5 Legit Ways To Get Free PSN Codes In 2024(Updated)

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The addiction to games on mobile phones, tablet computers or PCs is increasing everywhere. There are several applications on playstations that allow you to make calls even while driving. In addition, these applications offer ways to earn bonus cards. PrizeHog allows you to win more Roblox rewards. Players are never satisfied with just one live game, but start looking for others to get free PSN codes. But while it seems lucrative, there are risks. Therefore, it should be legal for players to access free PSN codes.

Gone are the days when PlayStation was limited to the CD televisions that played our games. We advanced players choose convenience. We are in the age of online gaming and PlayStation is one step ahead of us. PlayStation has long been available as an online platform on all devices.

There is only one crisis where we have to buy PSN or PlayStation Network codes to access most of the data in the PlayStation Stores or get a premium subscription called PlayStation Plus. Traditionally, a user must use a credit card to purchase paid and even free items on the PlayStation Store. However, with the production of NRP cards, the practice of using credit cards has become obsolete.

PSN cards are digital currency funds that you can use to top up your balance at PlayStation Store. These cards have an alphanumeric engraving called a PSN code. They were popular because these cards could also be used as gift cards. These NHP code cards are widely available from online and offline retailers. But what happens if you get these codes without buying a PSN card? It’s quite possible!

Our opinion

Obtaining free NHP codes may seem safe, but it is not. There are also risks for fraudsters. They can cheat you. Access to personal information and violation of your privacy. We recognize that there are experienced users of youtube and other social sites, but we encourage you to follow legitimate channels to obtain free NHP codes to avoid incidents. There are several legal ways to get free NHP codes.

Guide to legal ways of obtaining free NRP codes

Don’t forget that there are millions of users. Who’s fighting over the gift? To ensure your reliability, here are a few tips.

1.search for an organizer –

Before choosing a free PSN card, evaluate the location of the sponsor. Therefore, if you manage to get a gift, you should check the seriousness of the organizer. It would be a good idea to follow the technology and gaming chains to find out who the real sponsors are. Recommend reluctance to get into trouble. To select free NHP codes, it is advisable to assess the success rate.

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2.use of paid prices –

The most legitimate way to get free NHP codes is through the Pay Prizes website. Registration is mandatory. After you have registered, you will need to register on the GPT website. Try to score points. Either you claim the gift of the premium when you reach the limits, or you continue to receive the premium.

Once you’ve collected enough game points, you can redeem the free PSN codes available at the Game Station. However, the distribution of profits also provides opportunities for gifts. You can expect Amazon gift cards, cash or other rewards. The legal way to get free NHP codes.

3.with PSNReward-

Try another legitimate method available from PSNReward. PlayStation doesn’t support it. But just like the GPT site, it allows you to earn points.

With the successful completion of various tasks. Free PSN codes will be available at a later date in exchange for the PlayStation. With PSNReward, you can earn 1,000 points worth $10, $20 or $30 in gift cards.

4. High quality websites –

As with the PSNReward program, you can earn points on various sites. Log in, do all the necessary tasks, earn points and the redemption process is the same, except the pages have a few bonus points.

Exchange offers are limited to a few specific countries. It would therefore be advisable to check the eligibility of the site. To avoid disappointment later, check the location criteria in advance.

The validity of the participants is carefully checked. Dishonest acts such as forging identity cards and powers of attorney can result in a lifetime ban. Maximum loyalty is therefore desirable. Sites with bonus points may require cash. Reward points can also be used as purchase points for paypal. These sites are located in Australia, the United States, Northern Europe, the United Kingdom and Canada. I don’t regret that these sites offer reference programs.

You can earn Reward points by following the promotions. If you do not belong to one of the marked countries, you have the opportunity to collect points. All you need to do is increase the traffic on your website. You can earn points if you do business for them.

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5.the Swag Bucks-

The most popular way to earn free PSN codes is through Swag Bucks. Over the years it has gained some recognition. The TPT website with the highest reputation. Players, YouTubers and social media influencers flock to this site. Like the GPT site, Swag Bucks also offers a rating system. Free NRP codes can be obtained by redeeming vouchers.

Swag Bucks can be registered on a regular basis. Nonetheless, with Swag Bucks alone you can count on discounts, cash prizes and various lucrative offers. Over the years, Swag Bucks has established itself as a leading industry platform. This can be used to obtain free NHP codes at will.

Other legitimate ways to get these codes for free are:.

1. There are authentic sites that offer you NHP codes to shop legally. This is one of the fastest and gentlest ways to get codes. This usually happens when you register on the website. When you sign up, you will be given a checklist of tasks such as B. Surveys to complete. You’ll earn points that can be redeemed for PSN gift cards.

You can also offer gift cards for other purposes. Some of these reliable sites are PayPrizes, PSNReward, Swagbucks, etc. Among them, Swagbucks is the most popular site for PlayStation rewards.

2. Some sites make you offers and you earn points for using them. As you collect these points, you can redeem them for a PSN gift card. These sites are primarily site-specific. So make sure you check if these offers are available in your area, otherwise you may not be able to redeem your points at all. Note that the user should not use a dishonest method, as these sites look for proxies and fake identities. Permanently deleting an account is a punishment for greed on such sites.

3. Ask your friends for a loan. Perhaps one of your friends has been given an NSP gift card that is worth nothing to him or her. In that case, you may not have to work so hard. A simple replacement will cover you. Also, NSP gift cards may not be returnable or refundable.

4. Search online for gifts. Announcing gifts is part of the daily life of players or social media influencers. PSN code gifts are well noticed and it is something that a player can count on to get a free PSN code. It is generally legal if broadcast to the public. Participating in a contest consists mainly of following or registering on the organizer’s account, but it is also possible to perform other tasks.

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Even though there is a lot going on at these events, there is a small chance that you can benefit from them. But if it’s worth it, it’s a road full of pitfalls. It is useful to make sure that the organizer is relevant and reliable, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain. In addition, some sites already have a list of unused NHP codes, but these are usually fake sites. If you’re lucky, you might find a real site for the same thing.

5. Redeeming old gift certificates. If you will never use Amazon or other gift cards, you can buy them on some websites. This can be done both at the retail level and through barter. These sites may offer you foreign currency to sell your gift cards or offer you direct NHP rewards in exchange. This is a responsive company. Therefore, beware of fraudulent websites; do your research carefully.

Look for sites that claim to generate NHP codes. These sites are usually fake or dysfunctional. Even after paying, they can extort money from you. Never invest in something that seems so gracious. All of the above methods may or may not work for you, but it may be a little more complicated for you if you have a credit card.

When you buy a credit card from PlayStation Store, you get a free 14-day trial. In this trial version you can install as many free games as you like. This can give you an idea of how much you want for an NHP card or Plus membership. Try not to get involved in illegal activities. Do a thorough investigation! Good game!


Collecting free NHP codes is a great way to earn rewards. But they don’t give rewards without risk. Gambling is a popular pastime these days and you, clubbers and social media fanatics, try to download as many games as possible from game stations to make money.

Special care should be taken to avoid loss of identity, invasion of privacy or counterfeit credit cards. There are many guides to getting free NHP codes. By fitting them, you can protect yourself from any incident.


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