4 Most Affordable T-Shirt Printing Methods to Try in 2024

Customized T-shirts are one of the most popular clothing elements that are must-have in the wardrobes of all teenagers, but also other young people. An attempt at personal expression through an interesting inscription or picture on a T-shirt will always be trendy, which is why an even greater expansion of textile printing is predicted. These pieces of clothing are perfect for all occasions, from daily walks around the city to go to a nightclub. This makes them especially interesting, which is why printing houses are receiving more and more such requests.

If you are thinking of starting to develop this business yourself, you will probably be interested in what is the best design software, as well as which printing method would be best applied in this case. At the outset, keep in mind that no method is perfect. The one that will give you a perfectly affordable price, can deprive you of good quality. This is an unfortunate circumstance, but it doesn’t mean that you need to give up, but take into account the most important elements and you can get the desired quality at an affordable price. We will try to help you with a few suggestions.

1. Direct to Garment (DTG)

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One of the first recommendations you will get from experts when it comes to the best method of printing t-shirts at an affordable price is Direct to Garment. There are several cases in which this method is the right choice. For example, when it comes to small series, more precisely to an order that involves a small number of T-shirts or individual orders that require a colorful design. Also, for direct printing from a computer, as well as for displaying more complicated and demanding details on textiles that include many different colors.

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DTG machines, which are the basic tools when it comes to this method, are characterized by high precision and the possibility of unlimited mixing of different colors. Some of the other advantages are fast production, as well as clean work, without clutter. It is recommended to use cotton fabrics to get the best possible result. The initial investment in a necessary DTG machine is the only higher cost you can expect. If you visit nzprintshop.co.nz, you will notice that this method is also used by experts in this field.

2. Inkjet

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The inkjet method is also very popular, and what you need from the equipment to be able to apply it in business are a laser printer, a heat press, and transfer paper. This method is also suitable for applying multicolored details, just like the previous one, but it can also give you the possibility of imprinting digital photos. So, your favorite memories can become a part of your outfit.

To begin with, paper specially made of vinyl material is used as a base for applying the desired design. This is achieved by using a laser printer. The next step is to place the vinyl paper in the desired position on the T-shirt, but with the painted side facing down. Press the paper firmly with a hot iron, the heat of which will help the image to stick to the textile.

Inkjet is considered one of the most affordable ways, considering the initial investment, which is estimated at only $ 500. Also, there is a wide range of materials that support inkjet, but keep in mind that there are those that will not support it, so do not force it in that case. The disadvantage is the existence of much faster options, but also the possibility of a cracked image after washing or a longer wearing time.

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3. Dye-Sublimation

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Sublimation is one of the latest techniques that has proven to be very effective and therefore gained popularity at an unexpected rate. The main advantage of sublimation unlike other techniques and the reason why it has already gained numerous supporters is the quality that comes from the fact that it is about incorporating color into the material. This further implies longevity but also a nicer texture that is felt when touched.

As a tool, special paper is used on which hot stamping is applied. Thanks to the special composition of paper and heat, it helps to convert the material that makes the design first into a gaseous state and then passes to the fabric where it is permanently fixed. In addition to being a very efficient, long-lasting, and high-quality way of printing, it is also one of the most affordable methods. In support of this is the fact that it requires an investment of only $ 500 to purchase the necessary equipment.

On the other hand, one of the main disadvantages is that many materials will not support this method. A successful process requires the presence of at least 65% polyester in the fabric from which the T-shirt is made. Otherwise, it will not be possible to make the desired print. Keep in mind that this design on darker textiles can sometimes look faded, and therefore lighter colored T-shirts should be used.

4. Plastisol Transfers

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When you want an extremely soft feeling, you can also opt for the method of indirect screen printing or Plastisol Transfer. This is also one of the most popular options considering the incredibly good results that are matched by extremely low production costs. In this case, all you will need from the tools are transfer sheets and a heat press.

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One of the main advantages is the unexpectedly low costs, even in the case of one-time orders. On the other hand, you get the desired design of such quality that can be compared with the products of the best printing methods. Making it doesn’t take much time, which will make your customers happy and satisfied.

All of the above reasons speak volumes about why this is one of the most widely used ways in this industry. Companies have been using the benefits of Plastisol Transfers for a long time, and those who have tried it have not repented and plan to continue using it.

The only major investment is the purchase of quality and strong pressing machines without which this process cannot be highly efficiently realized.

Which method would you prefer the most? In any case, whatever you choose, you will not go wrong, because with each one you have an equally great potential for quality production of the unique design you aspire to. On the other hand, you make great savings and operate at a cost you can afford.