How to Calibrate iPhone Battery & Improve It?

Someone who has spent money to buy a top brand Apple iPhone smartphone, still doesn’t get it. If you use your iPhone often, chances are the battery is damaged. People can even go online with their phones and know different things, so in this case, we recommend you to understand this guide on how to calibrate and improve iPhone battery.

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How can I calibrate and improve the battery of my iPhone?

Here are some tips on how to calibrate your iPhone’s battery and extend its life:

  1. Disable unnecessary services You should always disable unnecessary services that are not currently in use. These include Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, location-based services, etc. You should know that these services consume a lot of batteries even when they are not being used and are only switched on. So you need to turn them off to extend the battery life of your iPhone.
  2. The right way to charge your iPhone You may not know that you need to charge your phone when the battery is completely dead. Most people charge their phone by leaving it on the charger, even if it is fully charged. However, the best way to extend the battery life of your Apple iPhone is to charge it after you have charged it. This is a simpler and easier way to save the battery.
  3. Remove the casing before charging Although the case protects the iPhone from external damage, if you want to charge the phone, you must remove the external case to avoid damaging the battery. The reason for this method is that the phone generates a lot of heat while charging. When your phone is in the case, this heat can damage the battery cells because they can’t come out properly. It is therefore recommended that the housing be removed properly.
  4. lower brightness: Auto brightness is a feature that adjusts the screen brightness as needed. Therefore, you need to reduce the brightness because a bright screen consumes a lot of battery power compared to a normal screen. A brightness range of 25-30% is the most accurate over time. The constant brightness level is good for the eyes and the screen.
  5. Turn off unnecessary sound effects It is always recommended to turn off all unnecessary sound effects that consume a lot of battery power during execution. This not only saves the battery, but also prevents unusual noises. Keyboard sound effects, locks are included in the redundant features. Decreasing the ringer volume and turning off the vibration can help conserve battery life. Eliminating unnecessary sound effects will save your battery.
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When it comes to a phone’s battery, there’s nothing you can do to save it forever, but with a few points you can extend your iPhone’s battery life, so share this guide on How to calibrate and improve your iPhone’s battery. and help others.

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