What Are the Best Shoes to Wear While Kayaking?

Kayaking is one of the most beautiful activities on the water that brings you a rush of positive energy, whether you are paddling on river backwaters, rapids, on a lake, through waterfalls or at sea. It’s a great way to get closer to nature and see the world around you, quietly moving through tucked-in landscapes and watching scenes that many people will never see live. No wonder kayaks are popular all over the world. Kayaking also requires goal setting, careful planning and preparation.

In addition, water is an increased risk factor that must be handled with extreme caution. Kayaks can also be divided by purpose: recreational kayak, polo kayak, calm water kayak (unstable and fast), slalom kayak (stable and agile), river kayak for rapids, surf kayak, kayak for tours and expeditions. However, whatever type of kayak you choose, you will need the right equipment for it.

What are the best shoes to wear while kayaking?

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You must have kayak shoes on every trip, whether you are a beginner rower or a white water expert. When buying the best kayak shoes you have to make sure to check material, you need waterproof one, and also look for straps as well as for anti slip rubber sole. That is paramount for feet protection. In general, most people use open sandals or water shoes for this activity. Open sandals are casual, preferred during summer, and you can use them even for other activities after kayaking. But if you are more for kayaking in difficult conditions, then water shoes are definitely a better choice. They offer stability on rocky terrain that sandals can’t, and also your feet are even safer. Some water shoes have open toes with protection for the toes, and other types are completely closed like sneakers.

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Both sandals and water shoes usually have a durable rubber or rubber sole with a tread that contributes to protection from stones and sharp objects that can be hidden under water. Some water shoes combine a rubber sole and EVA, which is a light and flexible material. It offers excellent shock absorption. Solid neoprene is prime choice for cold weather. You won’t even feel cold water when wearing this heavy duty material. Insulation is at highest level so your feet will be warm literary in freezing cold water.

Types of kayaking shoes

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Fully waterproof sandals are specifically designed for water activities. Another advantage is the wide range of footwear, which means that you will be sure to find sandals that suit your style. Due to the simple design, you can find them in different colors. It is made of quality material, so the support is light enough to float in water. Thanks to the hook fasteners and straps that are easy to adjust, this shoe stays tight, so you won’t lose it. Water sports shoes are an equally popular choice, but men are more interested in them. The reason is the unattractive design but you will notice huge improvement in terms of design if you check this link https://nortiv8shoes.com/collections/water-shoes.

However, more important than the design are the characteristics of these shoes. They provide protection and stability of classic shoes for. Your feet will feel comfortable all the time. Going down to the muddy shore is not a problem for these shoes either, because they are washed in a washing machine. There is also an insulated water boot for kayaking in cold weather.

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It contains a thick neoprene with a layer of titanium that reflects heat, which means that this boot is designed to keep your feet warm in cold water. Since the warmest feet are dry feet, this boot also repels water and dries quickly. Breathable water shoes are a great choice for those who like to go straight from kayaking to other land activities. They dry quickly and stand firmly on their feet without fear of blisters.

The rest of the kayaking equipment

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After you have chosen the right kayak, chosen the time for your favorite activity and quality shoes, it is time for the rest of the equipment. So, think about the rest of the wardrobe that you will need for driving. Of course, don’t forget to bring an SPF and a cap, as well as an adequate bag for small items such as a phone, etc. When it comes to driving clothes, you need to choose pieces of clothing that provide you with comfort and protection at the same time. This means that it will protect you from hypothermia and other health problems that can happen to you.

Waterproof materials such as neoprene are recommended. Don’t forget to always look at the weather forecast before you go out on the water. Make sure you check the clothes you plan to wear. For example, cotton will not keep you warm if you get wet. Avoid clothes that become heavy as soon as they get wet. The most important thing is the life jacket that you must wear, because it will save you in critical situations.

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Rules in kayaking

We need to talk a little about security. Even if you are sailing a calm river, there are rules you must follow. For example, you cannot raft in conditions of poor visibility (rain, fog) and in the dark. This time it is better to wait on the shore under the awning or by the fire. Before entering the kayak, everyone must wear a life jacket, whether they can swim or not. With fast currents, stay close to the shore, in case of danger you will have time for fast mooring.


Although kayaking is not a physically difficult activity, it still improves body strength and is a good exercise for the chest, abdomen, back and shoulder muscles. While you are in the water and sun, your body absorbs natural vitamin D. Oar coordination helps you exercise focus and forget about worries. The sound of water reduces stress, and the nature around you will completely regenerate you. All you need for complete enjoyment is good equipment, and the highest part of the equipment is shoes.