4 Most Popular Baccarat Variations and How to Play Them

Baccarat is the one casino game that always finds itself played extensively in almost all of the casinos on the planet. The reason for that is straightforward – baccarat is extremely intuitive and easy to comprehend which makes it just the right sport for an amateur casino player as well as a professional one.

According to 9winz, almost half of the players who come to a casino do so to play baccarat. The game can appeal to many people and the website has all the information and resources you will ever need to play baccarat online.

However, one of the main reasons why baccarat is so popular is because it has many versions to play apart from the original version. A player can choose from countless versions of baccarat and select the one they prefer the most and then simply play it at their favorite casino.

That being said, many casino players are still unaware of the various baccarat variations and have no idea how to play them. This puts them at a huge loss when they enter a casino game and the baccarat version that is being played is different from the one they are used to playing.

If you too are a casino player who wishes to know the various variations of baccarat and how to easily play them, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will list several baccarat variations and how to play them, so that you can get familiar with the various popular versions and find out the one that works the best for you.

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1. Baccarat Banque.

Source: gamblingcity.net

Baccarat Banque is perhaps the oldest known version of baccarat and thus also the most played one. It originates in France but has spread its roots throughout the world in the hearts of many baccarat players who love playing the game. One of the most unique traits of this variation that sets it out from all other types of variations and baccarat versions is that its dealer is always pre-determined at the start of every match.

In playstyle, it starts out with three decks for the players to bet on. These three decks are set out by the dealer – one for themselves and two for the player. A player can choose to bet on any deck he wishes except the banque’s hand. If the player wishes so, he can even bet on both hands to try their luck out. After that is done, the dealer will choose from his own separate hand, the figures will be calculated and a winner will be decided based on the results.

2. Punto Banco.

Source: casinovenezia.it

If there is one baccarat variation that resonates the most with the original version, it is the punto banco version of baccarat. Considered as a fan-favorite for players all around the world, punto banco is extensively played in all casinos around the world. It is extremely similar to the original version which is why it retains most of the original rules of the game.

However, the one unique thing you will notice right off the bat is that punto banco is played with six decks of about 52 cards. You can bet on the side you prefer, whether it be the banker or the player. If you wish, you can even bet on a tie that may result from the estimation. However, we wouldn’t recommend doing so because the house that deals the cards stands the chance of winning the most in such scenarios.

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Once sides are chosen and minds are made, cards are handed out and their value is evaluated. If a tie results, a third card is dealt which breaks the tiebreaker. Most players would tell you to bet on the house as they have the most chances of winning, however, if you are feeling lucky, you can even bet on the player and still win big.

3. Mini Baccarat.

Source: northernvatimes.com

Mini Baccarat is exactly like what the name implies – a smaller, more compact version of the original baccarat. The rules are similar to the original version which leads to many people getting confused between this and punto banco. While the games are pretty familiar, mini baccarat is played entirely differently than other variations.

Since it’s mini baccarat, it also means that the bets you place in the game have a much lower limit than before allowing even budget casino players a chance at playing casino. If you are looking to play baccarat but don’t want to spend exorbitant amounts of money on the game, then mini baccarat might be the most lucrative option for you.

Everything else about the game is also compressed to a miniature size of the original including the table and the duration of the game. Players can enjoy short and fast-paced games that end quickly and still provide the original baccarat experience. The only gameplay difference you will find is that mini baccarat is played with eight different decks which can then, as similar to other games, be used to bet on either of the sides or on a tie.

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4. Dragon Tiger.

Source: stargamemm.online

Dragon Tiger has started becoming a popular option for those who wish to play extensively with their luck and try out a game that is thrilling and profitable at the same time. Dragon Tiger is similar to the original version of the baccarat, much like punto. However, instead of getting dealt two or three cards, each side only gets one card each.

You cannot draw out more and are stuck with the card you receive. Then you are made to choose between the Dragon side or the Tiger side and once that is done, the values are determined to figure out who is the winner. As simple as that.

Players can bet on ties too if they are absolutely positive of the outcome. The game has several different variations in itself which can give you more prospects to bet on, like if the card you bet on is odd or even, etc.


There are several different variations of the game and you can play any one of them you wish that suits your preference and budget. We hope this article was insightful for you and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.