5 Big Medical Innovations That Happened During the Pandemic

The current situation triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic has caught the whole world unprepared. We should emphasize that there is not a single person that has not suffered from some sort of consequence. Hopefully, the contemporary trend will change its direction soon enough, so global society could get back on track from the time before the pandemic. What amazes us the most is that even though that the eyes of experts are focused on the virus, some of them managed to come up with big medical innovations that should ameliorate both the present and the future. Thus, read the following lines and learn about important medical innovations that happened during the pandemic.

1. Genetic Treatment

Source: cells4life.com

Even though the story about genetic modification is nothing new, a vast majority of individuals knew little or nothing about it until recently. Namely, about 3 decades ago, scientists started treating mice genes in order to help them fight various health issues, but the initial approach had its flaws that prevented the inserted material from penetrating the nucleus of specific cells, which resulted in imperfect results.

Fortunately, about a year ago, this particular strategy has been perfected by Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, who have been awarded the Nobel prize for their discovery. What they managed to discover are so-called “genetic scissors”, which are, in a nutshell, a peculiar enzyme that allows us to remove the faulty gene sequence and replace it with a functional one.
In a nutshell, a healthy cell is perfectly capable of treating itself, while a faulty one submits to the will of the external attacker. Thus, this invention seems to be a perfect solution for fighting off the invisible we have been struggling with for the last 2 years. Without it, it would be impossible to stimulate the immune response and adequately equip an organism to repulse the threat imposed by Covid-19.

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2. Alzheimer’s Disease Blood Test

Source: medpagetoday.com

Prevention is what keeps the dock away, but how would one know what to focus on if they have no means of determining their health status? While some diseases are relatively familiar to experts around the world, others agonize both the patients and their doctors. One of the most vicious is Alzheimer’s disease, a health condition most patients discover when it is too late to make a significant impact.

Fortunately, a fresh discovery might change it all, since if the third trial of this experimental approach passes the test, people would be able to see if they have any chances of contracting from a simple blood test. Surely, there will be nothing simple about the test itself, but the method of finding out would not be as time-consuming and tiring as practices professionals use nowadays. Hopefully, the discovery would both save numerous lives and stimulate further progress of similar inventions.

3. Technology in the Service of Health

Source: bbc.com

Numerous technological advancements have bestowed us with different benefits, but we should highlight that a vast majority of applied advantages focus on entertainment. Fortunately, scientists around the world have focused on using contemporary gadgets to their cause, and enhanced them to serve their owners for more than a simple device for killing boredom.

When medical and technological experts decide to join their forces and work together towards a greater cause, only the sky is the limit. This has been particularly useful during pandemic times since people could monitor specific data about their health status on their smartwatches and their screens, which allowed them to act in time and prevent more complicated outcomes. Surely, everything started as an idea, but that is how it goes with inventions. Thus, visit InventHelp to see how the process from the initial thought to its realization works.

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What they have also come up with is a mapping app that allows one to keep track of their contacts via a mobile phone, which proved to be a crucial tool for establishing the numbers of potentially infected individuals.

4. Personal Protective Equipment

Source: news-medical.net

A vast majority of people still wonder why they have to wear a mask when it does not protect them from the potential infection completely, even though it minimizes the chances of getting in touch with the virus. Experts from MiraSafety a significant number of medical workers lost their battle with Covid-19 due to insufficient or dysfunctional protection measures which failed to protect them from direct exposure to the virus.

Fortunately, PPE specialists have noticed the issue relatively quickly, and have come with a solution that has already saved millions of lives that would be compromised due to various pandemic hazards. They have combined protective solutions typical for seemingly contrasting professions until they have come with satisfactory pieces of equipment, such as covid visors, enhanced face shields, improved protective suits, more effective sanitizers, etc. Back in the day, you could have only seen pieces of equipment such as the aforementioned in sci-fi movies, while nowadays they represent a standard.

5. Long Distance Examination

Source: ama-assn.org

Although the advent of the coronavirus has brought the world to a state of emergency, other diseases have not ceased to exist. Unfortunately, the pandemic has imposed new rules of conduct, which implied staying at your home at all costs. Reasonably, that was not an option for a vast majority, so the officials began to look for an alternative way to meet their needs.

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Even though it might have been hard to accept the new normal, people around the world have realized that there is no other way but to comply with new measures. Fortunately, medicinal and tech experts have found a way to organize remote checkups efficiently. Surely, they would communicate online, via previously arranged terms, but the catch was not about how to make a contact, but about how to get the right pieces of information about one’s health.

Thus, a telemedicine platform was introduced, which represents a cloud-based space where the doctor can collect and store pieces of data provided by either diagnostic or health-monitoring remote devices.

Even though the pandemic tries to convince us that the world has stopped spinning, we assure you there are even more innovations worth your attention that we did not mention on this occasion. Still, we are positive that the aforementioned medicinal novelties have assured you that humanity is on the right track.