How to Improve Writing Skills That Teachers Will Love – 2024 Guide

Writing an essay can be a little difficult task if you’ve no writing experience. While your time in schools and colleges, you’re given a lot of homework which includes essay writing as well. They’re given to improve your writing skills so you can write a good college scholarship essay when it’s time.

Essay writing plays a vital role in your academic life as you can achieve many things by writing a well-written essay such as college scholarships or college admissions etc.

You can’t just write a well-written essay out of nowhere; it requires a lot of practice and determination to write one perfect essay. It’s something that has to be worked on in order to get it perfect.

It requires a lot of other things too such as good vocabulary and good grammar. It’s something that requires good vocabulary so you can easily convey your message to your audience. It’s not something that will happen overnight, you will have to practice on a daily basis in order to improve your essay writing skills.

Many people struggle writing an essay, it’s not an easy task for anyone. You can also lookup online for sites like PaperHelp, many experts are available online waiting for you to ask them something about essay writing or anything writing-related. So, if you have any difficulty in writing, make sure to take their guidance.

An essay can be of two types, informative and persuasive. An Informative essay is an essay in which you tell the audience about the topic you’re writing. You give them all the knowledge they need about this topic.

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On the other hand, a persuasive essay is something in which you force people to do this or do that. For example, choosing a topic like “clean your society” is a persuasive essay. You’ll be telling why you should and need to clean your society in this.

Here are some amazing tips to improve your academic writing;

Read books and novels


This is one of the best ways to develop and expand your vocabulary, the more books you read the newer things you will learn such as new words and other things related to writing, for example how to be expressive to share things with your audience through words.

Make sure to use the words you learn in your essay so you don’t forget about them. This method has proven to be the way to improve your vocabulary.

Freelance writing

Nowadays, many people are looking for academic writers to write essays for them, you can apply for it online through which you will learn how to write well-written essays by writing them on a daily basis as freelance writers get a lot of work.

This has numerous benefits as you also get feedback about your writing through which you can improve.

You will be given articles and essays on a daily basis to write but, that is only if you submit your work daily on time. The faster you work, the more work you’ll get. People post essays on their blogs on a daily or weekly basis, so they need someone who can provide essays at a faster pace. This will help you write and think faster.

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Join writing communities


Writing communities can be very helpful. Many people are there sitting online just to help you, they might charge you some but it’s totally going to be worth it as you learn much new stuff from them.

People post daily on those forums for you to inspect, you can read and store ideas out of them and later use them in your own essay. As you can see, joining a writing group can be helpful in many ways.

People there can even write you some essays for practice if you want to, but I’d suggest writing on your own as that way you won’t improve.

Write everyday

Draw a schedule and follow it no matter what, a proper and fixed schedule is very important when it comes to writing. There’s no way you’ll improve without a fixed schedule. You need it in order to get in the habit of writing.

You just need to take 20-40minutes out of your 24hours for writing. And if you can’t do that because of your daily work, you can keep a journal with yourself and write whatever comes to your mind in your 10-15minute break from work. Trust me, this method has helped a lot of people.

If you get homework, don’t keep it for the end of the day as your brain will be tired and you won’t be able to think properly. Don’t delay your homework and start doing it as soon as you get home.

By doing this, you’ll know what to write as you’ll have the key points in mind that your teacher told you about.

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Take help from your professors


Last but not least, take help from your teachers. Your teachers are ready to help you at anywhere and anytime. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, it’s totally normal, they are there to see you succeed and they will help you in any way so you can succeed.

Sometimes, students hesitate to ask teachers for help because they usually think about others like what other students will think. Completely ignore them and freely ask for help.


If you write an essay, make sure to ask someone to proofread it for you. You’ll identify many mistakes like this and through that, you can improve.

Proofreading is very important, don’t just submit your essay and always proofread before actually handing the essay to your teacher. Because the essay is grammatically not correct, the teacher won’t even bother reading the whole thing.

Don’t lose hope


It takes time to get good at something. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed or get it right the first time. Work hard for and you’ll eventually achieve what you really want. Try to learn from your mistakes so you don’t make them again.