5 Reasons to Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Dental problems make life miserable. You cannot eat and drink and the continuous pain makes things more difficult. However, who would know the pain when he hasn’t been to it? Therefore, children eat candies, chocolates and everything they like. Even some adults are addicted to eating candies. Those sweet little treats are the worst thing that we do to ourselves. They damage our teeth by creating cavities.

And if that was not enough, we have carbonated drinks that dissolve the calcium. Thus, damaging the enamel of our teeth. And we end up suffering from tooth sensitivity. In the worst-case scenario, you will have to remove your tooth. However, it is not up to you to decide what to do when you are in pain. Doing self-treatment might not be very effective.

So if you are in pain and not sure what to do, visit springbankhilldental. They offer preventive care so that you can maintain your oral health. If you take preventive care on time, you can avoid getting costly treatment later on. In addition to this, if you already have a problem going on, they will offer restorative treatment for that.

So if you wish to avoid paying a visit to the dental clinic, you better take care of your oral health. One of the best and most effective ways is to avoid eating and drinking sugar. And then you should brush your teeth twice a day and use fluoride toothpaste.

Effectiveness of fluoride toothpaste

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Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is known to be a part of our teeth too. Therefore, we now have fluoride toothpaste available on the market.

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Whether this toothpaste is effective on not depends mainly on the concentration of fluoride in it. If the dose is high, it may result in posing a threat to the etiology of dental fluorosis. Therefore, even if something is good for your health, its overuse can result in more damage.

If you plan to use fluoride toothpaste, you can do so. Because known toothpaste has FDA approval and that is why they are safe for regular use. However, never try to use fluoride minerals by yourself. You are not sure about the safe dosage. Getting the mineral from an unverified source and then using it without minding the dosage can be damaging to your health. So be careful not to do so.

Some benefits

1 – Re-mineralization of your teeth

As fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral and is also a part of our teeth, it means it will make them strong. So if the enamel of your teeth is getting damaged, using this toothpaste will be good for getting back the minerals.

And if there are any decays, it will fill the gaps by attracting the minerals and bonding them with your teeth. In addition to this, it also improves calcium attachment. Thus, it attracts rescue to the site of the damage.

2 – Improves the production of fluorapatite

Fluorapatite is an enamel layer that provides protection against bacterial attacks and acids. So if you want to drink your favorite carbonated drinks and eat your favorite chocolates, you need to use rescue measures too.

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Therefore, if you make your enamel strong, you will be able to enjoy life. And how will you do so? By using fluoride toothpaste, you will be able to prevent further decay. And not only that, but it will also make the enamel layer stronger. Thus, you won’t need to worry about bacterial attacks while eating and drinking your favorite foods.

3 – Antibacterial properties

One of the benefits of using fluoride toothpaste is its antibacterial properties. When we eat food, it passes through our teeth while chewing. As a result of this, bacteria and other microbial agents stick to our teeth. These bacteria and microbes result in damaging the enamel layer. But fluoride prevents the sticking of these microbes on your teeth.

4 – Prevents dental decay and cavities

Regular provision of fluoride to your teeth will slow down the decay process. In addition to this, it will attract more minerals to the enamel. Thus, will offer long-term benefits.

5 – Less plaque

Plaque and tartar are the most irritable things that our teeth get. They not only make us have bad breath but also weaken the gums. Furthermore, it makes us lose our confidence and also makes us pay visits to the dentist. However, with only a change of toothpaste, you can prevent all that from happening. Fluoride is also known to prevent plaque and tartar, thus, saving us from future problems.

Does fluoride also reverse cavities?

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Although it offers amazing benefits, it cannot undo the damage that has already been done. However, it prevents further damage. If there are cavities, it will slow down the future progress. Similarly, it will prevent any further decay of enamel on other teeth. Thus, you can regularly use such toothpaste to maintain better oral health.

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Is it important to mind the dosage?

The dosage of fluoride is very important. The minimum concentration of fluoride in a toothpaste must be 1000 ppm. Most brands available in the market offer 1350 ppm to 1450 ppm. Therefore, they are all available for regular use.

The safe limit for children is also 1000 ppm. That is why their toothpaste should also not go lower than this. However, they should also not use the ones with very high concentrations.

However, there are some specific kinds of toothpaste with a specific concentration. They are recommended by dentists for specific problems.

For example, if you have dentures, dry mouth or orthodontic devices or any other dental condition, your dentist will recommend toothpaste with 1.1 percent sodium fluoride. 1.1 percent makes around 5000 ppm.

Stannous fluoride – hypersensitivity

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If you are suffering from tooth hypersensitivity, you will need to use stannous fluoride. It reduces hypersensitivity. You will also find certain brands using potassium nitrate and strontium chloride for hypersensitivity. But if you do not want to use that, you will need to look for the ingredient list.