Most Expensive Transfers In Premier League History

The England Premier League is the biggest and most valuable football league in the world. The best way to understand how big is this league is when we compare the value of players compared to other top leagues. The value of EPL players is over 9 billion dollars, while the second place goes to Spanish La Liga, and the value is more than 50% lower, at around 4 billion dollars.

It is also the most popular league in the world. A lot of people are playing the FPL game, and there are over 9 million players in the 22/23 season. If you want to keep up with the results for every game week, the best way for that is to use the Flashscore app.

When it comes to transfers, it is surprising that the biggest league in the world doesn’t have the most valuable transfers. There are more records seen in Spain and France, where Real Madrid and PSG are known for spending a lot of money on big transfers. However, there were some huge spending in recent years, and we are going to introduce you to the most expensive transfers in PL history.

Kai Havertz


Chelsea is known as a record breaker in England since they are making huge transfers for more than a decade. Their former owner Roman Abramovich managed to raise this club to the highest level and add its name to the highest rank. One of their biggest transfers in recent years is the signing of Kai Havertz from Bayer Leverkusen for 72 million pounds.

This guy was amazing while playing for the German club. However, we are still waiting for him to reach the right form and show his full potential in the Premier League. Even though he might not have the best statistics, he was the one who takes the credit for the Champions League won in the season 20/21.

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Kepa Arrizabalaga


Chelsea had some trouble finding the right replacement for Petr Cech whose career was getting close to an end. Therefore, they decided to sign an amazing young goalkeeper from Athletic Bilbao. This is a record when it comes to the money spent on a goalkeeper, and the only one that is close to it is the transfer of Alisson from Roma to Liverpool for 65 million pounds. The price paid for Kepa was 72 million.

During the first season in the club, he was a decent goalie. However, he never managed to justify his value. Also, there was a well-known incident during the second year in the club when the manager was Mauricio Sarri when Kepa refused to accept the replacement. He is currently on the bench while the first choice for the Tuhel is Mendy. There are rumors that Kepa might leave the club before the transfer period ends.

Nicolas Pepe


There is not so much to talk about this player since he ends as a total flop for Gunners. He never managed to prove that he was worth the 72 million pounds that Arsenal had to pay to Lille to bring him. He had a less than average first season at the club by scoring five goals and adding six assists to the stats. The second season was slightly better with ten goals.

However, the season 21/22 was a total disaster for the winger from Ivory Coast since he scored only one goal and had two assists in the 20 games that he played. There is a chance that he will go somewhere on a loan for this season. If they decide to sell him, it is questionable whether they will manage to get at least half of the money invested.

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Jadon Sancho


There is still time for this player to show his full potential since he is only 22 years old. Still, spending 73 million pounds for him seems to be too much for Manchester United because he had poor statistics in the first year. He had only three goals and assists in 29 games. On the other side, the club is facing a lot of issues.

They changed several managers in a short time. It is interesting that before the latest match against Liverpool, where he scored a goal, he played for more managers than he had goals scored for the club. Manchester United had a weak start to the season by losing the first two games. Still, they managed to surprise everyone by winning against Liverpool. This might be the season where Jadon can prove his value.

Virglil Van Dijk


While previous transfers were mostly flops, this is a great example of how making a good transfer can improve things for some clubs. From the moment when he arrived at Liverpool, they significantly improved their stats and different elements of the game.

A lot of people claim that he is the best defender in the last decade. The stats are showing that as well because Liverpool managed to win everything after they bought this guy from Southampton for over 74 million pounds in the season 17/18. He was one of the most responsible for finally winning the Premier League in the season 19/20.

Harry Maguire


For many people, this is one of the biggest mistakes that Manchester United ever made when it comes to transfers. He was great in the back line for Leicester City, and he had a strong contract at the time when Utd was interested. That is one of the reasons why the price was 80 million pounds. However, he never managed to show that he is worth that much.

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Also, he is known for making a lot of mistakes often being the most responsible for losing and getting more goals. The first two seasons were decent for him, but the drop in the form is obvious. The interesting fact is that they manage to get their first victory in the league after some time when the coach decided to leave him on the bench.

Romelu Lukaku


The most interesting fact about this player is that he holds a record for most money spent on his transfers. The biggest one was made by Chelsea in 2024 when they spent 96 million pounds on his arrival. However, it ended badly for both sides since he hadn’t shown much by scoring only 8 leagues on 26 appearances.

The previous transfer from Everton to Man Utd was much better because he performed great by scoring 28 league goals in two seasons. It seems that Serie A and Inter are a much better environment for this player.

Last Words

In the end, we are going to introduce you to the current record in the league, which is the signing of Jack Grealish from Aston Villa to Manchester City for 100 million pounds. He was brought as a superstar, but we are also waiting for him to show his full potential.