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Best Note Taking Apps for iPad (Free and Paid)

Find out which are the best free and paid applications for the ipad.

We all record differently. We each have our own way of defining titles and subtitles, with or without bullets, indexing and tag content. Application developers understand this, so we are faced with the problem of a multitude of options.

The iPad has the same story. The iPad and iPad Pro are both great devices that are an integral part of our daily lives. The selection of disk storage options built into the application is unrivaled and growing every day.

To help you write, we offer a list of the 12 best free and paid entries. Is your iPad ready to download?

This question is just as important as the answer.

  • Write down what is important to you and find it on your short list. It is not necessary that each recording software supports the stylus or has a text-to-speech function. The recording task should be uncompromising, with 4 or 5 additional functions that really make your personal life or workspace easier.
  • Cross-platform support and/or the availability of notes on synchronized devices is the least you can hope for.
  • If you choose the paid version of the application, it should be worthwhile and not exorbitantly priced. For free versions, make sure you have features such as seamless laptop synchronization
  • Finally, the chosen application should be simple and easy to use for all basic functions such as writing, editing, sorting and highlighting notes. You should be able to make a new note as soon as possible as your thought or idea.

Best requests for notes (paid)

1. Sustainability


Editor’s Choice is the best selling paid application that is powerful, elegant and simple.

You will enjoy the synchronization option that connects your audio recordings and your pencil stripes. In addition, there is a flexible layout that makes it possible to refer to documents and take notes at the same time.

You won’t like it: Few advanced writing tools and pen formats; organizing the content is not intuitive.

Platform compatibility – iPad, iPhone, Mac

Cost – $8.99 one-time fee when you purchase the program (comes with a 7-day trial).

Reviews – 4.8/5 Basis 113.6K Reviews

What’s he offering?

  • Easily take notes using a variety of note, journal and drawing tools, including ink, highlighter, text and audio.
  • OCR and handwriting recognition to facilitate note taking
  • Protect your notes with Touch ID and Face ID
  • Share ideas in presentation mode with the laser pointer and in full screen mode
  • Connect to i-cloud to automatically synchronize notes between devices.
  • Attach images, PDF annotations and voice memos

2. Briefing notes 5

goodnotes application

One Line Sales Summary – Probably one of the best note-taking programs on Apple Pencil and iPad.

You’ll love it: The organization of the files is clear (different covers for different notebooks) and easy to find. Plus the Smart Erase Tool and Erase Only Highlighter, which allows you to selectively erase.

You won’t like it: Not as intuitive as Notability, and it doesn’t record sound.

Platform compatibility – iPad, iPhone, Mac

Cost – $7.99 one-time fee if purchased under the program (comes with a 7-day trial)

Assessment – 4.8/5 Basis 17.5K Assessment

What’s he offering?

  • It allows you to go beyond traditional paper with advanced tools for writing, colour, shapes, types and sizes of paper.
  • Fantastic PDF support – browse through imported PDFs with existing hyperlinks, add pages to PDFs, photograph and export to PDFs
  • Connect to i-cloud to automatically synchronize notes between devices.
  • Unlimited subfolders, drag and drop, built-in layouts and templates.
  • The presentation mode, which turns this application into a digital whiteboard and allows projecting via AirPlay or an HDMI cable. This makes it the ideal companion for business meetings and classroom presentations.

3. Evernote (Premium version)


One Line Sale Summary – Veteran Laptop Application with Multi-platform Support.

You’ll love it: That it syncs and works with iOS and Android devices; that it’s feature-rich and that it’s an old trusted player in the notebook market.

You won’t like it: The free version limits downloads to 60 MB with limited features, so the premium version is a must; no customer support.

Platform compatibility – iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows and Web.

Cost – $7.99 per month for the premium version; $15 per month for the business version.

Reviews – 4.4/5 Basis 28.7K Reviews

What’s he offering?

