Top 3 Toast Handheld Screen Protectors

If you’re planning on opening a business in the food and beverage industry, you’ve most likely purchased Toast Go, a POS all-in-one platform that’ll help cater to all the needs your business has. But, since the system comes with a high price tag, you might be wondering how you can protect it against constant use and damage.

Fortunately for all people, there are screen protectors that can shield the devices you’ve purchased and our article will explore some of the best ones that you can opt for buying. Here is our list of the top three Toast Go screen protectors for handheld devices, as well as some reasons why you should choose to purchase them:

Top 3 Screen Protectors That You Can Buy

1. “Ultra-High Clarity, Tempered Glass Screen Protector” by AgozTech

If durability and reliability are what you’re looking for, this is what you’ll find if you choose to purchase Toast screen protectors from They offered products manufactured from tempered glass, which basically means that they’ll be two times more strong and more durable than some other options that you can find available on the market. One of their remarkable features is precision touch sensitivity, hence, every single touch of the screen will be accurate and without any mistakes that could cause issues with your customers.

You should know, it’s really slim, which is why you won’t even notice the protectors on the screens. Besides protecting your gadgets from damage, they’ll also be protected from scratches and dust, and they’ll absorb shock, thus, you can make sure that the devices don’t get damaged. This particular option is also water-resistant and anti-fingerprint, which is something extremely important in the food and beverage industry.

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2. “TG200 6.4 Inches Screen Protector” by Photodon

The first option that you might want to consider purchasing comes from Photodon, an organization that guarantees that its screen protectors will keep your handheld devices safe from impact, scratches, cleaning, as well as messy hands. All of their products are quality tested and manufactured from the top materials, hence, you won’t need to worry about any and all unwanted damages to the devices you’ve purchased.

Some of the features that you might like include an anti-glare feature and the blue light cut, meaning that your employees won’t strain their eyes. Additionally, there are privacy filters so that you can keep your customers’ information safe and the anti-shock feature will help protect the screen during movement or usage. Depending on the needs and gadgets you have, there are different sizes of this particular product that you can opt for.

3. “2-Pack Matte Film Screen Protector” by BoxWave


Next on our list of products comes the 2-pack matter film protector designed and manufactured by BoxWave. Firstly, you should know that there are two products in the pack, meaning that, when one of them gets damaged, you can quickly replace it, without having to wait for another one to arrive. Second, the protectors are double-layered, thus, the screens on your Toast Go devices will be perfectly protected during rush hour.

It also lowers blue light emissions by over 90 percent, hence, your eyes will be protected. You should know that it’s completely glueless, instead, it’ll bond with the screens without leaving any residue after you take it off. The only thing that might be the downside to this product is that it’ll take some time for it to adhere to the screen, meaning that there might be some air gaps for two or three days, so, when it is used for two or three days, the gaps will disappear.

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Are There Any Benefits of Using Screen Protectors?


As you might have guessed from the list above, yes, there are a lot of benefits to using screen protectors for your Toast Go devices. Some of them we’ve already mentioned – such as the blue light cut and water resistance – however, there are other perks, all of which can be extremely beneficial for you as a business owner. The benefits you can gain from using screen protectors for your Toast Go handheld devices are the following:

1. Say “Goodbye” to Eye Strain

I work on my computer, which is why I opted for purchasing blue light glasses. However, you cannot really make your employees wear glasses so that they can reduce eye strain from the device they use at work, and this is where screen protectors come into play. If you opt for one that has a matte finish, the reflections and light emissions will be lowered, thus, you and your employees will feel less eye strain at the end of the day.

2. No Damage to Expensive Devices

The biggest benefit that you’ll gain is that you can protect your devices from a wide array of threats. Shock, wear and tear, constant use, liquids, as well as dirt and grime can all lower the lifespan of these expensive gadgets, which is why you might have to replace them sooner than you thought. But, if you opt for using the protectors we’ve mentioned above, you can shield the gadgets, meaning that they’ll work for longer.

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3. Your Customers’ Privacy Will Be Guaranteed

The last benefit on this list is that your customers’ privacy will be guaranteed if you use screen protectors. They can feature tint coating which will ensure that the information displayed can only be seen by the individual looking at the device. When someone looks at the screen from a different side, the only thing they’ll see is a black screen. This can do wonders for your business and your customers will be able to rest assured that no one saw their important information such as banking details.


There is a wide range of benefits that you could gain from choosing to purchase screen protectors for your Toast handheld devices. Besides keeping them safe from shock, damage, dirty hands, and water, the protectors will also ensure that your employees feel less eye strain, which can increase their overall workplace satisfaction levels.

Since you now know what are the top three options available on the market, you really shouldn’t lose any more of your free time reading guides similar to this one. Instead, you should compare the options we’ve mentioned above, see which one suits your needs best, and then protect all of your Toast Go handheld devices!