Life With CBD Tinctures

If I had my way tinctures would be the way forward, not only is their size one of the top appeal factors but that its concentration levels can be as severe or as mild as you prefer. And not to mention that the variety of natural flavorings is a dream for any budding food or culinary enthusiast, from herbs to tree bark and even berries, the possibilities are endless – and exciting.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, for those of you who are new to the world of tinctures, CBD, or even better CBD tinctures then let us break down the different components of this wonder product and explain in more detail.

What it is.


As mentioned, when we talk about tinctures we refer to a herbal ‘arrangement’ of sorts whereby an extraction process of active ingredients is drawn out from plant or animal products. These are then intensified and converted into a liquid concentration which in turn is used and implemented for all sorts of components from medicines, to oils, to a vast range of up-and-coming beauty make-up.

A great explanation on it all including an easy-to-follow video can be seen if you click here and this way you have the simplified version as well as the book smart copy to impress your friends and boss with when the conversation pops up in meetings. Win-win.

Why CBD.


Besides the fact that Cannabidiol is derived from the hemp plant (and yes, it is a cousin of the marijuana family), it offers a host of health benefits, the main factor and characteristic are that it is an all-natural and organic ingredient.
When grown, harvested, and processed in the correct manner which you would find out when compiling your research as you discover which ingredient is best suited for you and your needs, you will discover that it needs and contains no pesticides or harmful toxins unlike other ‘bio organic’ products on the market.

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If it is done via what scientists and biologists believe to be the most efficient and effective method known as CO2 or carbon dioxide extraction, the end product is more concentrated, the purest, and has the least amount of sediment left at the end of the full procedure.

You do need to keep in mind though that although it is one of the highest-ranked extraction methods, it is also one of the more expensive options, but can you really consider putting a price on your health in the long run?
As the old saying goes (or perhaps just a quote my granny liked to preach that she came up with), ‘knowledge is the key and you can never have enough keys on the bunch.’

Implementing CBD into your life.


There is no trick or specifics needed to be part of the CBD family as some people may think, especially after hearing it is from the marijuana family, finding what works for you is easier than you think.

When I first heard of CBD tinctures I was intrigued, initially because the packaging was so small and compact I wondered if it could deliver the same impact I was receiving from my regular doses? And secondly, would I need to take more than one tincture to equal my current concentration levels, and on both accounts, I was genuinely surprised.

Not only do the tinctures have a more potent and higher concentration than I would have thought, but I can now pop them into my handbags, sports bags, and even clutch purse if headed to an evening event. The small vessel suits my lifestyle to a tee and I am overjoyed to have discovered it sooner rather than later.

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To find your version and one that will tend to your needs or ailments if the purpose of using CBD is for that, head on over to for a look at the large variety available on shelves and in stores and chat to industry professionals to get you started in the right direction of your CBD chapter.

There is something to suit everyone, all age demographics, and most importantly all lifestyles from beginner Cannabidiol users to aged old veterans.

Tincture versus oil.


While both products are made up of the cannabis Sativa plant and flower they are not the same product, and where most of us tend to get confused and reference interchangeably as if they were.

When talking about a tincture you need to be aware that the plant or animal product is essentially soaked and drenched in a solution that is either ethanol, alcohol, or vinegar-based and it draws the active ingredients out of these products for use.

CBD oil on the other hand is when the natural oils are ‘sucked out’ or extracted from the actual plant and its seeds, flowers, and other components and then infused with a base carrier oil such as coconut or hemp oil and used as such.
The advantage of the tincture is that because it is used with an alcohol-based solution which acts as a preservative it has a longer shelf life than that of the natural CBD oil.

Nevertheless, both Cannabidiol products serve a greater purpose and the main objective is that you have decided to implement it into your life, and soon you will be living the quality of life you deserve.

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