4 Ways Technology Is Influencing the Adult Entertainment Industry

The Adult entertainment industry has always had a significant impact on larger cultural practices even if the common people do not know about it. From the first adult film ever released, the impacts have been far-reaching and with good reason. While the larger percentage of people will not want to engage in a conversation about porn, it is natural that the adult film industry has permeated everyone’s lives in a very deep way which is not to be ignored.

After combining traffic on all major social media sites, porn still had more visitors and that calls for a deeper assessment and how this industry is flourishing. But this high level of engagement is not made in a vacuum. It is made with the help of technology which is keeping the audience entertained all this while. In this article, we will explore the depth of this influence and try to understand all the ways in which technological advancement is helping the adult entertainment industry.

1. VHS Over BetaMax

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Let us begin at the very beginning. When the propagation of video became popular, the entertainment industry had a choice. They could either go with BetaMax or VHS.

Many of you might not have even heard of BetaMax so it is easy to decipher that VHS won. But why?

The dispersion of videos on VHS was way cheaper for production companies. This was especially beneficial for adult film producers who were trying to get a business started. Additionally, accessibility was not an issue with VHS tapes.

It was far easier for porn production houses sto have their hands on VHS tapes because it was allowed by the manufacturer.

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VHS and the JVC consortium did not have any policies about the kind of content which could be propagated via their tapes. Sony on the other hand did not want any kind of pornograohic content on their BetaMax tapes. Some time later, until DVDs came along, only VHS tapes were found in many stores. The same thing eventually happened with Blu-ray winning over DVDs.

2. Lead to Better Cameras

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When it comes to filing, the one requisite which cannot be compromised upon is a good camera. It all began when the shooting process was still in black and white. During the filming of Glamor Home Movies, the filmmaker was exclusively using 8mm cameras. They had to use the particular camera because it was cheaper than the other alternatives.

As time went on, 8mm cameras were exclusively used by the porn industry. It was also very easy to maneuver and it led to reduction of many problems in the shooting process. It eventually became very popular in the industry right from the 80s. Now, we know how much cameras have evolved in the industry.

There still are vintage videos available along with amateur videography. Hoover, most major sites only use good quality cameras. Not everything is available in high definition or HD. One popular thing that we see today in the adult entertainment industry because of technological advancement are live broadcasts.

We already use surveillance cameras on many occasions which are primarily for maintaining security and order.

However, there also has been a significant update on how audiences view adult content. One of the ways is to use Lithunian cameras. They are a staple in the industry when it comes to live footage being shown to hundreds and thousands of viewers online. Lithuanian Cams like the ones available on Cam4.com have transformed the way people engage in physical intimacy on the internet.

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3. Online Payments

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The adult film industry relies heavily on technological advancement but it also goes the other way. For instance, we heavily rely on online payments today because using cash everywhere is very inconvenient. It significantly helped the adult film industry especially when people wanted to take subscription services or wanted some premium content. It was Richard Gordon who went on to develop the concept of electronic payments form a sex tape.

He thought of making money off of it and developed the Electronic Card System. Needless to say, people using their credit and debit cards for online payments became a norm and it also got incorporated into the porn industry. It has now led to other means of payment but one can easily say that the need would not have arisen or would have been introduced later than the 90s if it was not for the adult film industry and its popularity.

4. Giving Better Internet

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We are not going to credit the invention of the internet to the adult film industry but the high speeds you see today?

They just might have become commonplace because of porn. It is easy to be frustrated with buffering videos and not everyone has the liberty to download content on their devices. In such a case, it is important to have a high speed internet. Better technology has significantly improved the watching experience, albeit for movies and series or for adult films.

This pointer will lead us directly to the first one as people needed better quality as the time passed. As porn eventually went high definition, people needed more bandwidth to browse and access the footage smoothly. There Is no doubt that higher bandwidths have other uses than just watching content online. However, one has to admit that a high speed has undoubtedly improved the user experience and has led to more traffic to the hundreds of porn sites available today.

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The Takeaway

The technological innovation today doesn’t have a singular benefit. It can be applied to different industries, from aeronautics to the adult film industry. Technology is improved to offer a better quality of life and having access to desirable content as and when needed is part of that. It is important to look into how the porn industry has impacted the trajectory of technology along with understanding how technology has been helping the adult film industry to grow. This transaction between the two has been bilaterally helpful.