9 Best Ways to Take THC

Over the past few decades, there has been a movement towards legalizing cannabis and products that contain it. This charge has been led by scientific research, which has clarified the benefits of THC, along with dispelling some myths and fears about it. While THC is psychoactive and makes you high, its adverse effects are relatively muted while also providing numerous potential health benefits.

Now that THC is more widely legal (either for medical use with a special prescription by your doctor or for recreational use as a supplement), there are an increasing number of products you can purchase. This is to help people find a method of consuming THC that suits them the best. Here are the nine best ways to take THC.

#1) THC Joints

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Traditionally, the most common way to consume THC was to smoke the marijuana leaves in a rolled up joint. Smoking the whole flower means you get all of the benefits that the whole profile of chemical compounds in cannabis can provide. It’s also the best way to feel the effects of THC as fast as possible, as the smoke is absorbed through your lungs and into the bloodstream in as little as five minutes.

#2) THC Vapes

If you don’t like smoking due to the flavor of ash and smoke, or because you are wary of the increased health risk of ingesting carcinogens, you can also vape THC. You can vape both THC oil in a cartridge, or vape the cannabis flower bud itself. The former is much easier and more accessible to use, but the latter provides all of the benefits of the whole plant like smoking does.

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Vaping does still have some minor health risks, but it is also a safer alternative to smoking. The drawback is that the actual vape device can be a bit more difficult to master. The devices also have an added cost, so people who don’t want the hassle or extra cost may prefer a different kind of product.

#3) THC Oil

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The most basic and easiest way to take THC is by using drops, like THC oil. These come in a dropper bottle that allows you to carefully measure the amount you want to take, which helps you control the dose. The best way to take drops is sublingually, under the tongue.

The skin under your tongue is highly absorbent, so it will enter your system almost as fast as smoking or vaping it. It also has the added benefit of being much safer for your health than smoking or vaping, and being much easier for anyone to take.

#4) THC Tincture

An alternative to taking THC oil drops is by using a tincture, like delta 8 THC tincture . Tinctures are almost the exact same as oil drops, but they use an alcohol base instead of oil. Tinctures aren’t as potent for the same amount of concentration as oil drops, but the alcohol base gives it a higher bioavailability — which means it is more efficiently absorbed by your body than oil. As a result, the general potency and effectiveness of tinctures is very similar to that of oil.

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In addition, tincture tends to taste more pleasant than oil drops do. This is partially because tinctures can more easily add artificial flavoring, such as fruit, but also because oil tastes more bitter and earthy like a plant.

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#5) THC Capsules

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THC capsules take the THC oil and put them into capsules that you can swallow. It has the exact same properties of the oil drops, but you swallow them with water instead of measuring the dose in the dropper. This helps you more strictly control the dose each time, and you may find that it helps you get around the issue of taste. However, capsules take longer for you to feel the effects because it is released slowly in your stomach.

#6) THC Edibles

THC edibles have become one of the most popular kinds of THC products that you will find. The main benefit of edibles is that you can add THC into all kinds of foods, so it’s easier to find something that is to your taste. Here are some of the more common kinds of edibles:

  • Gummies and other candies
  • Chocolate
  • Baked goods and pastries
  • Salad dressing
  • Granola bars

The drawback of edibles is that it is more difficult to account for the dose. That’s why edibles are more common for people who want to take THC for more recreational or general wellness reasons, as opposed to helping with a specific health condition. Some of the sites like  pokebud.com can give you all information about edibles.

#7) THC Drinkables

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Drinkables take the same principles as edibles, but you can drink it instead of eating it. It has the same benefits (taste, ease of consumption) and the same drawbacks (takes longer to feel the effects, harder to control dose). However, drinkables are typically less common because it is much more difficult to infuse THC into drinks.

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With food, you can infuse it more easily through some kind of oil or fat. With drinks, THC acts more as an oil itself, which will separate from most liquids. Water soluble THC gets around some of this, as does using the whole cannabis plant like a steeped tea.

#8) THC Topicals

THC is loaded with antioxidants and omega fatty acids. That is one of the main reasons why cannabis skincare and beauty products are becoming more common. Products like creams, balms and lotions can help address specific skin conditions related to pain and inflammation such as acne, or more serious conditions like eczema.

#9) THC Transdermal Patch

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If you have more localized muscle pain that is closer to the surface of your skin, you can also get a skin patch that releases THC into the area slowly. These kinds of pain patches are common without THC as well, but since pain relief is one of the strongest properties of THC it can be more useful for surface-level pain. This can include sore or pulled muscles from exercising, or something like back pain.

While these are the best ways to take THC, this is by no means the complete list. There are other less common ways of consuming THC, either because they are much newer or because they are only useful in specific circumstances. If you shop around most businesses that sell THC products, you are much more likely to find any of the above products.