5 Best Tips and Exercises for Improving Your Bad Posture

We decided to talk to you about poor posture because people are rarely aware that it can lead to serious health problems, which in addition to being related to the condition of the spine and bones, can also be harmful to internal organs. If you look around, you will see many people standing, sitting, or even lying down incorrectly. As a result, there are distortions, but also muscle and joint pain. Improper posture can be caused by many factors, such as weight, shoes, the bed we sleep on, the quality of the pillow, and also the general lifestyle habits we have.

When that happens, invest in equipment, aids, or drills that will help you repair the damage. If you visit here, you will see one of the most popular vest corsets that people wear to improve their posture. For more information, you can visit the Amazon page we provided, but you should also learn something about prevention and how to behave properly, without putting pressure on the organs or bending the bones and joints.

In this situation, the most interesting thing is that by changing a few small habits, without any extreme changes, you can contribute to a significant improvement in overall posture. In this article, we will try to bring you closer to all the tricks you can apply, easy exercises, and changes in habits, which will bring you a huge benefit.

1. Proper standing

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Proper standing is a key part of maintaining a good posture. If you know you need to stand for a long time, distribute the weight on both legs, straighten your back and relax. Try as much as you can to keep your stomach tight. Of course, you do not need to get stuck in this position and sometimes you will bend over, you will have to do something else, but from time to time “reset” yourself in this position and then continue working. Even if necessary, tighten the abdomen to get extra firmness in the abdomen. You can also practice this as an exercise every day, after returning from work or before going to bed.

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2. Proper sitting at a desk

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During the day you should “reset” several times in a proper sitting position. Place your feet on the floor, without crossing your legs. Straighten your back and roll your shoulders slightly back. Allow your arms to relax and keep your head at eye level so that you do not bend your neck in any way. After a minute, go back to work and do not forget to apply this correction during the day, but also to get up from the office chair and move.

3. Risks of a bad position

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Being aware of the risks also means wanting to help yourself get better. If your body is constantly in a bad and distorted state, you become less resistant to injury, you will have more pain, the spine can be permanently distorted, the position of the joints can be disturbed, the balance can be disturbed, but also you can create pressure on the internal organs. If the bones and muscles press on the internal organs improperly, you may experience improper breathing, blood pressure problems, indigestion, and excess fluid retention in the body. All of this can be avoided or reduced with the simple posture exercises listed in the previous paragraphs.

4. Ways to improve your condition

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Be aware of the way you hold your body, even when lying down. Everyday activities do not defocus us from self-awareness, because we are focused on them, but sometimes it is good, at least for a moment, to wake up and correct the position. Activity is important and despite regular movement and walking, we recommend yoga or similar activities that focus on awareness of your body. Keep your weight within normal limits, as it can also put pressure on your spine and bones.

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Also, make sure the shoes are anatomical and comfortable, as nothing can get you out of balance more easily than bad shoes. Also, check if your pillow and mattress are good. Adjust the height of the desk and chair on your body. All of these little things are actually key to staying in good shape.

5. Effective exercises that really help

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Bridges – the dynamic variant of this exercise will help you strengthen the abdomen, pelvis, and buttocks, and thus ensure sufficient body strength.

Plank – strengthens the abdominal muscles, but also the front of the legs, and at the same time keeps the spine in an upright position and helps to tighten it properly. You can keep calm or do push-ups.

Child pose – a famous pose in yoga, which stretches the entire spine and relaxes the body. You need to sit with your knees together and lower your front to the ground. Lower your buttocks to your heels, and allow the relaxation to take you to a deeper position.

Cat-cow – another practical yoga exercise, in which you stand on your knees and palms and stretch your spine inwards and outwards. A simple exercise, which is one of the most effective in the world.

You can always practice with an instructor, explain what problem you have, and get enough attention and proper instructions.


Poor posture is a very common problem among young people and adults, especially those who have a job that they sit at all the time or are constantly on their feet. It is easiest to change positions, to restore circulation in every part of the body, to move, to rest, not to bend your legs, but also not to wear too tight shoes or too tight clothes. When enough blood reaches all parts of the body, they stay healthy and can hold us better. Be active and remind yourself that it is important to maintain an upright and natural posture.

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The tips in this article really help, but if you have more serious problems, you should always consult a doctor, especially if they last a long time and cause you other health disorders.