education in Mechanical Engineering. He moves in with his uncle who runs a small shop in the place. In college, he joins a diving club out of pressure only to find out that the club does everything except diving.

The activities that the members of the diving club pursue include drinking, partying, and stripping naked for fun.

He, eventually, gets caught by his cousins who then try to get him on the right track.

The Cast

The first season revolved around one main character named Lori Kitahara. He was voiced by Yuma Uchida. He is expected to come back to voice the character for the second season too.

Lori is a dreamer who aspires to start his band. This is not something that he comes up with just to ‘do something different”. He has been shown to know a couple of musical instruments and sing beautifully.

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His dreams shatter at one point and the hurt gets deeper when he goes to study at Izu University. Everything ultimately changes for good when he joins the diving club and makes new friends.

When Can We Expect The Release

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I will come straight to the point. We can expect the second season to release anytime at the end of 2024 or by mid of 2024. To clarify, there has been no official announcement from the production. The date is being speculated based on a statement quoted by one of the team members from the production company. The team member said in 2018 that the second season would take at least five years to develop.

The statement was issued without revealing if the telecasting company renewed it for another season. The fans, out of excitement, have now started to wait for the release of the second season.

Things You May Want To Know About Grand Blue Season 2

The announcement related to the release of the second season is expected to happen anytime in 2024. As an excited fan of the series, you can expect the previous characters to reprise their roles.

They would probably be voiced by artists who voiced them in the first season.

Summing It Up

Overall, the gang is expected to come back with more fun. Do keep a check for the official announcement.