6 Signs Your Business Social Media Needs a Better Strategy

With the rapid digitalization of anything and everything, all commerce and trade businesses now know that an online presence is a huge deal. Having a great online presence means building a social media reach and attracting people to your product and services online. This is another form of advertising and here you completely capitalize on social media.

Why social media?

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Every person now has an online presence. They hold accounts on various social media platforms for the simple purpose of connecting with people or scrolling. This has heightened during the pandemic where many people have been spending more time online. Social media is addictive to people because of the whirlwind of color that it is, it is a complete visual and audio treat!

Hence, more people spend a lot of time on it. The time that they spend on social media is what businesses use. All the ads, offers, discounts could be creatively put online such that it slightly influences people to remember their product while buying. In order to promote your page too, websites like activeig.com facilitate you to buy real Instagram followers or likes.

The popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, smart businesses also incorporate other social media platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, and other popular apps. The psychology behind using social media is that people continuously scrolling through it would get conditioned to seeing a particular product and brand This way, when they ever need it, they would avail of this brand or product. Hence, investing and revamping business social media is a very important aspect.

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When does this strategy need better tweaking?

The problem with business social media strategy is that it needs constant updating. People have to be high ahead of the game. Hence, it is important to notice the signs when social media strategy is failing. Here are a few tips on how to recognize if you need to revamp your social media approach.

1. Outdated Trends

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Make sure you’re completely updated on your trend game. Having outdated trends makes your online endeavor to garner more consumers a little lagging. Keeping up with the trends makes people use your content to get updated about current events and this way they recognize your brand too.

Keep checking periodically for the coolness of the hashtags that you use. Hashtags are a way to make something immensely popular as newer people get hooked by them. So, using older hashtags means fewer searches, leading to reducing the popularity of your page.

Tackling this is a surefire way to get people to notice your business’s social media and follow it. You can stay updated by seeing what is trending, keeping up-to-date with popular content releases, and reading daily blogs.

2. Random posting

This is a very huge and often overlooked thing that is done. While random posting may seem like you’re being active, without some coherence or a good plan, you can’t achieve more. You should have a strategy that targets the right audience and generates more audiences all while using the correct analytics. This ensures you complete a goal each time you post which could be increasing engagement, reach, or even shares and likes. This way every post counts and you would not be wasting resources.

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3. Pending Profile Updation.

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Your business social media page needs regular updation with constant stories, posts, reels, status, or fleets or tweets! If your page is not dynamic and interactive, this is something that could improve. It is always better to post about the people behind the scenes or other personal aspects to connect to the audience better.

It is important to update people about the milestones you’ve achieved in the last few days. Check if you are talking to people about your brand and products. Make sure you show good activity to convince them that your brand is reliable.

4. Using only one media platform.

Despite people being all across social media, some people would exclusively be only on Instagram, or some people only on Facebook. Hence, you can’t restrict your business media page only to one platform. This reduces your reach considerably and your popularity can be negatively affected. This also makes your business strategy highly reliant on the success of only one platform.

Also, different platforms have different features. On Instagram, you can increase engagement and focus on following recent trends to attract young people. On Twitter, you have to catch people’s eyes in a few sentences.

5. Outdated Platform Audience Analysis

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With the latest software and algorithms, you can completely get a detailed analysis of how your social media page fared, which type of content was liked by the audience, and which type of content was not popular. This allows you to personalize your content according to the needs of the people.

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Platform audience analysis is one of the best ways to gauge the performance of your product, marketing, and reach through social media. It requires a lot of research and time, but it gives you a large edge if you manage to use it properly.

6. No active customer support.

It would be slightly wasteful if your page is engaging, yet customers interested in your product cannot approach you. If they have queries and you are not active to address them, then your page would lose credibility. Interactive and positive customer support is very important in order to boost your popularity and sales online. This is why a social media edge is very important to have a dynamic interaction with your customers.


Digital marketing is completely revolutionizing global trade and businesses. One aspect of digital marketing is effective social media marketing and strategy. Good businesses spend time and research on increasing the popularity of their social media presence. This is important because people are more popularly seen online spending time on social media than anywhere else, especially with the pandemic and lockdowns. With creative content, smart analysis, and research, and constant improvement of ideas, your business’s social media can be a crucial factor determining the success of your business.