What to Do When a Domain Name You Want Is Taken

Did you know that nowadays there are over 1.9 billion websites in the world? Each day more & more are coming out on the market. Landing and getting your first-choice domain name is not guaranteed at all times, which is why you should be careful and cautious when it comes to choosing your new domain. Also, you can rethink your brand strategy, or simply solve the problem by implementing one of our 9 helpful tips and tricks. Keep on reading and find your perfect solution!

What to Do When a domain name You Want Is Taken: Top 9 tips to follow

1. Consider adding a verb

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Ever thought about this little hack? This method is popular as well common when it comes to domains that are already taken and that demand a quick & easy fix, as well as a practical solution overnight. This way of switching your URL allows you to use the name of your brand in the URL itself, just with a small and quick adjustment. If your chosen tag is quite common and generic and if it works well as a verb just go for it, it will still stay true to you and your concept!

2. Extend & expand your brand

Did you know that back in 2015 Tesla Motor couldn’t own Tesla.com since it was already taken? You can’t change a lot when it comes to a site that is already taken, no matter how big of a company or a brand you are. This is where the brand came up with a genius breakthrough and has decided to expand the logo to TeslaMotor.com. You can always extend the name of your brand, just think outside the box.

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3. Think about your URL + your country

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If someone else had your domain already (but they are a different product or they are located within a different country) you can add your country to the URL section. This way, you will claim the site as well as your product without interfering with the other URL + you will let your users, readers, or buyers know where you are from, as well as your goods.

4. Go for something different and catchy

Most people tend to remember different kinds of catchphrases, especially if they are catchy & advertised the right way. They are usually short and easy to remember, which makes them ideal for your URL and domain. If your brand or your site is well-known for something in particular, stick to it and see how it works out! Add your catchphrase to the URL and let it play out and skyrocket your brand!

5. Try a hyphen

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The well-known symbol which we’ve all used before ”-”! Some people prefer to see them in the form of an URL since it truly breaks the text and separates it properly, while others hate them. For some, these can look cheap and kind of compromising, but this can depend on your product. However, if you can’t come up with something else and you’re running out of options, this can be great for you and a practical substitute.

6. You can always buy the domain

You can get a couple of similar sites underneath your name and see if something else works better for you. This is especially great if they are affordable. You can also buy the actual domain from its owner. However, if the site is used for commercial use and it is doing pretty well chances are slim that you’ll end up with it as a rightful owner. Try to contact the owner directly and see if you can make a trade (if you own loads of different yet similar domains) or if they are willing to sell it to you and at what price.

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7. Think about domain monitoring

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Ever heard of this concept? Domain monitoring is used by people who don’t have the funds to purchase it from their rightful owner. You can still check to see if it expires as time goes on, and keep it checked and monitored! If the owner forgets to renew its membership you can get it from them. If you are quite eager and determined to only get that domain and you won’t settle for anything else playing it safe & slow may be the right move for you.

8. Would you consider changing your brand’s name?

Some people might think of this as an easy way out. Your preferred domain might be taken, but figuring out something different and a new solution can be a good idea. You could think of it as an opportunity in disguise. Brainstorm a couple of ideas with your friends and family and see if they can come up with something better for your product or your brand. Be open to new suggestions as well.

9. Look at alternative TLDs

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Often .com domains are taken since they are the most popular ones available on the market, but other TLDs are not. However, make sure that you find the right one for you before you make a purchase. Some people might think of TLDs as ugly, and it might take you a bit more time to gain back your reader’s or user’s trust. However, if it goes with your brand (if it is an interesting word game if it rhymes, or if it just looks pretty) why not go for it?

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Do your research and find your domain

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