6 Trends That Are Shaping the Adult Toy Industry

The time and age we’re living in are peculiar. Do you know why we say this? Well, the reasoning is simple. The adult toy industry is on the rise. This is a reason enough, and we bet you agree. Today, more people than ever are using some form of sex toy. Are you one of those people? Well, you’re reading this article, so the answer is yes, and we do not even have to ask. It’s not only that it exists; it’s a rising industry.

Each year, the revenues are bigger, and novelties need to reach the shelves. We are not kidding here. For many people, this industry is a major part of their lives. Again, the reasons are simple. We’re also sure that no further elaboration is needed. Now, we have you here reading this piece, so learning what’s going on in the world of adult toys is what you want to know. Worry not, we are about to jump right into the core of our subject for today. It’s going to be a contemporary one. Just be a little patient. And hear us out.

If you’re an avid sex toy user, we have plenty of useful information to share with you. What you’ll find in the few paragraphs below are the six trends that are shaping the adult toy industry today. That’s right, we’re here to talk about what happens in this industry daily. Today, tomorrow, and beyond that. These trends are what make outlets focused on sex toys grow, and without a doubt one of them is https://www.sexdolls.com.

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So, if you’re interested to know what’s new and trendy in this particular branch of industry, please keep on reading. You will not be disappointed. That’s a guarantee on our part. So, let’s see what’s the first big trend.

1. Ladies First

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Sex toys are for both males and females. We all know this. Yes, we can pretend that only ladies use them but that’s false. What’s true is that the biggest share of this market belongs to women. During the year that’s almost ending ladies were the biggest shoppers in this industry. They’re so predominant that it’s not even a trend; it’s a fact. Ladies are helping this segment to grow, and we can already say that this is not going to change next year. The sector is growing and it’s all thanks to our prettier halves. If you have an issue with this, be free to try and make a change. After all, some believe that the adult toy industry is on the increase because males are failing at their jobs. It makes you think, right?

2. It’s Going Online

Let’s sprout some more facts here. Adult toys are still some sort of taboo. They shouldn’t be, but they are. But, they’re also lucky little toys, aren’t they? Why do we say this? Well, the internet is here. Technology helped many industries grow and this one is no different. As we said, many people consider sex toys taboo, so going out to buy one in a store is not an option for many people. But, luckily, e-commerce is a thing. Buying adult toys online is also a trend. This one is here to stay. Once you’ve become able to buy them online, it has become the only way people buy them for many folks out there.

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3. Diversification

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Pleasure has many faces. Not all of us see it the same way and even less so feel it. While we’re also less sensitive to the needs of others, the sex toy industry is not like that. They have everyone’s feelings and needs in mind. This is what led to so much diversification in the industry. Back in the day, you had a few generic shapes, usually phallus ones for ladies and vagina ones for men. How times have changed? Plenty. Today, you have sex toys in every shape imaginable. You have tentacles, bottle shapes, spirals, and anything else you can imagine. In the future, you can expect even more imagination from sex toy creators. It’s all made with the idea of men’s and women’s pleasure.

4. Sex Dolls Incoming

Ladies always said that men should be careful as there’s another one waiting behind a corner. Yes, men can be easily replaced. But, as we said, we’ve come a long way. Today, ladies can be replaced too. In recent years we have seen the growth of the adult toys industry in this department. This is a trend that’s not going to be changed anytime soon. Sex dolls are one of the best-selling adult toy products out there. As we said, you ladies can be replaced too, but of course, as they say, you can’t replace the warmth of a woman, but this is as close as it gets. Considering the pleasure a sex doll provides, it’s no wonder they are so popular. If you follow Instagram trends you already know that some sex dolls have their pages and followers. Yes, they are that trendy.

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5. Backdoor Entry

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We are always focused on the same things when it comes to sex. It’s always about penises and vaginas. But, the adult sex toys industry is making strides in a different direction. That’s right, and you heard it here first. Anal is the new vaginal. This applies to both men and women. This industry is making trends and it is all to please its customers. One of the biggest ones is coming through our backdoor, and the adult toy industry has recognized it. Customers did too. That’s why they’re more and more focused on sex toys that can create satisfaction as if you were practicing anal sex.

6. Customization

The things we’ll do for pleasure. That’s everything. We’ll do it all. The sex toy industry recognized this too. And what did they do to show it? Well, today you can have customized adult toys. Many people have special perks and they want them to be abided by. It’s possible to have it now. Having unique toys is quite a trend. Many are riding this wave. You can be one of them, as customization is available to everyone.