Unveiling the Mystery Behind Skull Rings

Throughout history, people have always worn jewelry as a symbol of the time in which they live and as a fashion decoration. Jewelry used to be characterized by luxury. More jewelry said it was a higher class of people. Today it is a matter of fashion, trends and a personal stamp. We often tie jewelry to ladies, but as time goes on, men are the ones who are slowly approaching modern trends.

Nowadays you can very often find jewelry in the shape of a skull. It is something that was worn long ago and today it lives and reaches popularity. Many celebrities prefer rings with this symbol and influence its greater prevalence. You can find skull rings in various places from jewelry stores through handmade jewelry workshops and even online shopping. Whether their popularity is due to a specific design or some hidden meaning they carry with them is a question we are looking for an answer to.

The origin of skull rings

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Since when does the trend of wearing skull symbols date back? When we think of skull jewelry we will mostly have skull rings or skull on leather bracelets in our head, right? We often associate this phenomenon with bikers in the 1970s, when their community was in full force. However, the appearance of this, already a trend today, dates much earlier. The symbol of the skull appears in the 14th century. Then in frequent battles, the winners wore this symbol as a sign of victory and superiority over the opponent. It is believed that it spread from England to the rest of the world. Two centuries later skull was a frequent inspiration in art especially painting. Today, the use of this symbol is very popular. It is more used in jewelry and has a mysterious meaning. This mystery is certainly of interest to each of you, so we will look at some aspects of the meaning of the skull symbol below.

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The double meaning of the skull

When you mentioned the skull, people would often come across negative connotations. Fear, death, disgust and similar feelings are associated with these symbols. But what is it that this symbol actually represents? In such simple jewelry as, let’s say, a skull ring has a lot of symbolism. In fact, it has a double meaning. Skull is a symbol of death and at the same time signifies its opposite. Since ancient times, there have been different interpretations of this symbol and issues such as life, death and immortality have always bothered a wider mass of people. So it was the skull that became a symbol of different philosophies and reflections on this topic.

Skull as a symbol of respect and courage

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Respect was much more talked about in ancient times and the past than it is today. So the word respect must take us back again. In fact, in Europe during the period of Queen Elizabeth, the skull could often be noticed. At that time, it was the hallmark of respect and courage. As time went on, living conditions and circumstances changed, but the skull remained a symbol of respect. Now we can often see it in communities that live on the edge of life, who are engaged in extreme adventures, and for them skull represents a game with danger.

Something that people wearing jewelry with a skull wants to do is to attract attention and indirectly point out the danger, respect and courage that characterizes them. With modern time and gaining in importance, skull rings began to take on new shapes and designs. With a receptive design many of you, who may not find yourself in the above group, have a desire to wear one such ring. There are many types of skull rings, so you have those that are made of jaws, with horns, half a skull on a ring, etc. If you are looking for one and you have no good idea about its design, click here and you will find skull a ring that suits your personality.

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Seize the day

In addition to the negative perception of the symbol of the skull, it also has a brighter side. In fact, many have a connection to the Latin phrase carpe diem which actually means seize the day. With free-spirited people, you will first notice this symbol. It contains a psychological, motivational message that reminds each of you to live life to the fullest because life is short. Use each day as if it is your last and enjoy every second. Seemingly such a small and insignificant thing, it can be a good alarm for understanding and accepting life, right?

Symbol of equality

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We live in a world full of prejudice, diversification and discrimination. As a real rebellion and an opponent of all this, the symbol skull enters the scene. In fact, it reminds us to become aware of the passage of life and to realize that we are all doomed to death. As terrible as it sounds to some of you, but it is completely true – death is something that binds us all and that is common to each of us. Whether it is a wealthy man or a beggar, we all have the same fate. What will remain after all of us is precisely that skull based on which we will not be able to conclude what kind of man that was or to which class that man belonged. The lesson of this symbol: we are all the same! Get rid of the prejudices that hinder you from living in the present moment.

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People who believe in life, death, rebellion wear skull rings. The best way to remind you of the transience of life and encourage you to enjoy the moment. Although some do not believe in the symbolism of this ring, wearing a skull ring will give them a sense of security and invincibility. In addition to being a fashion trend, they outline your personality, freedom and individuality. If you haven’t had a piece of jewelry like this in your collection before, would you decide on this move with more confidence now?