Top 7 sites like eBay

eBay is one of the world’s most popular marketplaces where anyone can buy or sell a wide range of goods.

But if eBay is great, it’s always nice to have alternatives, right? In this article, we will talk about the seven best websites like eBay where you can sell your stuff directly.

It’s probably the most popular alternative to eBay that almost everyone knows about. In some ways, Craigslist is even better than eBay.

Don’t be fooled by the front page of the old school website. You can sell almost anything on Craigslist, including yourself in the personal ads section. However, this section was later deleted.

While eBay charges its sellers for listings, Craigslist only charges for a few categories. B. Job or vehicle offers, vers. Users can enter their products for free. The site also has a pretty extensive network, so there’s a good chance you can buy things from almost anywhere in the world.

You can check Craigslist here

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The site is exactly what it seems, an alternative to eBay that is dangerously close to clone. However, because the location is less well-known, there is less competition, but again, you are selling to a smaller market.

It is also cheaper to sell on eBid than on eBay or Amazon because the selling price is relatively lower. The plant was commissioned in 1999 and has been in constant development ever since.

You can visit the eBid here

This may surprise you. Rakuten, formerly known as, is a Japanese e-commerce platform so important that it has been called the Amazon of Japanese Fortune.

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The main advantage of using the website is that you are not competing with the site itself. Unlike some of its competitors, such as Amazon, Rakuten does not sell anything on its website and does not compete with its suppliers.

The site also offers its merchants great flexibility in how they can build their brand on the platform. A variety of products can be sold here, and the site has significant penetration of the Japanese market.

You can visit Rakuten here

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If you are in the business of selling (or buying) machinery, then this site is for you. Newegg claims the number one position in the online technology market. Located outside of California, it has distribution networks throughout North America and Canada. They also offer global coverage of about 50 countries.

While you can only sell tech products on the platform, the audience focuses on what they want in the background. This means that if you can give a good speech, you have a much better chance of selling your product.

They offer free membership options of $29.99 or $99.95 per month. The better your subscription, the more support you get from the site, as well as more tools, lists and flexibility.

You can visit Newegg here

Another obvious and solid alternative to eBay, eCrater offers more than you might initially think. First of all, installing and operating a store on the platform is completely free. You can also import your ads from eBay if you’re too lazy to create new ads.

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eCrater does not take commission on the sales you make. However, if the platform takes a 2.9% discount every time it brings you a sale. Keep in mind that the overall numbers are obviously not as high as those of a big market like eBay, so it’s better to use it as an additional market rather than as your core business.

You can visit eCrater here

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Are you tired of selling ordinary, everyday things? Why don’t you try Bonanza? The slogan of the site is that you can find anything you want, except the usual, once you check out the deals.

Think of eBay for unique products. The categories you can sell here are huge, so the sky’s the limit, but you need to have offers that stand out from the crowd. It won’t be easy to get a seat among some 50,000 vendors in 199 countries, but it sure is exciting.

You can visit Bonanza here

The other technology market on the list is a bit interesting because it sells new technologies. The site allows users to buy and sell used technology products, from phones and smartphones to game consoles.

Like Newegg, the market is a bit limited, but again very concentrated. Chances are you can get a good deal on a used technology product, whether you want to sell it or buy it.

You can visit Swappa here

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