How To Prepare And Pass Mrcp Exam on Your First Try – 2024 Guide

Although Mrcp is one of the most difficult exams to take, all the hard work will pay off. Let yourself be motivated by an internationally recognized qualification that will enable you to fulfill your life dream. There are a few more ways to stay organized, goal-oriented. Success in the exam depends on various factors that occur during the day of the exam. However, whether you will successfully pass the exam depends, above all, on how hard you worked and studied during the pre-exam period. In order to help you better prepare for this exam, we have selected a few tips for you.

Start now


Immediately before preparing for the exam, students have various questions: How long should I prepare for the exam? How many parts should I divide the material into? Is it better to study day or night? Start preparing for the exam at the first meeting with the material. Plan the time you will need to pass the material. Determine the time limit for passing one exam question or chapter and stick to it.

Be interested and curious

Do not study when you feel mentally ill or when you are tired. You will struggle, and you will achieve nothing. It is best to rest and relax during that time, and start learning again when you are concentrated and curious. One of the least useful habits of most students is that they perceive the exam as a dramatic and unpleasant situation.

Preparing for the exam is seen as a ‘must’, and with good reason, days full of stress and isolation follow. The beginning or the first encounter with the sources should be their browsing – estimating the scope of the material or noticing the area into which the material is divided.

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Take notes


Do it in an organized and efficient way. Review the notes in more detail once a week. Prepare all notes, comments and sources for saving the material according to the exam questions. Selection is extremely important because it saves time and concentration. Not every piece of information is equally important and does not require the same amount of time to understand and remember.

Devise a good plan

In this case, you have a very clear task ahead of you. In order to pass the exam, you need to know everything about the Mrcp exam. If you do not have enough information, contact students who have already passed this exam or have at least tried to pass it. You can also find a lot of information online, on specialized websites like where even experienced MDs can find many useful things.

In addition to such sources, you can find previous tests, literature sources and many other important data online. You need to find reliable MRCP study material. Do your best to research as much as possible to gather enough material. This way you will be sure that you have learned everything that is available to you. The result is better knowledge and greater self-confidence, which will affect your chances on the exam.

Understand the material


Each of us has a different vocabulary that we use on a daily basis. Every, but literally every sentence from the book can be reformulated, that is, “translated” into a language that is familiar and close to us. So help your brain remember the material more easily by retelling it in your own words and keep talking about it. Since it is easier for the brain to remember the words we say ourselves, learning aloud and retelling will be of great use to you. That way, you will be able to hear yourself and speed up the memory process. Although you will need to memorize some terms from the literature, you must first really understand what you are learning. Memorization is a waste of time.

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Not only will you forget what you learned very quickly, but it will take you a long time to absorb all the information. memorization is actually the most difficult and meaningless technique for several reasons. It is enough to get nervous before the exam or an unforeseen situation happens and you will forget everything. That is why it is important to set aside enough time before the Mrcp exam. However, sometimes there is information in the literature that we cannot retell or skip, such as various divisions, types, enumerations, etc. In that case, use associations close to you to remember classifications, divisions and dry information.

Use the writing technique

Our brains are exposed to a lot of information every day, which suffocates each other. If you are not focused enough or cannot study aloud, try writing. This may seem like too much work now, but if you start on time, it will pay off. For example, you can write down learned material in your own words. Many studies have shown that this method of learning brings excellent results.

So, after reading the exam questions, put the literature aside, enter Word and start typing in your own words what you remember. Another great thing about this technique is that you can print this “script” which is significantly shorter than the literature, is in “your” language and will help you remind yourself before the exam.

Use the voice recording technique


Another great learning technique is to record your own voice as you say the content of the exam question. Record yourself while telling the exam question and listen to yourself while traveling by car or walking down the street. By repeating the recorded material, we increase the chance of remembering more information than we would remember just by reading. Try to make your excuse casual, as if you are talking about something at a calm and slower pace every day, so that you do not have the feeling that you are listening to rappers.

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The methods of preparation for this test are constantly changing, as is the exam itself. However, you can’t go wrong if you set aside enough time to learn and stay true to your main goal. In order to successfully pass the exam, devise a strategy before you start learning. Don’t forget to get enough rest and stay hydrated.