  • It allows you to collect multiple items such as images, recorded messages, text files, web clips, etc. in one place to share and collaborate.
  • It can also scan handwritten notes, website content, emails, menus, business cards, PDF files and anything else you want to read.
  • Integration with other productivity tools such as Slack, Salesforce, Google Drive.
  • Sync multiple unlimited devices, open notes offline, take notes in PDFs, and create custom templates.
  • Multi-user collaboration and live chat support
  • Great tagging feature that organizes data as you throw it away.
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4. Notepad

Information shelf

One Line Sale Summary – With this application digital notes become synonymous with handwritten notes, making fluent and natural writing possible.

You’ll love it: Amazing handwriting recognition, versatile tools and a clear layout with little effort.

You’re not gonna like it: bugs getting in the way…

Platform compatibility – iOS 12.0 and above, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod Touch and Android.

Cost – 9.99

Rating – 4.2/5 Basic ratings 1.1K

What’s he offering?

  • Noteshelf offers a seamless connection to Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.
  • Personalise your notes with beautiful covers and organise them as desired
  • Large selection of pens, pencils, pens, colours and fountain pens
  • Recognize handwriting in 65 languages and convert handwriting into text using OCR technology.
  • Record audio files and play them back anytime – ideal for students in the classroom
  • Multi-screen workflow for using 2 notes side-by-side, customizable bookmarks, hands-free voice recording via Apple Watch, and automatic note taking in Evernote
  • Go to the Shelving Club and download 100 beautiful covers and paper templates for student notes, magazines, shopping lists, personal medical records, appointment notes, to-do lists and more.

5. Laptop + Professional Computer

notepad plus pro

One-line sales summary – Traditional paper and pencil goes straight to your iPad so you can take notes as you like.

You’ll love it: The application’s ability to annotate various file formats, including PDF, Excel, Keynote and numeric; the Blur tool – lets you hide sensitive information with a single click before sharing it with others.

You won’t like it: The price – which is higher than that of other note applications, the application should still a categorization function of the note aces

Platform Compatibility – iOS 8.0 or later, iPad compatibility

Costs – 19.99

Rating – 4.6/5 Basic rating 5.6K

What’s he offering?

  • Comes with various pens, ink pens, colouring tools, etc. that mimic writing with pen and paper.
  • Tools for drawing, sketching, creating Zu-data and making non-notes.
  • Annotate and edit files, password-protect sensitive notes, use Quick Search to find important notes instantly.
  • Works with maximum portability so you can take notes with the Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro.
  • Add photos, emoticons, icons and text to make your notes visually appealing.
  • Enables family sharing, up to 6 family members can use the application

6. ZoomNotes


Online Sales Summary – A unique recording application for iPad with a wide zoom range and infinite whiteboard space.

You’ll love it: Detailed layout for visual recordings, large whiteboards and various types of pens

You won’t like it: Cannot create or use custom fonts and has a low learning curve due to exaggerated functions

Platform compatibility – iOS 9.0 or later, MacOS, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Cost – 7.99

Assessment – 4.5/5 Nuclear tests 426

What’s he offering?

  • There are 8 types of pens to choose from, including gel, ballpoint pen, pencil, watercolor, etc. with unlimited line width.
  • Supports handwriting recognition, split-screen display, unlimited zoom in and out, including frame rotation.
  • Customizable and editable paper types and formats, shapes and images
  • A zoom window that allows you to take a picture in enlarged view when looking at the reduced focal length.
  • Recording via PDF files, adding links between pages or documents, recording and playing back voice memos
  • Share PDF documents, images, videos or ZoomNotes documents via email, iTunes, the clipboard, Dropbox, Twitter and Evernote, Airdrop, iCloud Drive and discover.
  • VGA compatibility for use with projectors, monitors and AirPlay.

Best Note-Taking Applications (free)

1. Comments about Apple

Comments about Apple

Online Sales Overview – Free application for playing discs on iPad.

You’ll love it: It is a native application, so it works perfectly on iPad, and after the upgrade of iPadOS 13, it has many interesting features ready to use.

