Is It Ok To Wear A Leather Hat In The Rain?

Fashion is unique in the sense that everyone can adapt to it. Yes, there are trends and a certain way you wear some items. Are you into fashion and clothing? We sure hope that you do follow it in some sense. Today, we’re going to focus on leather hats. Many people all over the world love to sport high-quality hats made out of leather. Are you one of those folks? Even if you’re not having one in your head now, it remains a great idea for the future. They’re ideal for some occasions.

What many people want to know is what occasions are these, and how adaptable are these hats to different weather conditions. As you probably know leather is a great material for clothing and hats are no different. But, it is also a well-known fact that leather needs maintenance. This brings out another set of questions. When it comes to hats one pops out more frequently than any other. What many hat owners want to know is tied to water and leather. Is it OK to wear a leather hat in the rain? We hear this a lot. Check out what we have to say on this subject.

Leather Hats and Rain?

As we already mentioned, leather is an amazing material. Some types of it are more prone to being damaged in moist conditions, while others aren’t. It all depends on the manufacturer and the quality of the material itself. Most leather hats can be sported out in the rain. But, if you desire to be completely safe and sure that your hat will not be damaged by water you should aim to buy a waterproof leather hat. At its core, this material is not waterproof. It is porous. So, if you spend many hours in the rain, your head will get wet eventually.

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What we can say about leather is that its pure form is somewhat water-resistant. If we’re talking about a few minutes spent in the rain, you don’t have to worry about your leather hat. But, if we’re talking about having outdoor activities in the rain you need additional protection. When a person buys a hat it is not always only for a fashion statement. Sometimes, it needs to be practical. This is why you need to know that there are various forms of leather, some of which are more or less water-resistant.

If you’re looking for a form of a leather hat that will be water-resistant you either need to look for a certain type of leather or to find genuine leather that has undergone various treatments to make it more durable and resistant in this domain. Also, you must connect yourself with quality manufacturers such as which will guarantee high-end quality to its customers. Beyond that, you can and should wear your leather heat under any weather but only if it’s made out of the right material and if you have the right maintenance for it. This is the right time to speak about the type of leather you have and how to properly maintain it if it’s often exposed to rain and other weather conditions.

Types of Leather

By now, you know it. Leather hats can be sported out in the rain, but you need to know a few things about leather materials. The most common and cheapest leather is synthetic. This type will not maintain your head dry. It is porous and water can destroy it if it’s not treated with the right conditioners and wax. Even then its quality is low on the leather scale and you should avoid it if you can afford it.

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Natural leather, when made out of the underside of the skin, is called suede leather. It is soft and sensitive. Even when not exposed to weather and various other outside factors it needs high-end maintenance. It usually isn’t used as a hat material. But, it can be used for making hats. Just be prepared for frequent maintenance sessions.

If you want primary traits of suede leather but with more durability you should turn yourself towards nubuck leather.  We’re talking about full-grain leather. This is what makes it quite durable. If you spend hours in rain it won’t damage your leather. But, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t require some type of maintenance. If you plan on spending countless hours out in the open, you better have prepared wax conditioner back at home.

Because of the traits types of leather from above have, when it comes to hats majority of buyers are looking to get their hands at full and top-grain leather. We’re talking quality; we’re talking toughness. While we can vouch for its quality, we must say that this type of leather is not entirely waterproof. Yes, compared to the other types it is more water resistant, but when it comes to leather you’re never 100% sure of water safety without proper treatment of the material.

So, if you desire to sport your hat out in the rain and snow you should aim to buy a hat created out of full and top-grain material. Even if you take a stroll down this road you shouldn’t forget about leather maintenance. With most types of leather, it is a necessity. Also, if you want water resistance, you should have your hat undergo some form of water resistance treatment. What can be done in this department?

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Water Resistance Treatments?


Now you know it. There are different types of this material, with different durability and levels of water resistance. It can never be 100% waterproof, but you can get close. Even without rain, leather needs proper maintenance. In most cases, we are talking about conditioning your leather with wax, sprays, and creams. Depending on the leather type you can mix all three conditioners. With the right maintenance, you will ensure that your leather hat gets no cracks and that for a while it is genuinely waterproof. The trick with water resistance and this material is that you need to repeat the conditioning process on a frequent basis.