How Web and Mobile Push Notifications Can Benefit Your Online Store – 2024 Guide

When you take a look at the recently released report by Localystics, you can see why it is so beneficial to use push notifications. In this paper, we can see that apps that use mobile push notifications have 278% higher than those that don’t use them. So, you can see that this is a really powerful marketing tool adopted by a lot of different online businesses to reach out a have frequent communication with their audience.

SMS marketing is the first one that ceased to exist. Email marketing is not as popular as it was a couple of years ago. We can see that push notifications have taken over as the most efficient marketing tool. In case you have the experience of using online shopping apps, you have at least some ideas about how it works. Without a doubt, we can see that it offers numerous benefits both to users and marketers.

We can see that there are a lot of quality apps that can help you make these as best as they can be. In case you are looking for one of these who can provide you with a quality strategy for your online store, be sure to take a look at eSputnik. Now, we would like to elaborate on what are the benefits of web and mobile push notifications. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Are They Exactly?


For us to know how this concept can help with our online stores, we need to have a complete understanding of what it is. Web push notifications are also known as browser push ones. These are delivered to the user’s device in real-time. What makes them different from a majority of other strategies is that these notifications are sent even when the user is not present at the website.

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We are talking about entirely permission-based engagement where the store owner asks its users if they would like to receive frequent announcements about the site’s activity. That way, they are informed about all the most important things related to the site, plans, and future. By keeping visitors engaged, the site owner or manager pushes them to become loyal customers, if we are talking about the online store.

How Can They Help You?

Now, we would like to talk about what you can expect from using this approach.

Aiming Towards the Right Users


Online stores and apps usually ask their visitors for consent to access their location. By doing that, they have the chance to enhance the customer experience by using position-specific push notifications. So, the site owners can have an idea about when is the right time to send their users information about their activities.

When we say this, we don’t only mean about those users who are in the same country as the website. When a site has visitors from all over the world, it makes it much easier for the outreach department to know when is the right time to send some announcements. So, you can see that this marketing strategy provides its users with a plethora of different possibilities that can have a hand in the future growth of the business.

You can Re-engage Users

Mobile apps have users who installed their apps on their devices, but they don’t use them. So, retaining these users is possible by sending these pop-ups. In a study by Urban Airship, we can see using these upsurges app retention by 30%. However, some studies claim that this percentage is even higher than that. Furthermore, these can be used for sending users personalized suggestions, news, and considerate reminders.

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At the same time, web push notifications can offer many benefits to e-commerce stores. Of course, when a visitor comes to a certain e-commerce site and buys a certain product, its data, email address, and other information are known to the site management. So, they can send relevant announcements to these users and inform them about their newest activities. In some cases, they can retain a user as a result of using this marketing strategy.

One-Click Subscription


A couple of years ago, we could say that emails were the most important marketing tool. However, times have changed and we can see that people are not so interested in giving their emails. Thankfully, marketers don’t need emails to create a serious marketing strategy. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important benefits of push notifications. People subscribe to a certain online shop and they receive all the relevant information from that particular site. You can see just how powerful this tool is.

Simple and Effective Brand Messaging

According to all the information we can see from the world of e-commerce, online shoppers want to receive personalized content. So, it’s not a surprise that so many online shops started to heavily personalize their content, which makes it much more engaging. Since visitors are interested in receiving this kind of content, we can see that they are easily attracted to have frequent communication with a particular site. Today, there’s a possibility of creating templates for personalized messages, which makes the whole process much easier.

Fast Delivery Content


Sending this kind of information to your users is now easier than it has ever been. Only a couple of years ago, you would need to write an email to establish a connection with someone. Nowadays, the content is delivered with just one click by the sender. At the same time, we can see that this way of delivering content is the fastest one in this day and age. Plus, when you use this tool, your messages will not fall into spam, which is a helpful thing. Almost nobody reads spam, right?

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With utmost assurance, we can say that these notifications are one of the most influential marketing tools of our time. Here, we’ve provided you with a bit of knowledge for you to understand what can be expected when using these. Surely, anyone who has an online store will receive numerous benefits from using this highly-effective marketing tool.