The Classy Pregnancy Apps of 2024 –

A baby changes everything from the moment you realize you’re pregnant. Fighting morning sickness, making doctor’s appointments, remembering to take pregnancy vitamins, keeping an eye on a rapidly growing baby – there’s a lot to think about.

That’s why Healthline has listed the best pregnancy apps of the year. We chose them because of their quality content, reliability and excellent reviews. We think you will find them useful on this amazing journey.

Best pregnancy applications of 2024:

Below are the best pregnancy apps available for iOS and Android devices. Use these apps and you can easily calculate your due date. Moreover, all these applications are easy to use and have a very clean and user-friendly interface.

Push pregnancy:

With the latest generation of 3D interaction in Sprout Pregnancy, you’ll see realistic, interactive movements, fluttering, and heartbeats for a realistic representation of what’s happening in your growing belly. Save belly photos, priceless thoughts and pregnancy moments in your pregnancy journal and enjoy all the benefits of a good pregnancy app: daily and weekly baby growth and changes, personal pregnancy history, hit counter, labor timer, weight tracking and more.

Android and iOS

Full-time – Contractual:

When fully pregnant, tracking contractions is as easy as literally clicking a button. Tap to see the start and end of each contraction; the app tracks the time, duration and frequency of contractions during your labor. The simple interface is intentionally clutter-free, and the app also includes a beat counter, a pregnancy advice section, and weight tracking.


Ovia :

Count down to the big day with this fully customizable app. Include the baby’s name, sex and date of birth, as well as information about the purpose of the pregnancy and health status. View photos of your baby’s current hand and foot size; browse over 2,000 pregnancy articles, tips and resources; network with other moms-to-be; track the stages of pregnancy.

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Android and iOS

Baby2Body :

Staying strong and healthy during pregnancy doesn’t have to be difficult. Baby2Body is designed as a prenatal and postnatal fitness and wellness coach to help you stay fit, eat healthy and live more consciously during and after pregnancy. Discover pregnancy exercise programs tailored to your stage of pregnancy and goals, nutrition tips and recipes, wellness exercises and podcasts, breathing exercises and pelvic floor exercises.


Brilliant caretakers:

Designed to be simple and informative, the Glow Nurtureapp supports pregnancy with fully customizable options. Receive notifications and information based on the data you enter, view thousands of helpful pregnancy articles, use the innovative symptom counter and charts, and get daily updates on your pregnancy and baby’s growth. The app also provides postpartum and abortion support.

Android and iOS

Hello tummy :

Staying mentally and emotionally healthy during pregnancy is just as important as staying physically healthy. This app offers meditation exercises, yoga classes, and even augmented reality (AR) visualization tools so you can see what your baby really looks like in the womb. The design and graphics of the app also make it a pleasure to use, with cute and thoughtful images of people and activities.

Android and iOS

Follow-up of pregnancy: Baby bump:

Try to figure out where you are and what your baby looks like – Baby Bump does it all for you. This app gives you regular updates on your baby’s size, amniotic fluid, tips on what to do each week and trimester, and the wake-up timer is an easy and convenient way to know where you are and what to expect when you’re pregnant.

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Pregnancy declaration

Amila’s pregnancy app is extremely simple: a weekly display of your baby’s size, numerous tips on what’s going on in you and your baby’s body each week, a beat counter, a due date calculator, and a weight tracker so you can keep track of your overall health during pregnancy. You can also take notes to share with your doctor or partner if you notice any new health symptoms during pregnancy.

Android and iOS


Pregnancy is not an easy time when you are alone. Halle may not understand the importance of this important life event when you have a partner. That’s why Peanuts is a covenant for you and the thousands of people who are pregnant and want to connect with others who feel alone and experience the anxiety, stress and joy of pregnancy. Join conversations, ask specific questions and connect with others around you. With the remote video chat feature, you can stay in touch with Galle when you’re at home.


frequently asked questions

What is the best application for pregnancy?

The best pregnancy apps for 2024 – Healthline

Is there an app to check for pregnancy?

First Response™ has introduced the new PRO digital pregnancy test and Access the App. … The test stick syncs with the First Response™ app, available for free download for Android, Apple and Amazon devices. The application provides step-by-step instructions and assurance that you have taken the test correctly.

Can you let Apple Health know you are pregnant?

There are no special settings in watchOS to register that you are pregnant. Analytics related to Apple Watch activity depend in part on your personal information. … On your iPhone, in the Clock application, go to… Change the weight: My Watch > Health > Edit – tap and adjust the weight, then tap Done.

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