10 Best Marketing Strategies To Boost Your E-Commerce Business

Are you that desperate store owner wishing to bring in more customers and add traffic to your online store? With some established eCommerce marketing strategies, you can draw in fresh shoppers, build relationships and gain trust, and also win back some sales that you thought were gone in the wind.

In this article, we’ll discuss several eCommerce marketing strategies that can help you improve in key areas such as content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, etc.

These aren’t the only effective strategies that’ll work out with marketing. Yet, I think they are the most effective ones. Now, let’s get rolling.

1. Begin a Blog for Your Site

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By including a blog on your website, you can organize a bunch of faithful and long-term visitors.

Writing blogs is like starting a business. In the beginning, you’ll be offering only a meager range of topics. As your visitors grow, your blog will also expand with more related items. That will typically improve your audiences to exactly how you want.

2. Create Unique Content

Content varies from audience to audience. Be assured that you are delivering the right content to the shoppers at each stage from store landing to check out.

You can also create videos on YouTube or podcasts for your shoppers. Similarly, you can work on any content you think will work for them.

3. Nurture Your Email Marketing List

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A huge majority of web users check their emails on a regular basis. As one of the best communication channels, marketing emails create better conversions and make a higher rate of purchases than other modes of marketing.

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You can easily increase the count in your email list by an attractive popup on your website. You can bring in the popup any time you feel a visitor is comfortable.

4. Automate Your Email Marketing

Newsletters are easy marketing tools which you should try at least for a while. And they hit the red when you send focused, structured , and automated email loops. .

Abandoned cart reminders are the killers among online store marketing emails. These emails boost revenues to a great extent.

Email marketing services like MailChimp and Constant Contact help you set up scheduled and automated emails that can reclaim your abandoned sales. Email customizer from Themehigh is a best rated plugin to customize transactional emails, so that the store owners can bring back shoppers with custom impressive emails.

5. Social Media Marketing

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Social media, especially Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., have proved to be a good platform to invest some dollars in marketing. Anyway, new competitors are arriving day-by-day for the existing social media brands, which makes us think before we do.

Thinking of Snapchat, the relatively new social media platform has done its share to become popular and bring Instagram and Pinterest under its shadow.

Social media marketing works beyond posting a couple of posts or pictures when you feel like it. All social media has a specific lot of audience searching for a different type of content or engagement. That makes it necessary to keep posting multiple times every day on each platform your potential shoppers use. Make sure that you are delivering the right content to each platform, without too much duplication in content between the platforms, and posting the right amount always.

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6. Use of Impressive Videos

Everyone loves videos. Give someone something to watch and they’ll keep on watching once they don’t get bored.

Almost ninety percent of online shoppers choose to decide what to buy based on video ads they see on YouTube and social media. It is an amazing fact that almost forty percent of viewers watch these ads until the end.

New trends like Facebook and Instagram stories, Periscope, Snapchat, etc., and the live streaming available with Facebook and YouTube, it’s easier than ever to reach out to your shoppers. Ads need not be movies that spend a lot of dollars on them. Even animated clip arts with a good narration will do the job.

7. Create Original Content

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It’s common among drop shippers and affiliate sites to copy and paste the manufacturer’s provided description and product images. But when you’re doing this, search engines get confused with the duplicate content, and there are chances for this to affect the traffic drastically.

When you duplicate contents from another site, the search engine’s SEO process splits between both the sites, resulting in the fall of ranking for both.

The best thing to do is to add your own unique content for everything in your= store.

8. Meet with Influencers in Your Industry

By finding the leading influencers in the eCommerce industry, you can connect with them and set up efficient and collaborative marketing endeavors. There are tools that can help you find influencers of similar interests.

Some of them are FollowerWonk, BuzzStream, and PeerReach.

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9. Focus on Retargeting Your Visitors

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Shoppers often have a habit of visiting, going back to another store, coming back, and then making a decision. Mostly, a shopper doesn’t make a purchase on their first visit. That makes it best to focus on retargeting ads and campaigns aiming to return a lost customer to the online store.

Thinking in a non-marketing perspective, the code can get a little extra personal, as it tracks the shopping history of the visitor in full. That includes what they viewed, purchased, or even added to the cart and haven’t yet purchased.

Now that you know how it helps, get to Facebook or Google and run effective retargeting ads to display your products and brands in front of those who visited earlier.

Online store platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify have plugins and apps like WooCommerce Retargeting and Shoelace to automate the retargeting ads.

10. Boost Your Shopper’s Loyalty With Free Gifts

It’s human to like offers and discounts. We always go for a cheaper option if available. There are extensions in WooCommerce to provide special offers and free gifts with purchases.

Offers and discounts need not be huge to make a great impact on your brand’s goodwill. Even a 2% off can attract shoppers.

You’re all good now! A list of the best WooCommerce marketing strategies you can use right away to get those shoppers to spend on your store!