How Long Should You Be in a Relationship for a Fiancée Visa?

Being a non-citizen, one can relocate with his US citizen fiancé. It is simple to be the country’s permanent resident if your engaged companion already has citizenship. But it is essential to follow the eligibility criteria to acquire a visa by submitting all other documents.

Couples that are attempting to relocate to any new country always have a doubt about their relationship status. They want to know how long their relationship must be for applying for the visa. In this write-up, we will discuss every detail about the fiancé visa and its application-related process.

Understanding the eligibility criteria and checking whether the relationship is lying under the condition is necessary. If you are prepared to relocate with your documents, you can go ahead by filing the application. Once you reach the US with your dating companion, you should get married immediately to become a resident. Explore more details about the visa.

About Fiancé Visa


If anyone is engaged with his relationship partner, then the person is considered as your fiancé. When you desire to apply for this visa, it is necessary to have a relationship of two years and be eligible for it. But there is an exception in the United States for this regulation if the sponsor is experiencing hardship and hence, preventing people from meeting their companions.

You need to consent that you must marry your engaged partner in 90 days once you reach another country. If you do not prefer marriage, then you will be deported back to your original country. You can marry easily and legally, and one can also file a petition for it.

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Before you go ahead, ensure that you understand all the regulations for acquiring a spouse-type visa for an engaged partner. One can get help regarding visas from

Eligibility Conditions

If you desire to get a visa through your companion, he must be a US citizen who must be born in that country, and he gets citizenship from his family. If you are about to marry such a guy, you should fulfill essential eligibility criteria.

  1. A couple of the same sex can easily apply for a visa easily because it is quite legal in every US state. A couple is qualified for marriage, and no one will have any issues. It is a crucial reason why people relocate to the US to stay with their similar-sex partners.
  2. If the foreign engaged partner has been already married in previous years, it is necessary to submit divorce proof. In the case of your ex-husband’s death, you must submit the death certificate.
  3. The US citizen requires a sponsor for his foreign-engaged companion. You cannot easily apply for such a visa if you own a green card.
  4. The relationship status with your engaged partner must be real, and you should have proof to submit to the authorities. It includes photographs, testimonials, etc.
  5. The US sponsor should earn 100% federal poverty during the process of application and 1250% during the application of a green card.

How Long Should You Be in a Real Relationship to Acquire the Spouse Visa?


You should be in a relationship for two years while applying for such a visa. The authorities will ask you to share all the documents that give relationship proof. One person should have citizenship in another country so that another person can receive it.

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When a couple relocates to a new place, it is quite a must to marry in 90 days. If they ignore it, the person without citizenship may be deported to the birth town.

What Happens in the Period of 90 Days?

When you relocate to the United States, the non-immigrant visa status will expire in 90 days. Within the deadline, a couple is required to marry in these 90 days, or they will be deported back. This given deadline is unextendable; hence, you must not ignore it.

According to Immigration laws, it is a violation if you do not marry a foreign partner within this Period. The type of spouse-type visa will be canceled, and you will be deported. When you marry your engaged companion, you can easily use your green card application for permanent residency.

What to Do After Acquiring a Visa for Your Engaged Partner?


When you acquire this visa, it is unclear how to obtain citizenship. Obtaining a green card and marrying your partner is necessary to get citizenship. But you need to keep one thing in mind: your foreign engaged partner cannot get citizenship quickly as you shift there. Before entering the United States, you must communicate with the attorney.

He can guide the process of immigration and explain things to do once you reach there. You must fill out the form in steps and proceed further to be a permanent resident of the country. It is quite a challenging task to acquire permanent residency for your foreign-engaged partner.

But if you determine the entire process as well as follow it correctly, you will easily become a country’s citizen. When you submit the form and all the documents, you and your engaged partner are quite required to give an interview. If you go ahead with your plan, the authorities will grant you legal residential status in the new country.

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The Bottom Line

You can relocate to the US with your engaged partner’s citizenship by acquiring a visa. It is necessary to be involved in a two-year relationship. One must have enough proof that verifies your relationship in front of the authorities. Once you reach it, you should marry your engaged partner in 90 days. If you ignore it, you will be deported back.

If you do not know ways to deal with the entire process, you must hire a legal professional to help you acquire permanent residency and help you stay with your engaged partner. If you fulfill the eligibility criteria and share all the necessary documents correctly, you will get permanent residency easily.