Mad Men Season 8 – Review and Release Date 2024

A comedy-drama show that is popularly known for its suspenseful ends. Mad men with spectacular 7 seasons have gained a huge fan following. To know more about season 8 continue reading.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The series starts with an advertisement agency in the posh parts of New York in Manhattan. In the initial episodes two main characters are seen, Don and his secretary Peggy. He is very welcoming towards her and treats her properly while others in the agency sexually harass her. This drama series has several twists and turns which can’t be explained in a few words. From cheating on wives to getting in trouble and everything in between has been seen in this amazing series. The storyline will make you laugh and cry both, it has the perfect balance of emotions.

Season one ends right before the celebration of the festival Thanksgiving. The lead character Don is seen ranting about not wanting to go visit family while his wife Betty bickers about how he is never interested and he has to go this time with her. In the last scene, something weird happens, Don decides to go back to his house after office and inform his family that he will attend the festival with them. But later something happens and he is shown sitting on a staircase in complete darkness in an empty home. Similarly, last season has a suspenseful ending as well where he is seen sitting on a hill and meditating, that is where the scene is cut and an ad for coca-cola is shown. It leaves the watches wondering if Don was the creator of the advertisement.

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Casting Choices We Can Expect


The cast has few leads and many side roles. The main character is Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm. He is known to be a part of an advertisement agency. He has several bad habits like heavy drinking and chain-smoking. He has a wife named Betty whose role is played by January Jones. Another lead role is of Peggy she used to be Don’s secretary and later began her own office, her role is played by Elisabeth Moss, it is also known that she is pregnant with the baby of Pete Campbell whose role is played by Vincent.

These characters are expected to be seen in season 8 as well, with a few more side roles. The side characters are not confirmed as there is no official news from the creators related to the cast.

When Can We Expect The Release


The creators are known to leave seasons in weird yet suspenseful endings, after season 7 ended the fans knew season 8 would be released soon. It was expected to be released in 2024 but due to the pandemic, it has been delayed and might air in 2024. Though there is no official information from the creators.

Summing It Up

To conclude, fans are eagerly waiting for season eight to be out soon as several questions were left unanswered, especially the question of whether or not the ad was created by Don or not. Rumors have raised hopes and there are chances season 8 will be on air by 2024.

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