7 Benefits To Using Stickers For Marketing And Brand Awareness in 2024

Every respectable business owner is at all times looking for new ways to stand out from the competition and become the best at what they do. Part of becoming the best is building your brand, focusing on improving your brand awareness, as well as finding new, inventive ways to market your business. However, marketing your business can be quite an expensive endeavour if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Now, expensive does not necessarily mean good. You could spend a fortune on bad commercials and still see no growth whatsoever. On the other hand, something as inexpensive as a simple sticker can help benefit your business tremendously. If you don’t believe us, we suggest that you stick around for a few more moments as we’re about to show you just how effective sticker can be when it comes to marketing.

1. It’s Eye-Catching

Source: stickersanddecals.co.uk

Grabbing potential customers’ attention is not easy, yet when done correctly, it can mean a substantial boost to your sales. Many business owners struggle with finding new, creative ways to grab the attention of potential customers, but that’s just because they’re stuck in their ways and aren’t willing to experiment.

Custom stickers can be as eye-catching as any marketing ad out there. A well-designed customer sticker is definitely going to turn some heads. A good looking graphic paired with a catchy slogan is a sure shot. Also, people love stickers. Imagine the free marketing you could get from a cool sticker that someone would slap on their laptop and share with everyone as they’re sitting at a local coffee shop and updating their blog. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

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2. You Can Use Them As Labels

If you’re selling a product, the label is what sets yours apart from the others, visually at least. A great label is one of the best ways to market your products and spread brand awareness. Having a good label is also significantly increasing your chances of selling a product. Just think about it – have you ever went browsing and grabbed for an item with an ugly, non-informative label? We’re willing to bet you haven’t. That’s because we’re not attracted to low-quality products and a crappy label screams ‘low-quality product, don’t buy me’. The great thing about custom stickers is that they can easily pass as labels. Just put all the necessary information on there and you’re good to go.

3. They Rock At Business Events

Source: nextdayflyers.com

If you’ve ever been to a conference or any kind of business event for that matter, we’re certain you’ve seen a lot of promotional material. In most cases, people go for the traditional options – pens, lighters or in some cases even coffee mugs. Badges have been quite popular for some time, but then again, nobody wants to pierce their expensive suit or a dress only to wear a badge.

However, a sticker beats all of the above. They’re super simple to use, they’re fun to look at and they’re significantly more affordable than all of the other options we’ve just mentioned. Handing out stickers at a business event is sure to increase your brand’s value.

4. They’re Very Versatile

The days of stickers being reserved only for rear bumpers of pickup trucks are long gone. People are collecting stickers, trading stickers, buying and selling stickers and so on. According to www.customsticker.com, the versatility of cheap custom stickers is greatly underappreciated. People still imagine stickers as these small, 2×2 inch large accessories for your laptop. However, stickers come in all shapes and sizes. From the small ones you’d find on the back of laptops to the very large ones in the store windows. You can use these in so many ways – you just have to be willing to experiment a little bit.

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5. They’re Cost-Effective & Non-Invasive

Source: pexels.com

As we’ve said in the beginning, marketing your business can be quite expensive. You could spend a lot of money on paid ads and other forms of a marketing campaign and still not get the results you wanted. However, marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. You can have a cheap, yet successful marketing campaign. Stickers are far more affordable than the rest of marketing materials and campaigns, yet they yield the same or in some cases, better results.

How is that possible? Well, when it comes to marketing – it’s all about psychology. People don’t like being advertised to or forced to watch a commercial. Luckily for you, people don’t really see the stickers as promo material. More often than not, they see stickers as gifts and when you consider something a gift, you’re more likely to look at it from a different perspective – a much more open one. Because of that, people will rarely reject a sticker as they would a pamphlet or a promotional poster.

6. They Make Everything Else Better

Stickers can serve as a great backup tool as well. As we’ve already mentioned, they’re very versatile and people pretty much universally love them. That’s exactly why they can be very useful in boosting the other marketing campaigns. For instance, handing out stickers with QR codes that lead to pages where your customers can get exclusive discounts can greatly increase your sales. Also, if you offer them as gifts, people are more likely to subscribe to your monthly newsletter or your mailing list. Believe us when we say – all it takes is a little creativity.

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7. They’ll Get People Talking

Source: orchiddigitals.com

You may think that word-of-mouth advertising is a thing of the past, but we assure you – you’re wrong. For instance, are you more likely to trust a recommendation from a close friend or believe an ad you saw online? Do you see what we mean?

You may wonder, how do stickers have anything to do with word-to-mouth advertising? Well, stickers are a great conversation starter. People will take notice of a cool sticker and they’ll ask about it. They won’t ask about an ad they saw in papers or on their social media. Now, we’re not saying ads aren’t efficient, they most certainly are. What we’re saying is, they won’t spark up a conversation about your brand. Sticker will.

In all honesty, we could go on and on about various other applications and uses, but we wouldn’t want to take too much of your time. Hopefully, a few of these were more than enough to pique your interest and we hope we’ve managed to show you just how useful these little things can be.