5 Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2024 To Boost Your Sales

Selling products online has significantly expanded the number of users in recent years – both customers and those who open their web stores. One of the most typically used platforms for such a purpose is WooCommerce, so we shall introduce you to some of the useful plugins that can help you boost your sales.

Web Stores Are The Future Of Online Business

Selling items online is becoming more common and require us to edit our website and make it the best possible looking online store. It is no longer enough to have just a plain website that represents our store. If we have a product or multiple products that we sell – our visitors will expect to order online by clicking and not by phone. The spreading of e-commerce services has led to the creation of many different platforms, which have adapted to various changes in terms of development – but also other significant features such as quality user experience. One of the most appreciative platforms of this type is WooCommerce.

What Is WooCommerce?

This platform is probably one of the most successful e-commerce options currently on the market – and continues to offer security and stability to owners of online stores from around the world. WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress e-commerce platform for small, medium, and large businesses. This WordPress add-on was launched in 2011 – and the simplicity and great options have brought it instant popularity. WooCommerce is extremely widespread in the world of online shopping because of its simplicity – and therefore, if you wish to take advantage of the benefits and functionality of this platform, do not think much but join the world of online selling.

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Which Plugin Should We Opt For To Increase Our Sales?

If you are currently looking for the best add-ons, we assume you wish to enhance your web store sales. That’s totally OK and it’s also feasible. Namely, with so many plugins that are at your fingertips, you might significantly enhance your business. However, with so many plugins, it is sometimes hard to manage and opt for the most usable add-on. So, here is the list of some suggestions that might help you decide.

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1. WooSlider

Of course, in every web store, product images are of utmost importance. It is simply impossible to work without it. However, everyone is posting pictures of products with descriptions, so how to stand out and attract additional attention from visitors? The solution is simple. If you want your web store to be more interesting, and dynamic and show users photos and videos in the form of sliders – then this is the right plugin to opt for. You will be able to create individual images or image galleries – and you can also upload video clips. All this will be far more attractive to your visitors because they offer presented in this way will seem far more interesting.

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2. Yoast

In the sea of SEO tools for your web store, this one is more than OK. Of course, when we talk about SEO plugins, you probably understand that it aims to help you with the optimization of your website position when you look on the search engines. So many features of this plugin will help you increase your visibility by adding SEO custom texts. This tool will even enable you to enter keywords or phrases to raise organic traffic without the need of hiring SEO experts for something like that.

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3. Booster For WooCommerce

If you want everything in one place – then the booster for WooCommerce is the right thing for you. This tool has over 150 add-ons that make your job so much easier, from setting up a web store – to its professional functioning. It would be too much to list all the features of the Booster plugin, but we will draw your attention to just a few of them. Within this WooCommerce plugin, you can count on price and currency options – and also multi-currency options, which is very important if you sell your goods around the world. Also, it is worth mentioning the possibility of creating invoices in PDF format, which will leave a very professional impression. There are countless more features such as WooCommerce shipping, WooCommerce payment gateways, etc – and many satisfied users claim that this plugin is easy to install and that it will not slow down your work at all.

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4. TrustPulse

This tool is actually a special software for digital marketing. Of course, we don’t have to explain to you the importance of digital marketing for your online web store. Quite simply, it is something that is a necessary item to establish interaction – and ultimately, gain the trust of your customers. The main task of this software is to target your social posts to the target group of users at a specific time. Do not neglect the importance of such tools because they can greatly increase sales.

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5. Live Chat

Just like when they enter a physical store, customers need to be animated or given the necessary information about prices, product quality, purpose, etc. That’s why the Live Chat plugin can be a great ally in improving your online sales. This WooCommerce plugin is said by many to be the best in its category. If we take into account that more than half of the customers leave the cart before purchasing something – then this live chat software will help you to make such situations happen less often. So, by chatting with the customers, you can try to keep them on the page or help them decide on purchasing an item you have in your web store.

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The Bottom Line

Today’s online sales go hand in hand with the development of technology and following trends when it comes to plugins for this type of sales. There are so many WooCommerce plugins, but we have pointed out just some of them – because they can be extremely useful to you, especially if you are just starting a business like this. We hope you have success in sales.

In this article is the list of some suggestions that might help you decide best WooCommerce plugins