Why Create a Website?

You are planning to create your website, but you are still hesitating. Discover the reasons why it is preferable to create your website (to improve your notoriety, to guide your customers towards your store, to develop customer loyalty…). Indeed, as a company it is important to communicate on your activity or your products, in order to develop your turnover. So, in an increasingly digitalized world, why not use the Internet as a communication medium and miss out on thousands of potential prospects.

For improving your notoriety

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If you are a merchant, a craftsman, or a company manager, the creation of a website allows you to make yourself known to the public on the Reunion Island, in B2B (professional customers) as in B2C (private customers). By broadcasting at the same time a presentation of your company, your activities, your products, and services, articles related to your news, photos, podcasts (soundtracks), musical playlists, videos and all that the web can offer of better. Rich, lively and dynamic, the website is a real communication tool, effective to highlight your company, your activity, your products, or services in all areas.

If you are a public figure, a professional sportsman or an actor, a musician, a website allows you to communicate about yourself, your news, your performances, your tour schedule, your sports appointments, and you can even sell goodies with your image for the happiness of your biggest fans.

To guide your customers to your store

Creating a website also means making it easier for your potential customers to reach your store in Reunion Island, informing them about your activity and allowing them to contact you. 70% of customers visit websites before contacting companies (marketing.fr). Creating a website is a guarantee of notoriety and can rejuvenate the image of your company/association/community on Reunion Island.

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For assuring a continuous service

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One of the big advantages of creating a website is that it allows you to communicate 7 days a week and 24 hours a day and thus attract new customers without any particular need in the Reunion area. You can then sell without being open. Thus, the customers can have access to your services and products, without needing to move or without taking into account the opening hours.

Create a website to sell

Even in 2024, the Internet is still an Eldorado for commerce. Online stores are certainly competing fiercely, but by choosing the right tools and being well-supported, you put all the chances on your side for your store to stand out and acquire more market share.
A website allows for sales anytime and in a much wider scope. The sales prospects are multiplied when you open an online store: 82.7% of French Internet users buy online, or 36.6 million people for about 72 billion euros.

A merchant site represents a virtual point of sale, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which can be an alternative or a complement to the opening of points of sale in the four corners of France.

The French use the Internet in 85% of cases to make purchases. And it is estimated that 95% of purchases will be made online by 2040.

It is possible to sell on the Internet without a website (for example via Amazon, Ebay or other marketplaces), but you will not have as much freedom as with your own website.

To better know your customers and build loyalty

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Thanks to your website, you will be able to keep your customers informed by e-mail, which will boost their interest in your company. A reminder by e-mail, is often the subject of an order in the days that follow. It also gives a VIP side to the customer who will be the first to be informed of the company’s news.

When creating your website, it is possible to dedicate a space where customers and Internet users in the Reunion region and elsewhere can communicate (like a forum for example) or send you messages directly via a contact form. You receive these messages directly on your mailbox.

These tools will allow you to collect very useful sources of information for the canvassing of new customers and the development of loyalty.

Similarly, when you decide to launch a contest through your website, participants will have to fill out a registration form that will allow you to collect a lot of information about them.

Creating a website is an excellent way to quickly and efficiently collect information on a targeted population and generate a file of qualified contacts for your business. You can find more details about it on this web site.

Create a website to deploy a business beyond its borders

Canvassing is expensive. With the Internet, the logic is reversed because your potential customers are looking for you and not the other way around. It is up to you to be present where they are looking for you, mostly on the Internet, certainly from their favorite search engine and in their native language.

A website is visible worldwide and accessible to people who understand its content. It can therefore allow you to deploy your business in as many countries as you want by offering its content in several languages. The more you widen your audience, the more customers are likely to contact you.

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For saving time

With a website, you can quickly change information about your products and services. Reachable quickly, in just a few clicks, Internet users can get your contact information and access a contact form. You can also promote your services. Since the website is a non-stop communication and advertising tool. It must allow you above all to promote your services or your products. Who are you? What do you offer? This medium allows you to share with your customers videos, images, content representing your work, your identity. You offer a better quality of service by providing correct and updated information.

To answer redundant questions

Giving the possibility to know more about your company, allows you to avoid wasting time by phone to explain the answer to a usual question.

A blog allows you to inform your audience. In relation to smart fridges, the questions can be: how does your device work, why is the detection of shortages effective, etc.

People may ask these questions without wanting to ask you directly, and turn to other innovative devices for lack of answers.