10 Ways Product Label Printing Can Increase Your Brand Awareness

Even though we don’t think much of it, we’re drawn to labels every single day. Labels and packaging are strong influencers of our shopping decisions, whether we like to believe it or not.

Whenever we aren’t sure what to buy, we reach for recognizable brands and their products simply because we’re associating those brands with their labels, assigning values to those products, regardless of how much we know about them.

When you realize that, it is not hard to understand just how valuable and beneficial labels are in creating your brand’s awareness – no matter what it is that you’re selling. But, we don’t want to stop there.

Instead, we’re going to explain to you in which ways do labels create and increase your brand’s awareness. That way, you will really understand why something such as product label printing is one of the most fundamental things in business.

Let’s begin.

1. It Is Professional

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Professionalism is vital when building a brand. Even if your brand is goofy and whimsical, it still has to maintain a certain level of professionalism in order to draw people in.

Even if you’re selling children’s toys and you want to come across as approachable and innocent, you have a much better chance of becoming a recognizable brand if all of your labels are cohesive.

Barbie’s are girly and playful, but you can easily tell just how professional their creation and branding are when you look at the labels and packaging.

2. It Describes A Product

You’re probably using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone if you’re reading this. But, do you really know what your device is? Can you break it down to the smallest bits and explain each part on its own? Unless you’re an engineer or a professional making a living off of it – you most likely can’t.

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However, when you look at the label at the back of the box your phone comes in, you see all these specs and features. Even though you may not know what any of those truly mean – you know what they stand for. Just by looking at them, you know your phone is fast, has a great screen and a flawless camera, and that’s all you need to know.

The label will effortlessly describe a product and have you recognize the brand as quality.

3. It Creates An Identity

Source: unsplash.com

Identity is the essence of every brand, and labels are the essence of identity. When you look at the bottle of Coca Cola, you don’t even have to read the words to realize that you’re looking at the bottle of Coke.

Its unique lettering and striking red label have become synonymous with the company’s identity, and that’s true for many other brands – not just them. So, what’s stopping you from finding a printing label company like www.labels123.net and creating your own identity through a simple label?

4. It Advertises For “Free”

The best thing about recognizable and memorable labels is that they’re a “free” marketing tool. You don’t need to spend your money on TV ads, billboards or any other marketing medium when you have a strong identity and presence through your label.

Your logo, your brand’s colours, and everything else about your brand’s identity is right there on the label, and with every purchased product – you’re spreading brand awareness.

5. It Is Cost-Efficient

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Compared to other awareness-building methods – label printing is incredibly cost-efficient. For something so practical and efficient, one could even say labels are free – compared to the other costs of brand-building.

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6. It Is Easy To Make

A TV ad that would put you on the map is not only expensive but also hard to make. Also, you can recycle it – you need to update it every once in a while.

On the other hand, once you come up with a label that’s true to your brand – you’re done. You just get your design to a label printing company, and you’re done. It’s that simple.

7. It Connects With Your Customers

Source: unsplash.com

Every great label will be easy to connect with.

In one way or another, a quality label will connect with the customers. They’ll get drawn to design, they’ll read what’s on there, and if they like the product – they will forever be connected to your brand and product, just because a label has drawn them to it in the first place.

Here’s a quick example. Have you ever noticed that most labels and packaging for cereals have their characters looking down? If you have – do you know why they’re looking down? To connect with kids.

A kid will look up and see a bear or a lion making inviting eye contact with them, and they’ll ask their parents for a box of cereal.

There’s your connection.

8. It Conveys Your Message

Not every label will convey your brand’s message – but a great one certainly will.

If you manage to create a label that’s representative of your brand’s values and message – people will resonate with it. They’ll be drawn to it, and they’ll associate the label with your brand, pushing the awareness of your presence to the atmosphere.

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9. It Relies On Colour Theory

Source: unsplash.com

Designers have realized, long ago, that colours draw people in. They’ve also assigned attributes to the colours based on how people react to them.

For instance, blue is often associated with trust, security and strength, black with prestige and luxury, red with boldness and energy, green with health and balance, and so on.

Learning these simple rules could help you create your perfect label that will represent your brand in perfect light – conveying your message and spreading awareness.

10. It Crosses Language Barrier

A great label will be recognizable and impactful whether you know the language or not.

Sure, ingredients and technical parts of the label will have to be translated into whatever language necessary, but the main part, the part that displays your logo and captures the essence of your product – won’t.

No one needs to know what Coca Cola or Pepsi means – but we all know what to expect when we see that label.


Now that you fully understand the scope of labels and their impact on marketing and branding – it’s time to set things in motion!

Use what you’ve learned here today, and start developing your signature, personalized label for your products. The sooner you do this – the sooner your brand will become a household name. We can’t promise you’ll become as large as Coca Cola, McDonald’s, or any other globally recognized brand for that matter – but you never know.

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