Reasons and Benefits of Buying Cheap SSL Certificates

What Are SSL Certificates?

Secure Socket Layer certificates have been around for quite some time. Netscape invented the certificates in 1994. Since then, SSL certificates have been a critical element of cybersecurity.

The primary objective of the SSL certificates is to ensure secure transactions between web servers and users’ browsers. SSL uses encryption to ensure that data is safe and out of reach by intruders as it travels between two ends on the internet. In addition, the SSL certificate authenticates the identity of a website and assures website visitors that they are visiting a genuine website. In other words, we can liken the SSL certificate to an “electronic passport” that establishes the credentials and legitimacy of an online entity during online transactions and information exchanges.

The SSL certificate is significant in safeguarding sensitive information from prying eyes, eavesdropping, and data breaches such as man-in-the-middle attacks. Sensitive information might include credit card details, debit card info, financial reports and records, health records, social security numbers, and personal information. So naturally, hackers want these details to be used for malicious purposes.

How Much Do SSL Certificates Cost in 2024?


After understanding the meaning and benefits of SSL certificates, you probably feel motivated to acquire one for your website. It is important to note that SSL certificates come at different prices. The price of SSL certificates varies depending on your web security requirements. Just like in real life, price plays a critical role in determining the choice of products. Therefore, it is vital to get an idea of the certificate price before deciding to settle on a specific certificate price.

Single domain SSL certificates and DV SSL certificates are the cheapest SSL certificate options on the market today. The most affordable option goes at 8 dollars per year. On the other hand, Global Domain SSL is the most expensive under this category going at 100 dollars per year.

Comodo Instant SSL Pro is the cheapest organization validation certificate, going at 48 dollars. In comparison, DigiCert Secure Site Wildcard is the most expensive SSL certificate going at 1480 dollars per year. Comodo PositiveSSL EV is the cheapest SSL option in the Extended Validation category at 61.6 dollars per year. In comparison, DigiCert Secure Site Pro with EV is the most expensive going at 760 dollars per year.

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Does SSL Certificate Price Matter?

From the above price comparisons, it is crystal clear that prices for SSL certificates vary so much. So the question we should then brainstorm on is; does the price of an SSL certificate matter?

From the encryption perspective, price is a nonissue. Why? Because all types of SSL certificates offer the same encryption levels. A cheap SSL certificate will provide the same encryption levels as the most expensive SSL certificate. All kinds of SSL certificates will give 256-bit encryption with 2048-bit key strength.

What makes other SSL certificates cost higher than other SSL certificates are the validation levels, secondary benefits such as issuance speeds, availability of warranties, refund policies, support type, presence of a site seal, and the reputation and reliability of the issuing authority.

However, because the primary purpose of an SSL certificate is to provide data encryption, and owing to the fact all SSL certificates have equal encryption strengths, then I see no point in going for expensive SSL certificates. Cheap SSL certificates come with several benefits. In the following section, we will learn some of the benefits of buying cheap SSL certificates.

Benefits of Cheap SSL Certificate

1. All Certificates Offer Same Encryption Levels


Most SSL buyers think that they get more encryption and improved security by using expensive SSL certificates. However, this is not true.

What determines SSL certificate prices is the validation levels that they bring. For instance, Domain Validation certificates only verify the certificate holder’s validity, which is why they cost less. On the contrary, before issuing the EV SSL certificate, the CA will have to undertake a background check on the person requesting the certificate. Therefore, EV certificates cost much more than DV SSL certificates.

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2. Cheap SSL Certificates Minimizes The Cost of Doing Business

If you are a startup and wish to secure your website at the lowest cost possible, opt for the cheap SSL option. You can then channel the other funds on developmental projects that positively impact your startup. One often gets flabbergasted looking at the wide variety of SSL providers and resellers in the market and choosing the right one seems like a task. However, we have got you covered with the best and cheapest option for buying premium SSL certs. SSL2BUY is your best bet for meeting your bespoke cybersecurity needs at inexpensive prices. With round the clock support and multi-pronged SSL products, it has emerged as a clear winner in the field of cybersecurity products.

If you have to secure multiple subdomains, you should not buy several SSL certificates for each subdomain. Instead, all you need is a cheap SSL wildcard, and you will be good to go. With this single certificate installed on your website, you will be able to secure unlimited first-level subdomains under the chosen main domain at no extra cost!

3. The Certificate Authority is What Matters, Not the SSL Price


The authority entrusted with providing SSL certificates is referred to as the Certificate Authority. Certificate Authorities usually vary in character. Instead of paying much attention to the price of the SSL certificate, it would help if you considered the CA. Some of the best Certificate Providers that you should consider when shopping for an SSL certificate are;

· Rapid SSL
· Comodo SSL
· Alpha SSL
· Thawte
· GeoTrust
· Network Solutions
· Symantec

If you wish to have a fabulous experience with your SSL certificates, then these are the certificate providers you should consider. So, instead of paying much attention to the price, consider these certificate providers.

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4. SSL Certificates Is a Cheap Way of Building Trust and Increasing User Confidence

It is not the amount of invested capital or years of hard work that makes businesses tick. It is the level of trust that your customers have in your brand. A Hubspot research shows that 55% of customers trust brands less than they used to. Cheap SSL certificates provide your website with low-hanging fruits to build a positive reputation and increase user trust.

Before users visit your website, they will want to ensure that your website is safe. To ascertain whether your website is safe, users will check the HTTPS status and the availability of a padlock symbol on the website. Most users prefer HTTPS websites to HTTP websites. This is because SSL certificates provide your website with the HTTPS status and the padlock symbol. The price of the certificate doesn’t matter. If you wish to build a reputable brand, then you can consider buying an SSL certificate.

5. Cheap SSL is a Cost-effective SEO Strategy


Did you know you can beat your competitors in search engine rankings by having an SSL certificate? If you wish to rank high in search engines (I am sure you do), then you should deploy an SSL certificate on your website. Again note that having the most expensive SSL certificate will not make you rank higher than those with a cheap SSL. SSL certificate is thus a cost-effective SEO strategy that you should consider.


SSL certificates have been very efficient in securing websites against data breaches. The certificates usually come at different prices. Most SSL certificate users are compelled to buy expensive SSL certificates, thinking they will receive more encryption levels. This turns out not to be the case. Cheap SSL certificates come with several benefits to the users. This article has explained why you should choose cheap SSL certificates over expensive SSL certificates.