The Evolution of Vaporizer Technology

Vaping is with us for some time and it hit the news pretty fast in different tones – some positive, some negative. Since this is a new industry, and it is looking to be a huge industry in future, we don’t know much about vaping. Some data and statistics are just now seeing the light of day and they are colourful at best. You have to understand the people have been smoking for a lot longer and we nearly know everything about it – mainly the bad sides of smoking tobacco since it is a health issue while vaping is still an unknown in many things but as time progresses we find out more and more.
Believe it or not, vaping tech draws its roots from 1927 and the first patent for a vaporizer gadget was filed by Joseph Robinson and he named it “electric vaporizer holding medicinal compounds which are electrically (or otherwise) heated to produce vapours for inhalation”.

Yeah, a long patent name that sadly didn’t see the light of day since it was so ahead of its time. The person that invented the e-cigarette in 2003 was Hon Link and since 2003 the industry behind e-cigarette and vaping is estimated at over $14 billion, but that is not all, it is also expected that it will continue to grow to around $50 million by 2025.


It is needless to say that the style, application and purpose have changed greatly. The intent was that this product helps people quit smoking regular cigarettes. It was supposed to be an aid in that very difficult task and it was supposed to make that transition period to completely quitting an easy task. Somehow this got repurposed into something different and it became a cult of its own. You still have a smoker but now there is another subculture – vapers.

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If anyone of you still remembers, the first vaporizer was in the form of a regular cigarette and it was called an e-cigarette. This was supposed to be a tool that will beat traditional smoking and make you quit. Somehow someone down the road figured that there is much more to this and that there should be other types, looks and feels. This is how a brand-new culture (vaping) came to life.

Someone who is vaping is normally using a device that either looks like a traditional cigarette, we already mentioned, or a device that looks like a USB drive. What you do is bring it to your mouth and by pressing a button or simply by inhaling you activate its battery-operated heating coils that warms up a substance inside that is then aerosolized and easily inhaled.

Since we transitioned, successfully we might add, from a traditional electric cigarette that was supposed to help you quit smoking, to a device that will offer a diversity of flavours and accessories for your enjoyment we have to cover some.


Now you have so many options to choose from. There are so many vape mods out there but they all base on a two-part system – a battery part and a tank part (detachable or in one single body) for the oil or flavour. The bulk of these can be found everywhere on the internet but the best offer is definitely on Vape4Ever, check them out.

The third option that is also popular is vape pod. These are similar to the Juul pods and they are also two-piece pods that instead of a tank use a pod that can easily be replaced or refilled. These are famous for one simple reason, there are a lot of juice flavours that you can add to the pod and that seems to play a huge role with a little younger population. You can walk into a shop and buy any flavour you like directly off the shelf or you can even make some for yourself if you feel up for it.

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The new industry opted for flavouring e-cigarettes and vaping devices because it broadens their reach on the market. If you have only one flavour – tobacco or something resembling it, you limit yourself to a certain number of users.

If you, on the other hand, opt to add flavours, colours and whatever these days pulls in a younger audience than you have got a home run in a form of a rapidly growing industry with an entire cult behind it. With flavouring, you easily make tobacco and cannabinoid taste much better and you open your market even more for an even larger crowd – easy as that.

What is important to point out is that medical society has some information and knowledge about some of the chemicals being inhaled and ingested like peppermint oil, for instance, there is a whole plethora of substances that they and we are still not familiar with. We simply do not know how the body reacts to them or even will they develop bad side effects after long-term usage.


What most people in medicine, which covers both doctors and experts in certain fields, advise is to use this with caution. There are a lot of unknowns tied to e-cigs or vaping devices and no one can, with great certainty, tell you is safe to use or not for a longer period.

One thing that should all be considered is to use this as a device or a tool that is intended to be and that is to help you quit smoking. As long as these things are used for that purpose only there shouldn’t be problems, but since we have transitioned from a quitting tool to something you can enjoy daily without ever previously lighting a regular cigarette, we believe that there will be some health problems.

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There is another thing that should mediate this concern and it is the fact that this industry is innovating constantly and we have now more benefits than with the first models that came out. Vaping is here to stay and we will not get rid of it easily but that is OK by us especially if we get only the benefits from the industry and skip all the bad things.