4 Possible Reasons Why Your Aerial Picture Is Breaking Up

TV problems aren’t that uncommon. In fact, there are so many possibilities why your aerial picture is breaking up that it would take forever to get over everyone. But since we’re here to help you solve the issue, we will talk about the most common ones.

Aerial TV is one of the most common forms of television. It involves using an antenna that you place outside, possibly on the roof, to catch signals to broadcast stations.

So from the top of it, you could imagine all the reasons why your antenna is playing out. To figure out what exactly is the cause, you will most likely have to talk to a professional. But any number of these reasons could be the culprit. So with all that said, here are the 4 possible reasons why your aerial picture is breaking up.

1. Bad Cables

This one constitutes under hardware issues, but it’s so common that we will categorize it under its own. Cabling issues are not only common, but they are so frustrating to get over the line. Your aerial antenna is connected to your TV through cables. These cables need to go through a lot of places to reach your television.

Since you’re supposed to place your aerial antenna on the highest possible elevation, it might mean that the cable has to go through holes made in the ceiling in order to get to your TV. As one might imagine, the cable can get twisted in some area or completely cut. This issue is easily solved by simply replacing the cable with a new one.

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Speaking of replacing old cables with new ones, that’s one more reason why your aerial picture is breaking off. Old cables that don’t come with the necessary 4 layers of protection against electrical interference are yet another common issue.

Since electrical interference is everywhere due to all the electrical equipment in your house, it might be the reason why it keeps breaking off.  So to beat two birds with one stone, make sure to inspect the cable and replace it if they’re an older model.

2. Bad Weather

Source: bbc.com

There is something about bad weather that keeps interfering with the signal. Since the antenna takes the signal from the broadcast tower and sends it to the TV, a weak signal due to bad weather is a perfectly common reason why your aerial television might be breaking up.

When we look at the specific types of bad weather, high winds and heavy rains are by far the biggest culprits. High winds can even do damage to the antenna itself. It can blow it off the root, interfere with the signal, and even damage it completely. Heavy rain, on the other hand, doesn’t necessarily interfere with the antenna, but heavy rain can drop the signal below the cut-off threshold.

3. Bad Antenna

Source: techhive.com

Yet another hardware issue, a bad antenna will simply not work. There are many reasons why your antenna might be acting up. It could be poorly installed or it could be an older model that simply isn’t capable of transferring the signal anymore.

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When that’s the case, the best possible solution is to replace it with a new one. This shouldn’t be a problem as there is any number of services that do this. We recommend doing your research and finding the best one. But if you’re in a hurry or too lazy to do it yourself, we have just the service for you.

For the best possible aerial TV installation and repair, make sure to visit mikeharrisaerialandsatellite.co.uk.

Old antennas lack the capabilities and technology to sustain weak signals. With a new antenna that comes with a booster or amplifier, you will have no problem getting the TV channels you want, as well as, getting a strong signal.

4. Poor Signal

Source: techhive.com

A poor signal could mean anything. Also, any number of problems could be interfering with the signal. We already discussed a few, but we can make a clear distinction between hardware problems and signal problems.

If your hardware is indeed working fine, then there are other things to check. The biggest culprit is indeed a poor signal or poor reception. If the picture is acting up, then that is definitely a good indicator of poor signal issues.

Newer aerial TV antennas come with a signal strength meter. This meter is a very convenient piece of equipment that tells you the signal strength. So by simply looking at it, you will know if a poor signal is a reason why your aerial picture is breaking up.

But what’s the solution? First off, you haven’t figured out the problem. Sure, a poor signal is a problem, but you haven’t gotten to the bottom of why. There are many ways to troubleshoot, but a poor signal issue is almost always connected with coverage issues. This means that something is preventing your antenna from picking up the broadcast signal.

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So the easiest solution is to call an expert and have them take a look at it. If you’re in a hurry, then it’s best to climb onto the roof and inspect the antenna. Has something landed on it that’s preventing the signal from reaching your TV? Do a bit of observing. If the problem isn’t visible, then it could mean any number of things.

It could mean that the antenna needs replacing, the cable is damaged, and more.


Aerial picture problems are far too many to number them all. What’s even more damning is that the reasons why they’re happening are even more difficult to uncover. This is why you should always go with the latest tech and go with a company that can come in and investigate the issue.

By simply upgrading your old antenna with a new one, you are solving 80% of the problems. What’s left is to leave it to the professionals to find out what exactly is causing the picture to break up. So to save yourself the trouble and headache, make sure to contact the right people for the job.