9 Tips For Tackling The Last-minute Deadline Assignments in 2024

Let’s face the truth, most of us love to procrastinate and delay our assignments to the last minute. We all have faced that stressful situation, and no matter how many times we’ve promised ourselves not to repeat that mistake we still repeat it. If you can resonate till now, you should read the article till the end because here we are going to share some tips and tricks that will help you sail through the stressful deadlines.

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1. Focus Only On What’s Necessary

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Lay all your worries aside and focus on only what’s important because you don’t have time to finish everything. If you cannot figure what should be your top priority, grab a good old notebook and start listing your tasks one by one in bullet points. Once you have a to-do list ready, cross out the tasks which can be delayed or are unimportant. This task will not take much of your time; however, it will be worth it even if it does. Your sole focus should be on what you should do to finish your assignment at the earliest.

2. Prepare An Action Plan.

Once you have made your to-do list make a rough action plan. Think about what you have to write and how much time it will take. Make a rough draft of the things you have to do; it could be researching, writing, proofreading, and so on.
Having an action plan gives a rough overview of the tasks you have to do and how much time each task will take.

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3. Stop Procrastinating

It is time for you to stop procrastinating and to get all your tasks done. You might get distracted, which can break your focus. Thus, switch off your phone, shut your door, and hang a ‘do not disturb sign on your door so that other members of the house don’t disturb you.

Do not get your work done on your bed, or else you will find yourself dozing off. Try to arrange for a table and a chair. If you find it difficult to concentrate in your home, grab your stuff and head to a cafe or a public library.

4. Time Management

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Time management is critical if the deadline is near. Once you have made the to-do list and prioritize your task, it is time for you to assign a time limit to each task. Divide the tasks into smaller bits and assign a time limit to each one of them. Try to be strict with yourself and complete each task within the allotted time limit only. You can even set a timer before beginning with the tasks, which will help you complete your work on time.

5. Work On Implementation

We all are good at making plans, but the real struggle is implementing the plans and putting them into action. Once you have a complete roadmap of the things you have to do, your focus should be on completing or implementing your plan within the time limit. Remember that a plan is useless if it is not implemented correctly.

6. Skip The Introduction And Conclusion

Introduction and conclusion are the two most essential parts of any assignment. However, they are both challenging to write and are time-consuming. Writing both introductions as well as conclusions requires expertise in the topic.
Therefore, it is best to leave both the topics for the end.

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There are two benefits associated with doing this. One, the major part of the assignment will be over, so you can spend all the remaining time writing the introduction and conclusion. The second advantage would be that since you have written the entire topic, you will have a good idea about the subject; hence it will become easier for you to write an introduction and conclusion.

7. Do Not Leave Proofreading For The Last.

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Both editing and proofreading consume a lot of time, therefore do not leave them for the last, especially if you are working on a deadline. The best thing to do is to proofread as you write. Doing so will not take a lot of time, and you will not have to take extra time from your tight schedule.

Proofreading and editing are essential. Those minor spelling mistakes or punctuation errors can cost you a lot. With proofreading, you will be able to submit a flawless assignment.

8. Take Five-minute Breaks In Between

Humans are not machines; even though you have a deadline ahead, you still have to take breaks in between. Taking a five-minute break after every twenty-five minutes of work is a good technique that many people follow and recommend. After four 25 minutes rounds, take a more extended break of maybe twenty or thirty minutes. This technique is popularly known as the ‘Pomodoro technique.

In these short five-minute breaks, you can take a quick walk, grab a cup of tea or coffee, do relaxing exercises, or you can even close your eyes and relax. Avoid using your phone in these mini-breaks because you might lose track of time when using your phone. However, in your longer breaks of twenty or thirty minutes, you can check your phone. Taking breaks in between tasks is necessary for the circulation of fresh ideas in your mind and to prevent mental fatigue.

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9. Keep Yourself Hydrated

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Make sure that you are having enough water while completing your assignment. It is essential to stay hydrated to maintain vitality levels, which helps in the flow of new ideas in your mind.

Final Word

Finally, once you are done with your task, it is time to learn from your mistakes! Make sure that you do not delay any assignments that you receive in the future. The next time you receive any assignments or tasks, make sure to make a proper roadmap on the day you receive the task. Follow the action plan every day and be strict with yourself to save yourself from last-minute stress.