5 Fast and Easy Ways to Get Cash – Trick and Tips

Ontario is one of the several provinces in Canada with a high cost of living. Data from WOWA .ca shows that the average rent in Toronto is $2070 per month. The figure highlights how expensive it is to live in the city. People who live in this or any other province, are known as the middle class of society. Still, you will agree that living in these parts of the country requires people to increase their income constantly. We are talking both about constant and passive income.

All of us know how many possibilities people have to create passive income these days. Probably the most popular one these days is investing in cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Another one is purchasing real estate and then renting them for a certain amount of money. As you can see, all of these sources of income are widespread these days. Also, the concept of passive income doesn’t sign any sort of stopping.

With such overwhelming living expenses, it’s easy to find yourself short on cash when you need it the most. Whether you’re paying off a student loan, saving money for a trip, or renovating your home, if you add these obligations to your living expenses, you can find yourself scrambling to make ends meet. To prevent these problems from occurring, you should always think about the ways you can always come across some cash when you need it, right?

For fast and easy ways to make cash, this list has five solutions that will help you out. With these quick cash strategies, you’ll surely have money even in the most challenging times.

1. Hold a Garage Sale

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As they say, something we don’t consider valuable maybe has worth for someone else. If you’re fond of shopping, chances are, you have clothes, trinkets, and knick-knacks at home that you don’t need or use anymore. These days, people usually own more pieces of clothes, furniture, and a wide array of different items. When we realize that we don’t need them, we can find ourselves in a problem with where to store all of these things.

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Thankfully, there are ways to get rid of these things for quick money. Organizing a garage sale is one perfect way to make money while getting rid of things that create clutter in your home at the same time. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should do this when you want to move to another location. Instead, it is possible to declutter so you can simply have enough space in your home.

While it can be said that this is a procedure that needs a lot of work, it can help you with coming across a decent amount of money for you. Naturally, it is not possible to get the full price you have paid for these items. Yet again, it is possible to get a significant percentage of the worth. Maybe you can sell things like clothes, old records, and books you’ve already read, among other belongings. Just take a look at those items you don’t really need.

To hold a successful sale, make sure to promote early so people close to you will know. If you are familiar with a lot of people in the neighborhood, talk with them about this process and invite them to take a look at some of these items. You can announce the event on Craigslist, Facebook, and other social media outlets. You can even promote it by using the bulletin board at your local church or community center. That way, every person will know that it will occur soon.

2. Ask for a Payroll Advance

If you need money fast, you can request a payroll advance from your employer. Doing this usually won’t cost you any additional fees and you can repay the advance by salary deduction. Surely, not all employers are prepared to help their employees with this sort of advance. Still, employees cannot really know whether is this possible until you ask, right? Some employers also offer low-cost loans to employees in need, but there are some who don’t.

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We don’t think this is likely to happen. If this option isn’t available to you, there are apps like GoDay that provide payday loans to workers who need a quick infusion of cash. These are often loans that they can repay with fixed interest but need to pay back in full on the next payday. Otherwise, the interests can get significantly higher and you can have a problem with paying the full sum.

3. Do Odd Jobs

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In case you don’t have a job at the moment and you have a lot of free time, you can make money by taking on some strange jobs, you haven’t done before. You can babysit, house-sit, or take care of pets for your busy friends. If you think you can’t take care of kids, pets, or keep a home safe and clean, you can do other things, like mow lawns or wash cars for your neighbors.

Another job you can get paid to do is grocery shop for friends or old neighbors. If you’re familiar with basic construction work, offer to fix fences or leaky roofs. Surely, make sure to understand the proper calculation for each job, you could come up with quite a bit of money. If it is hard for you to find people who need your services in your district, look for jobs online.

4. Drive for Money

Driving people around for money via Uber, Lyft, TappCar, Amazon Flex and other ridesharing companies is an easy and convenient way to get money. As a driver, you can cope with your own time and choose when to be available. Getting paid to drive people around familiar streets in your city or town is not only a great way to make money but can also be a good way to meet people. So, you cannot only earn some quick money, but it is possible to expand your social circle, which is always a possible thing, right? To make your experience even more efficient and rewarding, you can consider using MyFlexBot, an application designed to enhance your Amazon Flex driving journey. MyFlexBot helps you secure high-demand delivery blocks, optimize your routes, and maximize your earnings. Whether you’re driving people or delivering packages, this tool can be a valuable asset that simplifies your work and allows you to make the most of your time behind the wheel, all while potentially expanding your social connections.

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5. Asking Your Friends for Loan

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If you’re out of options, you can ask for money from people you know, like friends and your closest ones. This solution offers a fast fix to your economic problems, but it can lead to complicated relations if you do not pay your debt on time. Since nobody wants this to happen, then you should make sure that you can pay the debt within the time limit. Therefore, make sure to mark the deadline in your schedule, just in case you don’t forget about it for some reason.

Because you’re getting cash from someone you know, you may get too comfortable and forget to pay on time. We cannot stress enough how problematic this can become. This is why it’s wise to treat a loan from people close to you the same way you’d treat a debt from a bank or a legitimate lending institution. Still, we wouldn’t say there are too many differences between these two concepts. However, you can have a little bit more peace of mind, but be careful not to overdo it.


Here, we’ve presented you with common ways to address your urgent financial issues. We’re sure you will find all of these useful in the future. When you decide to try any of these methods, always remember to be responsible when it comes to repaying your debts. You can also choose to continue with your side hustle to avoid having to worry about where to get money for other incidental expenses