Is It Illegal to Gamble on an International Flight?

Today, there are a number of online gambling services for digital entertainment. This means that they are no longer a luxury thing, because you can use them whenever you want. Whether you are on a boat or on a plane, online gambling is an ideal travel activity. It is an opportunity to have fun time while traveling.

However, there is one thing you need to be sure of and that is the law. In many parts of the world, the law is very strict for gambling, there are different regulations in different countries. When it comes to gambling in air transport, there are a few clear explanations that will help you better understand the law.

Online gambling


The most popular casino games of all time, such as Blackjack, Roulette, Slot games are played even more since they exist on the online platform. Now players can enjoy their work, home or transportation to the fullest while using online casino services. In that case, it is not only easier for them to engage in their favorite activities, but they can also win big casino winnings.

You no longer have to travel to get to the biggest casino. All you need to do is research online and find out which casinos offer the biggest winnings. To get to them, try to find out more about their reputation. Also at their websites you can find where there are registered.

As you can see more at, company is registered and established under the laws of Curaçao. You should be able to find such information for every reliable online casino.

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If you are an amateur gambler, you need to gain some gaming experience. Our advice is to start with free games before moving on to those that require investing money. This is a sure way to start your online career, as it will help you adopt some useful strategies for easy winnings. This is also an opportunity to get acquainted with some new casino games that you have not had the opportunity to play before. However, the most important thing is to get acquainted with the basics of gambling rules in online casinos.

Gambling on a plane


Is there gambling on the plane? No, there is practically no live gambling during the flight. However, WiFi has made gambling more accessible. The more planes connected to the Internet, the more options airlines have. They manage their online flying casino which would mean making a profit from it. Of course, not all companies are equally capable of this. Some just can’t afford their own casino.

This is bad news for people who have long flights, because this would mean a lot to them. When it comes to online gambling, we have to mention some limitations. This refers to the rules that are represented in different countries around the world. In addition, there is unequal WiFi coverage. Imagine you are gambling and you are one step closer to the prize, and then your internet connection is suddenly cut off. So you have to think about reliability and speed of Internet at your current location.

Airplane Online Gambling Act


So, this law is very complex. The reason is a large number of factors that affect it, and the biggest factor is international law. Airlines simply cannot take as many risks when it comes to these laws. While there are countries that explicitly ban online gambling, there are those where it is completely legal. In this situation, there is a constant fear of bankruptcy and misconduct.

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That is why online gambling as an activity during the summer is a very unstable option. When we talk about this form of gambling, it is necessary to take into account the starting point and destination of the flight, the registered country, as well as all those over which the plane flies. Basically, everything depends on the situation in which the question of the importance of the law on online gambling is raised.

Countries where online gambling is strictly prohibited


Islamic countries are known for banning gambling, but also for one more thing. Although gambling is officially banned, online gambling seems to be a gray area. They simply close their eyes to this phenomenon or simply cannot find appropriate regulations for this type of betting. However, this is not the case with the UAE where every form of gambling is punished. Players risk receiving a prison sentence, and the regulatory body controls all Internet content, which means that the law is successfully enforced. Brunei is also against gambling. Cambodia can be classified among them, because only games sponsored by the government are allowed. This applies to several private lotteries that are run separately, but foreigners are not allowed to access them. Otherwise, all tourists would be fined. North Korea does just the opposite. It strictly forbids citizens this kind of entertainment, while allowing tourists if they are visiting and have a guide.

An example of a country where gambling is banned is Japan, but even here there are holes that allow some activities to take place. The exception is Pachinko, because it is a matter of cultural and historical significance. Online gambling is considered strictly illegal, which is why operators are under great control. Singapore bans on-site betting, but gambling operators are allowed to do so. Cyprus only allows sports betting as a form of online gambling, as does Poland. Qatar is definitely the strictest country in this case. Here, absolutely every form of gambling is considered illegal and this also applies to sports betting. As a consequence of this law, the underground gambling scene is experiencing increasing popularity, where many pay to participate. Gambling online is also illegal, but there are people who don’t care. They will be able to access websites by logging on to those who are abroad.

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Of course, it is advisable to have an online casino as a form of entertainment during the flight. However, many have doubts about when they want to go on a trip. Gambling may be illegal in some countries, but consider a long flight that travels across different geographical boundaries. Another factor is gambling exposure of minors. We all know that children are welcome on the plane, which means that they are free to use WiFi in flight, but gambling is prohibited for minors in almost every country.