You won’t like it: Lack of advanced features such as import, infinite canvas for illustrations and customizable organization tools.

Platform compatibility – iOS/macOS devices


Rating – NA; pre-installed on iOS devices

What’s he offering?

  • All basic registration functions for users who do not need power tools for registration.
  • 120 colours to choose from and the ability to change pen strokes, pencil weight/gloss, etc.
  • Pixel eraser, dark mode and amazing selection tool
  • Spotlight panel to search for handwritten expressions in an annotated document
  • Connect to i-cloud to automatically synchronize notes between devices.
  • Full pen compatibility for seamless writing for Apple pen users.
  • Allows you to add thumbnails and illustrations to your notes
  • The only application that opens a blank page by tapping the Apple pencil on the iPad’s locked screen.

2. Microsoft OneNote

One-line sales summary – A robust application, the best for cross-platform collaboration.

You’ll love it: Flexibility in writing and organizing notes; support for Apple Pencil.

You won’t like it: There are sometimes problems with synchronization between Microsoft and Apple operating systems.

Platform compatibility – iOS 13.0 or later, watchOS 5.0 or later, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Windows and Android

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Free with purchase in the application

Assessment – 4.7/5 Basic research 514.5K

What’s he offering?

  • Variations in strokes, width and various additional colors to choose from compared to Apple Notes.
  • A canvas size that can be zoomed in and out to provide enough space to paint.
  • Easily collaborate to share notes and projects with friends and family who have a Microsoft account.
  • Export notes in PDF format and invite others to view and edit the notes for projects that require teamwork.
  • Allows you to take handwritten notes and enjoy multimedia features such as rich text notes, graphical photos, calendars and voice recordings.
  • Automatic backup of notes made on OneDrive
  • Makes it possible to keep a note theme with a general framework that mimics the physical appearance of a folder.

3. MyScript Script Sky

Scenario ambiguity

Single line sales summary – the best performance in handwritten to text conversion

You’ll love it: Dual support for pen and keyboard, keyboard shortcuts and handwriting to text conversion

You won’t like it: Punctual handwriting recognition for unique characters; for the best translation results – you need to write accurately and at a slow pace.

Platform compatibility – iPad, Windows and Android

Cost – Free with purchase in the application for Pro versions.

Rating – 4.5/5 Basic rating 7.9K

What’s he offering?

  • Makes it easy to switch from keyboard to pen with notes in mind
  • Non-destructive and simple translation of handwritten notes into text, retaining both the handwriting and the text, in almost 66 languages.
  • A range of productivity tools such as underline, strike out, scribble, etc. that enable marking, classification and
  • Write and solve mathematical equations; edit extensive content such as diagrams, sketches, flow charts, etc.
  • Export documents in a variety of formats, including Word, PDF and even HTML.
  • Synchronization is also possible via the MyScript service, or you can choose between iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox and many others.

4. Simplification

simple comments

A CV sales line – clear, simple and unadorned – just like the title!

You’ll love it: A simple gunshot without too many bells and whistles.

You won’t like it: No obvious keyboard shortcuts; no functions such as pen rest and PDF annotations

Platform compatibility – iOS 12.0 or later, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.


Reviews – 4.8/5 Basic 4K Reviews

What’s he offering?

  • Makes it possible to use tags and pins to organize the content quickly.
  • Save and sync while taking notes on multiple devices
  • Collaborate and share content through links, websites, WordPress publications and other third party applications.
  • Create to-do lists, add notes you use most often.
  • Content protection with password lock
  • The Saved History function allows you to retrieve notes that have been accidentally deleted.

5. PDF Expert

PDF expert

A one-line sales resume is a great application if your laptop works with a lot of PDF files.

You’ll love it: Self-adhesive notes, freehand drawing tool and marking options for scanned documents/documents from WDF.

You won’t like it: The performance features are moderately priced and flexible due to the lack of a split screen or a blank page to write at the same time as reading PDFs.

