4 Common Misconceptions People Have About Car Chip-Tuning

Was there ever a car you wished for a long time, and have you managed to buy it finally? IF so then you may find yourself in a “problem” of sorts. You had that dream car for a while now, you drove it around had fin in it but it came a time for an upgrade right? Maybe something aesthetic or maybe you want a bit of speed boost?

Some people like their car to look good while others care more about the cars horsepower numbers. Those that are in this second group usually go for some sort of car tuning to boost their HP numbers right? If so then this article today is for you.

Chip tuning has been here for a while and has been trial and tested over and over but we still have those that have concerns regarding it. Today we will try and break those misconceptions and answer some of your questions about chip tuning. If you have decided to chip tune your vehicle and you are still looking for someone to do it right and reliable then click here and check these out. They just may be a solution to your problem.

Now let’s try and break those chip tuning myths once and for all!

1. Warranty

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Most of you that are looking into chip tuning your vehicle are afraid that you will do something wrong and lose the warranty on your new car. This statement is so wrong that we don’t know where to begin. Per a Magnusson-Moss Warranty act, a dealer cannot deny you a service if you have an aftermarket tune or any aftermarket parts on your vehicle. The only time you might lose your warranty is if the chiptune itself directly ruined something in your car, and only then a dealer might deny you service. One thing to keep in mind is that by chip tuning your car there are always risks involved and that is something you will have to live with if you opt for this upgrade. No matter what company does your chiptune and no matter how good and reliable they are there are always risks. Another thing to keep in mind there is no such thing as cheap and reliable anything. There are ads for $200-$300 chiptune but that is something which will guarantee get you into a lot of problems. If you think about chip tuning then save up for a serious tune and put your mind at ease.

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2. High power output on a naturally aspirated engine

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NO! A chiptune on a N/A engine is a complete waste of time and money. Do not try this, do not pay for this you will only get disappointed. The N/A engines are already set up in a fashion to high stress, to rev higher to squeeze that peak HP and no chiptune can make it do that more. Well, it probably will but you will end up with an engine that can serve you as a very expensive and cool looking paperweight. The only thing you can get out of chip tuning a N/A motor is a much higher redline which is very dangerous and you will get top speed delimited which is fine if you live somewhere where you can use that – like the German Autobahn with the correct set of tires that won’t explode on you.

3. Turbo engines take chip tuning much better

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This is logical. Every car manufacturer when building a particular engine plans way. This means that if that engine is constructed to be a turbo or supercharged engine it will be built to withstand turbo pressure. Now, manufacturers may limit it through ECU to withstand the life of the car or a few thousand miles but it is OK to chiptune that sort of an engine and get anywhere from a 20 to 30% increase in performance for the money you pay. While N/A engines will not come even close to these numbers before exploding from under the hood the turbo or supercharged engines always have headroom for improvements and they take those boost pretty well.

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4. The fuel economy

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Now, this is a highly debated topic when it comes to chip tuning of the engine. There is a part of the owners who swear that their fuel economy is better after tuning while others say it got worse. Now, this could be looked at in two ways. If you are doing this just to say that your car has a chip and a bit more power than stock then you may save some fuel and get better fuel economy since you are using that vehicle as a daily driver from point A to point B where there are now crazy wheel spins, no 100+ MPH racing and your car will get better economy because its tune might have taken some of the load of it. Others that do the chiptune might do some racing, hopefully on the local track, or they need for the car to be stronger and pull harder which eventually leads them to worse fuel economy, but worse for a reason. This is the same with every stock car. Take two the same cars and give it to two different driving style persons and check back the fuel economy results? What do they say?

So, after everything what do you think now. Have you done much research and have you found these four things in every forum about chip tuning out there? Of course, you did.

Chip tuning isn’t something to be afraid especially if you do it right and if a company doing it will stand behind its work. As we already stated there are risks involved but those are something to be accepted if you have decided to do this. Another thing is to consider why are you doing the improvement and will it serve its purpose. Sometimes misinformation and no clear vision of what the chip tuned car should do and how it should behave bring to our disappointment as well. Ask around, think about why are you doing this and try to have normal expectations.

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