Top PC Configurator Tips Every PC Gamer Should Know in 2024

Building a gaming PC gives you the freedom to be creative and technical when you look out for gaming hardware and components.

When you decide to delve into the world of PC gaming, there are a lot of tools you should look to consulting. PC Konfigurator is one helpful tool to help you in carrying out a successful and almost free PC assemble.

It is a list that shows different PC components you need to assemble a PC. In addition to peripherals and hardware, you can also include software that your PC will require to work.

Here are some top tips that every gaming PC owner should know when you want to assemble PCs yourself.

#1. Make Your Needs Specific And Budget-friendly


When building your gaming PC, there is a possibility you could be overwhelmed and taken off track. This is why you need to have a checklist of specific items for building your gaming PC.

It is important you figure why you need individual parts from your PC Configurator before you commit to buying them. Doing this will help you in a couple of ways.

For one, being specific helps you to buy only needful and compatible gaming components and peripherals. This is especially helpful since some gaming components are more expensive than others and making a return and getting refunds may take a long time.

Being specific will also help in making sure you stick to your budget. Whether you’re building a budget gaming PC or a high-end PC, keeping to a budget helps you to avoid careless spending.

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#2. Keep Your RAM Compatible With Your Motherboard

One very important tip you need to consider is in ensuring your motherboard is compatible with your RAM. Some motherboards will fail to detect or recognize a RAM it isn’t compatible with or cite an error.

Although, others may accept a RAM if it happens to fall in a specific range instead of a single figure. Getting past the hurdle of your motherboard not being compatible with your RAM will save you the stress of returning parts.

Online gaming PC stores like CLS-Computer have tools you can use to make sure your RAM is compatible with your motherboard before you buy.

#3. Choose The Correct PC Parts


Although at first look, this may sound like an easy tip, it may not be so easy to accomplish without proper research. This is where a lot of newbies make mistakes and sometimes buy incompatible components without research.

After proper research and observing the gaming set-ups of more experienced gamers, you’ll have a better idea of needed PC parts. PC Configurator is helpful in further ensuring that your components remain compatible as you shop.

#4. Be Prepared For Intensive Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is a way to identify the problems your PC may have and figure out how to solve them. Its major aim is to help you figure out what keeps your gaming PC from operating as expected.

You need to anticipate errors when you set out to assemble PCs. Troubleshooting might reveal the errors in your PC assembly process, either from wrongly plugged or unplugged cable.

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Most times, the problem may be problematic hardware that needs repairing or replacing.

A key to successful troubleshooting is to be patient and thorough enough to find out the source of your gaming PC’s problem. You may even need to try it more than once before you identify the issue.

#5. Follow Manuals, Guides, and Watch Tutorials


Manuals, guides, and online tutorials are all there for one thing: to help you with your PC configurator. Even for experienced PC gamers, there’s no shame in consulting the manuals of your gaming components.

Also, watching tutorials online not only teaches you what you’re supposed to do but also guides you on the don’ts. It is not enough to use the PC configuration, you should also follow through laid down steps and guides to avoid errors.

#6. Don’t Ignore Proper Ventilation and Neat Cable Management

Proper and neat cable management and ventilation may hold the key to your gaming PC performance. The best gaming set-up involves those in a well-ventilated room, with the wires well arranged and almost out-of-sight.

Having this sort of arrangement makes it easier for you to dust and clean your gaming area and remove cables obstructing your fan. Besides, proper cable management and ventilation make it harder for your gaming PC to overheat.

#7. Never Skip A Step


In addition to following manuals, guides, watching tutorials, and PC configurators, you should also never skip a set-up step. Although it is possible that the components on the tutorial you watch may differ in make and model.

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But they should give you basic knowledge on how to build your gaming PC. Subsequently, you can refer to your manuals for more specific and direct instructions on how to assemble your PC.

Following the guides makes sure you never skip a step. From hardware to gaming peripherals and storage drives, the manuals hold the correct way to correctly install and set-up components.

Skipping some of the steps may even affect the speed of your gaming PC. And in avoiding skipping a step, you may even make wiring and hardware errors and mistakes that may destroy your gaming PC.

This is why it is important to avoid skipping steps that may potentially ruin your PC.


When you choose to build your gaming PC over buying a pre-built one. CLS Computer provides you with a compilation of the hardware and software your gaming PC needs to function. Using those tools and following the tips in this article will ensure that you set-up your gaming PC the right way. Not only will it save you lots of time and effort, but it also saves you money as well.