Platform Compatibility – iOS 11.0 or later, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Free with purchase in the application

Note – 4.7/5 Basic 90.1K Advice

What’s he offering?

  • Annotate and label PDF files, which is better than Apple’s built-in markup extension.
  • Make notes and add predefined notes such as Approved, Confidential, etc.
  • Many features for working with PDF – read, write, use forms, draw, strike through, underline, highlight, fill out forms and much more.
  • Use the Text to Speech function to read out the selected text.
  • With the premium version, you can edit the original PDF text, add or modify images, sign documents, change confidential data and use other functions.
  • Including audio recording, you can set up a favorites toolbar for quick access, full text search, scroll, zoom and delete.
  • Connect to other document storage providers such as Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

6. Concept

concept logo

Single Line Sales Summary – Application to use when you want to group your notes, tasks, databases and wikis in one place.

You’ll love it: Cross-platform note sharing and very useful reference wiki and task manager functions.

You won’t like it: A somewhat steep learning curve to get used to the notebook concept, a lack of integration with Apple Watch and the inability to print certain page sizes such as A5 and Executive.

Platform compatibility – iOS 12.0 or later, MacOS, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Android, Windows, Web

Free for private users

Assessment – 4.2/5 Basis 528

What’s he offering?

  • Unlimited number of text blocks, checklists, headers, images, video and audio files, web bookmarks and code snippets
  • Large collection of built-in note templates with drag and drop functionality to organize/prioritize content
  • A multitasking sidebar that allows you to work privately (for your own notes) and in the workspace (where your pages and other links are shared with others).
  • Editing notes/pages along with the command and comments
  • Pages nested within pages without creating unnecessary folders
  • Sync concepts on devices when you have a browser and desktop applications.
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Notes can be useful if they are part of everyday life. The more you do it, the more you trust him! We hope our article has provided some thought-provoking options for your iPad or iPad Pro notepad.

Would you like to download a free or paid application?

Let us know in the comment section.

Is the iPad worth a try?

Yes, if you want to go paperless and are looking for a tablet to replace your laptop, we recommend the iPad. If you want to buy a device that’s just for notes, we recommend an iPad Air instead of a Pro. Of course, there are many cheaper options, but our experience is that Apple devices are slightly better for recording, but it’s more a matter of preference. You can choose from a variety of applications to be more productive and accurate when taking notes.

Is it better to take notes on paper or iPad?

In our experience, it’s best to take notes on an iPad, if only because you can easily erase them if you make a mistake on paper. You write on a smooth surface with paper, and your real pen won’t move that easily. There is a difference, and writing on an electronic device is just more convenient. You can design your notes at will and move them around during your studies by colouring the titles – this makes designing notes more fun. (We recommend that you use the Paperlikes Screen Protector to take your laptop to the next level).

Do apple pencils work with all iPads?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Not all Apple Pencils are compatible with all iPad devices. The Apple Pencil 2. The generation is only compatible with the 4th generation iPad Air. The iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation and up) and 11-inch (1st generation and up) are compatible. And the Apple Pencil from 1. The generation is compatible with a wide range of devices – the 8th generation iPad. Generation, the 7th generation iPad. Generation, the 6th generation iPad. Generation, the 5th generation iPad mini. Generation, the iPad Air of the 3. Generation and 1st and 2nd generation 12.9 iPad Pro. Both the generation and the iPad Pro 10.5 and 9.7.

Why doesn’t my Apple pair of pens fit on my iPad?

If your Apple Pencil does not work, connect it to your device. Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Activate and the Apple pencil appears, touch it and it needs to be paired to your iPad. If you don’t see the Apple pencil, make sure it is charged and try turning Bluetooth on and off.

Why doesn’t the Apple pencil work on my iPhone?

The Apple Pencil is not intended for use with iPhone devices. The Apple Pencil is only compatible with certain iPad devices. The iPhone screen is configured differently from the iPad screen. Also, it’s not practical to take notes on small devices like the iPhone. Although there are several third-party pens that work on the iPhone’s screen.

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