How To Become A Holistic Health Practitioner In California?

In recent times, people are increasingly reporting mental health issues. The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a massive toll on the health of the people in the world. The effects are not just physical and direct but also extend to mental aspects of the body. In the free time people spend at their homes, many have resorted to immunity-building practices like yoga and meditation.

Meditation and yoga are both quite resonating in terms of spiritual awakening. There is peace in learning about aspects that you cannot express or quantify but only experience. Many people have disturbances regarding the same. To help such people, there is a specific profession that caters to the mental and spiritual needs of an individual. People who practice this profession are commonly known as holistic health practitioners.

The Route To Become A Health Practitioner

1. Get A Basic Idea Of Eligibility And Responsibilities


Firstly, it is crucial to understand what a health practitioner must do in this particular field. As conventional doctors and physicians prescribe statutory medicine to patients, a holistic doctor tends to specify slightly unconventional and traditional means to improve health. It does not imply that their prescription is not backed by science or authorities. Such doctors need to adhere to the standard and legal procedures or remedies. One typical example is the use of ancient Indian and Chinese medicine. From the pages of Ayurveda, herbs have plenty of properties that can be applied in multiple ways.

Along with the above mentioned things, a practitioner also has to ensure that their clients are correctly diagnosed. Their history with other illnesses and medicines also has to be accounted for before prescribing them. Moreover, the ways of a holistic practitioner are not objective and universal in nature. Every human is different and so are their physiological needs. Every remedy or suggestion that is used on the clients for their excellence will remain subjective. It might work on some people, while it may cause degradation in others. It is the responsibility of the holistic doctor to understand and identify all these minute changes and respond to them before there is any harm to their clients. It would be best if you browsed through as many sites or books to learn about the various responsibilities. It is always better to ask a qualified Holistic Health Practitioner for more details about the profession, which you can find here.

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2. Look For A Good School

If you want to become a holistic doctor, you must enroll yourself in a good school that will provide you with sufficient knowledge and skills to practice the profession in the real world. Many good schools can provide you with the necessary degree and experience. Many schools prefer offering you practical exposure, so there is maximum learning and minimum memorization. Since memorizing is not going to be beneficial in the long run of practice, gaining experience is essential.

There are multiple schools in California itself. However, to gain higher knowledge, some other institutes can be preferred by you. The one thing to consider is that the cost of education will be increased if you seek institutions abroad. The cost of living and the educational fee will be tight. Unless you are absolutely sure you want to attend such expensive schools or receive a scholarship, it is best to stick to a decent school with a reasonable fee. If you study at such a school, you will not be burdened by a very high student loan and will still get enough learning throughout the degree.

3. Specialization


You may want to specialize in a particular field of the profession as it gets challenging to manage all of them together and be good at all. Knowing about all the parts of holistic medicine is necessary, but it is better to perfect one particular form of treatment. For example, you may want to learn about acupuncture, and someone else might perfect the art of Chinese medicine while another person is perfecting Ayurvedic medicine. There are multiple options to go for. Massage therapy that is centric to various parts of the world can also be practiced.

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4. Degree

It is ideal for getting the degree of a holistic health practitioner directly if the idea is to become such a professional only. However, to broaden the scope of work opportunities and improve a person’s range, you may as well take a degree in the medical field, which notably does not cater to holistic health. Along with such a degree, you may do a diploma or a special certification in holistic health. It will ensure that you have the degree and also the basic competence to aid mental health issues through therapy.

Despite the availability of a certification, a degree offers a complete individual knowledge of the subject which is vital to succeeding in the future. Moreover, severe mental health disorders are never handed to certified practitioners if a degree holder is present. The only exception will be if the degree holder’s experience is low.

5. Work Experience


After getting the degree or certification, it is essential to understand where you want to apply your learned skills. The two broad career choices are employment and practice. If you aim to practice holistic health by yourself in California, you must have a significant reputation in the field, or else clients will be hard to come by. Therefore, gathering some work experience by working under another professional or an institution is the best way to set yourself up for becoming a practitioner.


Moreover, you need to know about the field where you want to apply holistic health techniques. There can be mammoth examples of where you really can use them. The sports and athletics industry requires working with humans on a strenuous level. In such cases, mental and spiritual healing goes a long way to help them recover quickly. Massage therapy is also crucial in active people who are prone to injuries. Other fields could be post accident therapy wards. It is here where many people need therapy to develop their motor skills again. Strengthening and conditioning the muscles after surgery is essential.

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